Ways To Work Out Workout Stress

Ways To Work Out Workout tress

How do you work out workout stress?

What is your Why?

What drives you to get up in the morning?

Do you feel as though your best performance as an athlete are in the past or has the responsibilities of your job, family and bills zapped the strength you once had?

I don’t know if what I will be writing will resonate with you but I hope it does because I have been where you are at.

I am still there and daily I have to remind myself that I am in control of owning how I work out workout intimidation.

It doesn’t feel good to challenge the body.

The body, like most people who work a job and wonder why they are living paycheck to paycheck, does not like to get uncomfortable.

The majority of people like safe, secure and comfort – Nathan Pennington, founder of RunDreamAchieve

The greatest way to work out workout stress is to do it anyway.


Not so much but you have to have a plan of action.

Reality Check

You cannot expect to waive a magic wand and the comfort fairy is going to come to your rescue and instantly make you the lighter, more attractive or a faster you.

That is your job and there is no one who can create that reality but you.

We have already grown up around adults telling us what they think we are capable of doing, to play it safe, don’t be unrealistic or I wouldn’t do that if I were you when the opposite is what we need to be focused on.

You cannot expect to do big things in your fitness or business life unless you are willing to do what the majority of people will not.

I am listening to an audio version of a book I recently purchased by Grant Cardone called the 10X Rule where he states whatever goal you have set for yourself you need to multiply that by 10 times.

10 times the amount of effort is required to work out workout stress, especially to make it feel automatic and to eliminate being soft and more like the person you envision yourself of being.

If you are having a hard time getting motivated to either lose weight, make more money, run faster or be a better friend attention is going to have to be placed on that goal to make it happen in your life.

Visualize It As It Already Is

The most important way to work out workout stress is to see yourself as you want to be, as if you are already living the way you have been dreaming about.

You look great, are running fast, are super successful, are lean and feeling the way you want to feel.

No distractions are blocking you from achieving this.

No job, bosses telling you where to be and when you can go home.

You are free from the worry of bills, paying the mortgage, credit card and student loan debt.

What do I mean?

For example, back in 2007 I was ‘conditionally’ accepted into the Army World Class Athlete Program located at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs.

I came to the elite unit as a 51:53 10-mile athlete with a personal best of 1:11 for the half-marathon and 2:43:36 for the marathon.

I was forced to work out workout stress the day I arrived because enough wasn’t enough when I arrived.

I had to 10X my efforts as a runner.

My training methods, mindset and pace strategy had to be ramped up.

20-22 mile long runs at 6:30 pace were no longer going to cut it.

The new strategy was the same distance but at 5:35 to 5:45 per mile with every 4th mile being under 5:00 pace.

This was 10X’ing my goals and it was most certainly what I had to do to work out workout stress that I was feeling toward being able to measure up to the standards that elite unit expected of me.

It payed of and I improved from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35.

It took massive action.

The goal was to break 2:22:00 for the marathon as that was the ‘minimum’ time standard I needed in order to be an ‘official’ member of that unit and qualify for the Olympic Trials.

I made a plan and fortunately was given a coach who knew what she was doing.

Lisa Rainsberger, the last American female to win the Boston Marathon, had not only won Boston but owned a marathon time far faster than the time I had run at that time having won the Chicago marathon with a 2:28:18.

Do you want to know another big way to work out workout intimidation and stress?

Get around people that take your level of commitment to a new level.

Where your sane idea of working hard is looked upon as laziness.

You have to get immersed in the process and be forced out of your comfort zone.

The World Is Comfortable

The sad reality is most people are far too comfortable.

They are comfortable with their routine, their jobs, their fitness.

Sure, there are plenty of people who want more money, to lose weight, to be their own boss but there is also a major difference between interest and commitment.

People have been trained to be employees, work for the paycheck but how many have been taught to start their own businesses, work for themselves and create their own economy.

How many are fine with working the job despite the fact they have to ask permission to take leave and are told where to be and when they can go home.

This isn’t freedom to me and much like choosing not to work out workout intimidation that stops many people from challenging the body’s energy systems, they remain comfortable and accepting just enough.

It isn’t my job here at rundreamachieve to make you feel good.

I am sought after coach for a reason and I have been associated with people my entire life that have stressed the importance for me to not accept where I am in life as an athlete and as a businessman.

