What Pace is a 2 Hour Half Marathon

Are you wondering what pace is a 2 hour half marathon? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have arrived here and hope that this post will be helpful to you. I definitely want to to help more runners from around the world to achieve their 1.59.59 half marathon goal. Sub 2 hour half marathon pace comes out to 9:09 per mile or 5:41 per kilometer. Pace sustainment is one of the biggest challenges for most runners.

The problem many times is we as runners are simply running too easy too often. The only way to improve your body’s lactate tolerance is running at faster than goal half marathon race pace. Easy running will not help us sustain race pace. Of course, it will build endurance and burn fat. That being said, when it comes to racing a half marathon you need stamina and speed. I have run 1:07:06 for the half marathon and 2:19:35 for the marathon. So, do understand what it takes to run fast over various distances.

I created the Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Domination course to help speed up athlete progress. I cover the exact strategies 3 of the world’s top distance running coaches taught me in it. In addition, cover in-depth the exact workouts and tactics you need to be following in order to dominate the sub 2 half marathon barrier.

What is the Average Pace for a 2 Hour Half marathon?

What pace is a 2 hour half marathon? You will need to sustain 9 minutes and 9 seconds per mile for 26.2 miles or 5 minutes and 41 seconds per kilometer for 42.2 kilometers. Remember, there are other runners around the world who achieve this goal and so can you. You simply need to start changing up your tactics. How do you conduct your long runs? Are you running long and slow every single weekend? My suggestion is to start running faster, varied paced long runs.

I used this tactic to lower my half marathon PR from 1.10.29 to 1.07.06. In addition, lowered my marathon PR from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35. Remember, you should always follow a faster long run followed the next weekend by an easy, relaxed long run. The reason being is you always want to ensure you are recovering from the harder, anaerobic workouts that you are doing. It takes approximately 4 weeks for the body to adapt to any specific intensity you are placing on it.

So, a longer build up of between 16 to 24 weeks is best. I have created training plans here at RunDreamAchieve that can help speed up your progress. In addition, running courses for athletes training for the half marathon and marathon events. Remember, once you have broken the sub 2 hour half marathon you can start thinking about running a sub 4 hour marathon. The longer your build up, the better prepared you are going to be.

How Hard is a 2 Hour Half Marathon?

It isn’t easy. A sub 2 hour half marathon is a very competitive time and one that will take patience in order to achieve. That being said, the resources available to you here will make the process of preparing to break the 2 hour barrier easier on you. It is much easier to train for a half marathon when you know the exact workouts needed to be done. It is much more difficult when you are just guessing what workouts to do each day. The sub 2 hour half marathon course and training plans that I have created take the guesswork out of your preparation.

I would recommend first on running for 4 weeks easy and relaxed. Also, start implementing strides into your routine and doing them twice per week. Strides are short, 50 to 100-meter long sprints that will help you work on your acceleration and leg turnover. In addition, are too short to build up any large amounts of lactic acid. So, you can do these short sprints on top of the other workouts you are doing. I would also consider investing in a heart rate monitor.

I use the Garmin 245 regularly. It helps me to prevent overtraining and running at the proper intensity for each specific workout that I do. I have used heart rate monitors for the past 30 years and credit them to setting personal bests from the mile (4.22) to the marathon (2.19.35).

Should You Eat Gels During Half Marathon?

I would. It is an immediate 100 to 150 calories delivered immediately to the blood stream. Remember, these longer races demand endurance. So, you will need to ensure you carbo load the week prior to the start of your race. Also, do your best to get as much sleep as you can the week prior as well. The reason being is the night before you may have a hard time getting proper rest. It is not uncommon to be up visualizing your race. So, do you best to get great nutrition and sleep the week prior to the start of your half marathon.

I would take a gel at mile 6 and mile 10 during the half marathon. Of course, everyone is different. That being said, do your best to take at least one gel. In addition, start practicing hydrating better in training. The world’s top runners drink during their races. They do not sip fluid. Again, the half marathon is 21.1 kilometers or 13.1 miles. It is not a 5K. So, you have to pay attention to proper nutrition and hydration in order to make a sub 2 hour half marathon a reality.

Focus on Your Pacing

Pacing is vital part in breaking the sub 2 half marathon barrier. Athletes seeking what pace is a 2 hour half marathon are highly driven individuals. They are going after an elite half marathon time. One that many runners around the world are seeking to achieve. I always tell my athletes to focus on a negative split. So, aim at running around 9:15 mile pace or 5:47 kilometer pace the first 6 miles or 10 kilometers of the race.

You should really aim at running around 9:00-02 per mile pace the second half of your race. It is usually a wiser move to be conservative in the early stages of the race. In addition, to run as fast as you can after you pass the 10 kilometer mark. So, make it 11.2 kilometer race once you pass the 6 mile point in the race. I think your chances of breaking 2 hours for the half marathon will dramatically increase if you do this. What I don’t want is for you to go into oxygen debt by going out too fast.

There are far too many runners that do this and the result is they have to slow significantly in the latter stages of the race. So, be smart in the early part of the race. You can sprint all out for 200 meters and not build up any lactic acid. So, get out aggressively and then settle into your planned pace.

Lengthen Your Tempo Runs

What has been the longest tempo run you have done in the past preparing for your half marathons? A lot of times runners miss the sub 2 half marathon barrier for not running enough mileage fast enough. I would recommend working your way to doing 8 to 10 mile tempo runs. Of course, a 3 to 4-miler will still yield a physiological boost. That being said, runs of this length are better suited for the 5 or 10k events.

Again, you are going for a sub 2 hour half marathon. So, you need to start spending more time training at or below your anaerobic threshold. Our anaerobic threshold is about 85 to 89 percent of our maximum heart rate. The end goal is to be able to sustain race pace longer and slow down less. Remember, it will take you between 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to doing a 3 to 4 mile tempo. So, be patient and allow time for your body to adapt before lengthening your tempo runs.

Closing Thoughts

I would also strongly suggest taking 10 to 15 minutes daily and devoting to mental training. Mental training is a big part in running success. The reality is far too many runners neglect it and only focus on physical preparation. The world’s top runners combine both mental as well as physical training to produce superior results. So, visualize yourself getting across that finish line with 1.59.59 on the clock.

In addition, see yourself passing people, running relaxed and confident. The best time to do this is when you first wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night. I hope we can keep in touch. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. My aim is to produce new training and racing content there each week to help runners such as yourself make it to the next level.

I hope that this post has been helpful. In addition, look forward to hearing about how the resources mentioned here helped you to break the 2 hour half marathon. Remember, once you have done it once you can be certain that you can do it twice and break the 4 hour marathon barrier.

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