Ignore Negativity and Run Your Best in 2024

If I were you I would quit

I won’t be specific on who made this statement to me years ago when I was a 2.43 marathoner.

2.43 should be respected by everyone just as much as a someone who runs a 5.43 marathon.

The problem is society only cares about stellar performances, the very best get the attention.

Is this fair? Hardly.

I read a post on letsrun.com about a year ago that had the subject line, ‘When did the 3 hour marathon become something to brag about’.

Unless YOU have experienced what a 3 hour marathoner has had to endure to earn that time you will just be that guy no one likes sitting back on the side lines while someone else is out actually giving a fast time a shot.

One thing I can speak on in regards to marathoning and long distance running is I have experienced failure and success with this sport.

I know what it feels like to run a sub 2.20 marathon and I know the dissapointment of a DNF.

What interviewers, posters and our running community as a whole forget is that other 99.99% of the population who are out training preparing to do something big will be the next big story.

They do not target that part of the community. If someone has a 4 hour marathon best and goes to some race and runs a 3 hour marathon.

Good grief!

That should be in headlines!

How is that any less of an accomplishment than some guy running a 2.19 marathon at a California marathon?

Why does the guy running a 2.10 marathon get the attention and the cancer survivor who ran a 2.50 barely gets a mention? It’s ridiculous.

Our society harps on results and wants more and more and more. Who defines what ‘results’ really are?


You are in control, that is why. Not the other way around.

The opening bold statement above was a statement made to me from an individual I consider a friend.

Do you think had I listened to that guy back when I was a 2.40 something guy that I would have ever run under 2.20…surely not!

The status quo that seems to be going around is ‘you can’t do this because of this’ , ‘that isn’t logical’.  This thought pattern is common with the jobs we hold and probably the people we associate ourselves around.

The bottom line is you have to believe in yourself and regardless of what others around us think, there has to be an untouchable belief in your want to get fit, to run a big PR or to run a national, even an international class time.

Think I don’t still want to run a sub 2.15 marathon?

The so-called time needed to be considered ‘elite’. Of course, but if I fail at least I can live with myself at the end of the day rather than just talk about doing it.

Not listening will carry over to everything else you do, especially if it is, in your heart, what you truly want to do.

How many Americans are in jobs they are truly not passionate about.

We remain because it is the steady paycheck, we have families, we want a pension etc. I am getting a little off topic here but the idea is the same.

Follow your heart and believe in what you do.

There is no fun in not making the attempt to do something others think is unrealistic based on the fact that they said it could not be done, that it is the ‘proper’ thing to do. If obesity runs in your family you have to be obese as well.

Ever watch NBC’s hit, The Biggest Loser?

 If you haven’t look at some of their stories and the massive fitness gains they made because they had people around them who knew what they are capable of.

Rely on your gut instinct and surround yourself with the right people. Those people will assist you! If you want your story told please contact me. This stuff fires me up.

I think far more of a 300 pound man or woman out trying to lose 5 pounds or a 4 hour marathoner trying to get under 3 hours than I do of the 120 pound 2.10 marathoner.

Fewer people can relate to people within this bracket and they deserve to be heard and embraced for their efforts.

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