There have been many times in my life where there wasn’t anyone around me telling me to become an entrepreneur, get control of my time and stop accepting what the masses feel is just perfectly fine.

I had to get fed up and nothing will change for you in your fitness, finances and mindset unless you, too, get fed up and take massive action.

Perfectly fine will keep you stuck in traffic to and from work, getting the highly taxed paycheck every two weeks (of which you are not even payed first) and working 40 hours or more per week for 40 years or more and expecting to live on 40% of what you couldn’t live on in the first place.

You have to get away from this mindset to work out workout stress you are dealing with.

Start picturing yourself looking the way you want to look, living the way you want to live and don’t be ashamed if people think you’re greedy.

Who cares.

You are here one time (that we know of) and should be experiencing life to the fullest extent.

If they want to remain in the safe and so-called secure environment where being challenged isn’t accepted so be it.

You create your own reality by the way you think.

The ancient scholars from Christ to Buddah, all tried to point us in the right direction toward success by our thoughts.

The child understands this well because the child does not know what limitations are.

They want more.

The child is innocent and that is why wanting more is not bad.

It is the adults, our parents, peers, even spouses who tell us wanting more of the good things in life is a bad thing.

It is the adult that teaches that one country is bad and that we ought to go to war to teach it a lesson.

It is the adult who tells you why would you spend $300,000 on a Lamborghini when you could buy a perfectly operational Buick and help feed the poor.

You can do it all, live the way you want to live, disregard what something costs and help far more people by being wealthy than by being poor.

We need to get away from how most people think and start thinking for ourselves.

This is what is lacking in our society and why more people are controlled by time and money then being free.

They are focused on groupthink, playing safe, doing what you’re told, don’t talk to strangers, get good grades, get a job, watch television, don’t raise your hand unless called upon.

All the safe ways of just getting by and not ramping up your livelihood and taking some risks.

If people are making money while they sleep why should you be brainwashed to believe the only way you can get it is marching off to your place of employment and warming a seat for 8 to 16 hours a day somewhere to get yours?

This is absurd and the masses are buying it.

You have to think in a different way and take action.

Make a plan to use your knowledge and expertise of fitness, health and wellness and get in a vehicle that looks more like a Ferrari than a used Honda with 300,000 miles on it.

Interest is watching the football game, commitment is seeking to work out workout stress to the point where you are good enough to be on the field and away from the side lines.

This isn’t easy and there is a real, legitimate reason why there are more spectators and less players

Spectators pay, players get paid – Grant Cardone, entrepreneur

The Way Ahead

The only way to work out workout stress permanently is to change your paradigm.

Get out of your set habits of doing things the same way, every day.

If the majority of people are doing the same thing, working for money, accepting ‘just enough’, running once or twice a week and taking the rest of it off making radio, television and shopping more of the priority, normal and average is what you will get.

This may or may not be the sweet, kind hearted article you were expecting but I didn’t get to run 2:19 for the marathon distance by taking it easy.

I had to work out workout intimidation and stress too.

I had to experience what it felt like to run for an hour straight with world-class Kenyans alternating 1 minute hard (which was about 4:50 pace) with 1 minute ‘easy’ (which was around 6:00 pace).

Let’s just say if you ever try that for yourself or to your own capability you will be taxed.

You will fully understand that to work out workout stress you have to train in such a way where it is no longer intimidating but automatic.

You have crossed over from the safe, secure employee mindset to the aggressive, fearless entrepreneur mindset.

This is not to knock or disrespect employees but I have been one long enough to know that most are not free.

It is the people doing the exact opposite of what the masses are doing, who are taking risks, doing what they are told not to do, that are free from the stresses of not having enough time, money and fitness that they desire and want.

You have to make some changes just as I had to make to go from being a 2:43:36 marathoner all the way to breaking 2:20:00.

The standards have to go up and you can do it.

Write down your goals, visualize what you want and see it as already occurring in your life.

See yourself having already accomplished it.

It is no longer a wish but something you committed to doing, not merely an interest.

The world can want to lose weight, have more time, be more physically fit.

This is mere interest.

It is the committed individual, you, who is going to work out workout stress and intimidation and make it your slave.

You will create waves of success in your life because you were willing to move past your fears and take large enough action to have more money, time, freedom and fitness.

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