Xtreme Fitness Tips To Run Your Best

We all desire for xtreme fitness. The problem is it takes work is not handed to any of us.

xtreme fitness

The fastest runners make it look easy for a good reason. It isn’t specifically just due to talent.

There are many talented runners who still don’t run as fast as their less talented counterparts.

What can you do to achieve extreme fitness. Below are my top recommendations that aided me to run a 2:19:35 marathon and 1:07:06 half-marathon.

Xtreme Fitness Recommendations

  1. Focus on quality versus quantity – work smarter, not harder. More mileage doesn’t always guarantee better results. You want to focus on leverage.
  2. Train at goal race pace
  3. Train far below goal race pace. You want to improve your lactate tolerance and teach the body to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up.
  4. Focus on hydration. Runners miss this and their race performances suffer. Ensure you ingest sufficient calories and fluid intake during the race.
  5. Study up on the body’s master antioxidant, Glutathione. Your competition knows very little about this.
  6. Get plenty of rest
  7. Don’t take things so seriously. Also, don’t lose enthusiasm in training or after a poor race. Remember, your best performances are ahead of you.
  8. Xtreme fitness comes with patience. Trust in the process and believe in delayed gratification. Every successful runner I’ve trained with does.
  9. Take your easy days easy. Remember, the benefits of your hard work and dedication come from within the rest.

Lastly, study how the best runners train. In addition, learn the mistakes others have made so you don’t have to experience it for yourself.

Xtreme fitness is achieved via patient, persistent and perfectly executed training conducted on a consistent basis. The top runners experience setbacks as well just like any of us do. I failed several times myself before breaking the sub-2:20 marathon barrier.

Focus on the above fundamentals and you will set yourself up for success.

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