Yeti Roadie Review and Benefits

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YETI is the go-to brand in the premium cooler market. Their hardy coolers are built to withstand any abuse you can throw at them and still look great.

Since 2006, YETI has been creating their coolers using a process called rotomolding that makes them virtually indestructible. These coolers have become so popular with outdoor adventurers that the company now enjoys an enthusiastic following.

Yeti Roadie Review

YETI has long been the go-to brand in the premium cooler space, boasting a reputation for quality and functional coolers. No wonder why their coolers have become such a popular choice among people who enjoy taking their camping, boating and picnicking gear on-the-go!

YETI’s Roadie cooler utilizes rotomolded construction for increased durability and performance. This process involves pouring liquid plastic over insulation, creating an airtight container without seams.

Rotomolded coolers are known for their long-lasting ice retention, making them perfect for camping trips that last five days or more.

Testing revealed that the Roadie held ice for nearly five days, keeping food and beverages cold for a full week. This remarkable feat can be especially helpful when packing fresh foods and drinks on an outing.

YETI recently released two new Roadie coolers, expanding its line with 48- and 60-liter options with wheels. While these may be a bit late to the wheeled cooler game, they’re an appreciated addition to Yeti’s product selection.

Is YETI Discontinuing the Roadie?

If you’re in search of a Yeti cooler, the Roadie is one of the top models available. This model can hold 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice and comes in several different colors.

YETI has not officially discontinued the Roadie cooler, but they did update its design to make it 10% lighter and 20% more energy-efficient. Furthermore, there are a few additional features that make carrying it easier.

With YETI’s 2-liter bottle storage option, you can now store them upright to prevent spills and enhance the functionality of your cooler. Furthermore, they have altered how 16-pound beer cans are held – now allowing them to be sectioned both horizontally and vertically for added convenience.

Though not as bear-proof as some of YETI’s other coolers, the Roadie 24 still manages to keep food and drinks cold on long trips. Plus, it boasts all the same features we love about YETI’s other coolers–bombproof/bear proof exteriors, tie downs, and interlocking lids.

Can You Sit on a YETI Roadie 24?

The Roadie 24 is an incredibly tough hard cooler designed to bear the weight of almost anyone. Constructed from thick, strong rotomolded plastic, its lid can take the pounding from heavy people standing atop it.

This cooler is ideal for road-trippers, campers and those needing a durable container to take to the beach or soccer pitch. It also makes an excellent choice to tuck away in the trunk of a car, truck, or SUV.

YETI offers several accessories for this cooler, such as an ice pack and dry bin. The ice pack helps maintain the temperature of contents while the dry bin keeps things insulated and airtight.

YETI also offers a special seat cushion for the Roadie 24 cooler that fits securely on top. Inspired by jet skis and tractor seats, this clever design offers UV protection, water resistance, and abrasion resistance.

How Long Will a Yeti Roadie Hold Ice?

When searching for the ultimate cooler, YETI makes some of the finest. Their roto-molded coolers boast 2″ polyurethane insulation and freezer-grade sealing gaskets, and come in various sizes and capacities to meet any need.

Yeti boasts that their coolers hold ice for at least five days, an impressive feat. Unfortunately, they recommend a two-thirds ice to one-third food/drink ratio – suggesting the Roadie may be overkill in UK conditions.

Another advantage of this cooler is its capacity of up to 42 12-ounce cans. That’s a lot of ice and plenty of space for drinks, but if you plan on using it primarily for day trips or family picnics, its bulk and weight may be an issue.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that this cooler has an interlocking design with form-fitting for extra protection. That makes it harder for heat to penetrate to the inside of the cooler and can help preserve ice longer.

Why Are YETI’s So Expensive?

YETI products tend to be quite costly due to their reputation as premium items. However, investing in one can be a great decision and will provide you with great value for your money.

In 2006, two brothers founded Yeti to address their frustration with the lack of quality coolers available at that time. They wanted a cooler that could stand up on their boat’s fishing platform and retain ice longer than traditional coolers could.

At first, Yeti coolers were expensive and not everyone could afford them. But as people became aware of their usefulness – keeping food and drinks cold for hours – demand grew quickly.

The primary reason for this is their durability; they’re built to take a beating. Their coolers can withstand many types of impacts including high falls, campfires and heavy loads without breaking or tearing down. Furthermore, they come with a lifetime warranty on their coolers which adds an extra layer of assurance.

YETI Roadie 24

The YETI Roadie 24 cooler is ideal for campers, anglers, beachgoers and anyone else who enjoys taking their cooler on adventures. As with all YETI hard coolers, its durable construction stands the test of time – and that extends to the Roadie 24 as well.

Rotomolded for maximum durability and resilience, the Hard Cooler from YETI features PermaFrost insulation – their trademark technology which gives their hard coolers incredible thermal capacity.

The Roadie 24 is 10% lighter than its predecessor, making it easier to carry and more useful for everyday use. Plus, its taller design helps it store more ice, keeping things cold for longer.

The YETI Roadie 24 is much more comfortable to carry over long distances than its predecessor, thanks to its webbing top handle and indented handles on either side of the lid. Unfortunately, it still has stiff corners which will crash into your legs while you’re carrying it – an annoying experience!

How Many Bottles of Wine Fit in a YETI Roadie 24?

No Yeti cooler has ever been tall enough to hold a standard wine bottle upright, but that has now been addressed with the Roadie 24 by YETI.

The company’s latest classic model is 10% lighter, holds 20% more, and performs 30% better thermally than its predecessor. Furthermore, it stands slightly taller so you can accommodate a standard wine bottle (or two liter soda) up high – an issue with its predecessor.

Though the Roadie 24 is an impressive competitor in the cooler category, it’s not without its shortcomings. One such issue is its webbing handle which can often get stuck on top of the lid and prevent opening if desired.

Other than that, the Roadie 24 is an impressive piece of gear that should find its place in any family’s cooler drawer. Plus, its advanced features don’t stop there: With its tie-down kit attached, you can secure it to your truck bed, trailer, or boat for ultimate portability and comfort.

How Much Ice Can a YETI Roadie 24 Hold?

The YETI Roadie 24 is the latest addition to their beloved hard cooler family. Constructed for portability, it still delivers impressive thermal performance similar to what we’ve come to expect from YETI’s Tundra series coolers.

The Roadie 24 holds 20% more capacity than its smaller counterpart, the Roadie 20, while being 10% lighter in weight. That means it can hold 18 cans of beer with a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio or 24 lbs total ice (YETI recommends two-thirds ice to one-third food/drink).

Our tests showed the Roadie 24 kept drinks well below ambient temperature for 48 hours, and YETI’s larger Yeti Grande block remained cool to the touch even after five days – an amazing feat considering its weight of approximately 40 pounds when full.

YETI offers the Roadie 24 with a selection of optional accessories to enhance your experience, such as tie-down kits, dry goods baskets, ice packs and seat cushions. We suggest exploring all these options before purchasing your Roadie 24.

The Roadie 24 is an updated version of YETI’s classic hard cooler. It weighs 10% less, holds 20% more, and performs 30% better thermally than its previous iteration.

Like the rest of YETI’s lineup, this product boasts PermaFrost insulation to keep everything cold and protect it against abuse. That means you can count on it keeping your stuff cool even after dropping it on bumpy surfaces or taking it on long hikes.

Yeti Brand

The Yeti brand is a leader in cooler manufacturing for outdoor enthusiasts. Their coolers are constructed using rotomolding technology, making them strong and long-lasting.

Originally designed with hunters and anglers in mind, the company’s line of hard-sided coolers has become a go-to among outdoor adventurers. Available in an array of colors, these products boast high-tech features that help keep drinks cold on hot days.

However, its rotomolded construction process can make it more cumbersome to transport. That is why Roadie coolers were introduced – designed specifically for portability and smaller loads.

The YETI Roadie 48 Wheeled Cooler is ideal for anyone who needs a hard cooler with extra mobility. Its large wheels and telescoping handle make it effortless to move even when fully filled with ice.

Is YETI Really Worth the Money?

If you need a high-quality hard cooler that can withstand the elements, YETI coolers are an ideal option. These products have been rotomolded using the same process used to manufacture kayaks — designed and engineered to be tough and long-lasting.

YETI coolers may not be cheap, but they’re worth the money if you need one for a long trip or commercial use. Plus, this well-known brand has earned itself an admirable reputation and plenty of dedicated followers.

Retention of ice in coolers is one of the most critical factors when it comes to keeping food and drinks cool. YETI has dedicated considerable effort into researching and testing ice retention technologies, giving them confidence that their coolers can keep items cold for extended periods.

However, if you’re unwilling to pay the hefty price tag for a YETI cooler, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market with similar performance and features. Check out ORCA Coolers or RTIC coolers if you want an impressive cooler at an affordable price point.

YETI Roadie 24 Accessories

If you’re looking to enhance the performance of your Yeti Roadie 24 cooler, YETI offers a selection of accessories. These include tie-down points and a dry goods basket which can help organize food and drinks while camping.

The YETI Roadie 24 cooler is an improved version of their popular Roadie 20 cooler, featuring more storage capacity and superior ice retention. At 10% lighter weight, it holds 20% more ice than its predecessor while providing 30% better thermal performance.

YETI has also made some design modifications to their cooler, making it thinner and lighter for easier transport.

Additionally, it features upgraded latches that are more secure than the rubber T-grip latches found in previous YETI coolers, making it easier to open and close with one hand.

The Roadie 24 cooler can hold 18 cans of ice and has a 24-liter capacity. It’s also incredibly tough, designed to withstand heavy loads with ease. Perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling outdoors while keeping drinks and food cold on long journeys!

Why is YETI Stuff So Expensive?

Most people would agree that Yeti coolers tend to be a bit overpriced. That’s because they’re marketed as luxury items and designed with an eye for aesthetics, high quality, and premium design.

YETI is an American company founded by brothers Ryan and Roy Seiders in Austin, Texas. When looking for the ideal coolers for their outdoor adventures, they couldn’t find any suitable options until now.

Their coolers are built to be tough and secure in the wild, which is an enormous benefit for outdoor adventurers. Not only do these coolers withstand abuse, but many features of them have been engineered with grizzly bear proof features in mind.

They provide a 5-year warranty on all hard coolers, which is common in the industry. However, there are other brands that offer similar performance and durability at much cheaper prices – so if you’re in search of a new cooler, take into account these brands when making your choice.

YETI Roadie 24 Skins

If you want to customize your Roadie 24 even further, YETI offers some fantastic skins that will make it stand out from the competition. They’re made from industry-leading 3M vinyl and won’t fade or leave any messy residue when changing up your design.

The Roadie 24 is an impressive cooler designed to withstand repeated use and built with toughness in mind. It makes an ideal choice for camping, boating and road trips alike.

Although not cheap, Yeti’s PermaFrost insulation provides superior cold and warm storage with its interlock lid system and ColdLock gasket. Plus, with its anti-skid rubber feet and waterproof seal, your ice will stay securely in place.

The Roadie 24 is the big brother to the company’s 20-liter model. Also, perfect for anyone needing a small cooler to store food or beverages. The roadie comes with updated latches that make opening and closing effortless. In addition, its webbing handle on top for comfort during over-arm carry. So, you’ll have no trouble keeping this cooler cool.

How much Can You Fit in a YETI Roadie 24?

The YETI Roadie 24 cooler is perfect for any adventure, from camping to tailgating. The roadie 24 not only does it hold 24 cans of your favorite beverage. Also, it can also fit 2-liter soda bottles and wine bottles!

One of the major improvements on this version of the Roadie is its redesigned handle and latch system. These handles can now be opened with just one hand, while the latches themselves have been made super sturdy yet easy to use.

YETI has made significant improvements to this cooler’s insulation, making it more efficient at storing ice. It is 10 percent lighter and holds 20% more ice than its predecessor.

The YETI Roadie 24 offers many great features and is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the Roadie 20. It’s more space-efficient, has improved ice retention, and an intuitive design for easy storage – making it an attractive alternative to the Roadie 20 at lower costs. Additionally, you get more bang for your buck with this model than ever before!

Yeti Coffee Mugs

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, YETI travel mugs offer a rugged feel. Not only do they keep your coffee warm or cold for hours, but their durability surpasses that of other mugs in this price range.

They come in an array of colors and sizes, including 24-oz mugs for serious coffee drinkers. Plus, these cups are dishwasher- and microwave-safe!

One of the great advantages of this YETI mug is its thick-gauge 18/8 stainless steel construction. This ensures it’s robust, capable of withstanding drops from heights of 15 and 30 feet without cracking or breaking.

Another notable feature is its double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping hot drinks hot and cold beverages cold for extended periods of time. Furthermore, this mug is leak proof – ideal for traveling!

This YETI mug comes in an array of fun designs, such as those honoring cat and dog parents. It’s sure to add a smile to any coffee drinker’s face every time they take a sip!

Do YETI Mugs Fit in Cupholders?

If you’re a coffee drinker familiar with YETI mugs, you may be wondering if they fit in your cupholders. These insulated cups provide excellent insulation to keep drinks cold or hot – no wonder why they’re so popular!

YETI offers a wide selection of mugs, such as the Rambler, Sling and Chug. Available in 18oz, 26oz and 36oz sizes with insulation to keep drinks cold or warm.

YETI mugs come in an array of colors and are both durable and easy to clean, guaranteeing them to last for years. Furthermore, YETI provides customized mugs with your company logo for added branding appeal.

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