Ways To Run Faster Than You Ever Have in 2024

There are several ways to run faster.

One of the things that truly gets me fired up is reading about anyone, regardless of endeavor, who does something completely unrealistic.

You have to dream big to achieve what you want in this world.

ways to run faster

There are countless individuals living their dreams because of hunger.

They want it and are driven enough, possibly crazy enough, to have zero doubts that what they envision will come to pass.

Running has been my outlet since 1992. I have met some great people, trained with some of the world’s fastest runners and got humbled countless times in training by these athletes.

I am going to list some ways that will get you to the next level whether you believe it or not.

How to Run Faster and Longer without Getting Tired

The quicker you get it through your head that you are capable enough to run a fast time, the better off you are going to be to attempt it.

Who says you can’t take 10 minutes off your marathon time? You’re a 26 minute 5K runner. Who, but you, can stop you from getting down to 22 minutes?

The greatest achievements in this sport are created by people just like you who are wholeheartedly driven to get the job done. They don’t stop and they surely don’t believe in the world impossible.

You want to go from the sidewalk to the fast lane. So, that means you will have to put in the work regardless how you feel on some days.

How to Run Faster in a Race

Average thinking is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.

If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too.  Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think – Tim Ferris

Think big, get uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. Believe me, it is worth it.

train for marathon

You will never know how much you can do in training and in racing if you are not willing to grasp a higher way of thinking.

Are you a 36 minute 10K runner and see guys or gals running 32 minutes and can’t see yourself doing it.

You best think again.

You can read inspiration content until you’re blue in the face. So, unless you take some form of action all that 32 minute talk will be a pipe dream.

 Running water never grows stale. So you just have to ‘keep on flowing.’

– Bruce Lee

How Do You Make Yourself Run Faster in a Race?

A few years ago I had run a half-marathon in 1.07.06, yet my best marathon was a 2.40.02. I went to the California International Marathon having a run a 2.51.51 in my previous marathon.

Furthermore, I was way in over my head to think I could run a sub 2.22.00 marathon time.

I knew I had done my homework leading into the race. Sure, I failed (miserably to my standards) in my previous 26.2 mile attempt.

Regardless, I went for it and caught the elite Kenyan 2.12-14 marathoners (along with the 2.12 Russian marathoner who finished behind me in 2.23) at mile 5 and ran a 2.19.35 finish time.

If you are a health and wellness nut like myself go to letsrun.com, another great resource but keep pushing the boundaries.

You have to take risks and think big. Common sense is to run conservative. Start off easy and then gradually get into your pace.

Results Come with Patience

You don’t go to the top position in google overnight and you won’t gain fitness overnight.

I agree with this concept, but at the same time I have tried starting off slow and started off fast. It is all an experiment but much more fun to take a risk and see what happens.

You have no guarantees and I’ll say my best races occurred when I have been aggressive with the lead runners.

Obviously, this is individual and you have to run the way you see fit, just don’t forget to take a little risk in your decision making. All you can do is try.

Sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed, but taking risks is a challenge and gets you into a new realm of thinking.

You need it to make jumps in your fitness so use what you already possess. Your drive.

Don’t Wait

This goes a long with taking risks, but if you have a race or time goal, don’t wait to start working to achieve it.

There will never be a perfect time. Start today.

If you are a 3.50 marathoner and you want to qualify for the Boston Marathon consult a professional or invest in a training plan that can get you to that goal.

Listen To Your Intuition

I don’t know how to explain it, but we all have had times where we absolutely were sure we had to do something.

You are going to be around teammates, people around you who will tell you to play it safe and to think ‘realistically’.

I can assure you it is much more fun to think outside of the box. You have to believe in your ability 100%.

The moment you start doubting yourself, you’re done.

I hear Soldiers that I work with complain that ‘I am too old for this’.

I have a 51 year old senior NCO on my team who is fitter then most 20 year olds. You’re never too old!

Do you think the former world-record holder for the marathon, Haile Gebresalassie,  thinks he is too old to race the 26.2 mile distance at age 42? Hardly. He just ran a 2.08.17 yesterday at the Tokyo Marathon.

“If you are old mentally, you are old physically. Automatically.” – Haile Gebresalassie

If your gut is telling you, you can run a 2.40 marathon and you’re currently at 3.15, then you have to keep driving forward to get that time. It will not be overnight and you may experience some trials along the way but you have to follow what your heart is telling you.

Drink More In Your Races

You have two options with this. One, worrying about taking in too much fluid within your race and getting a cramp or two, drinking enough and not succumbing to fatigue and muscle shut down and running a great time. Your body needs water during a race that long, feed it!

I am not saying any names here but some people *cough cough* worry about the first and have failed miserably and for what, a pre-race worry that he would feel too weighed down? Drink sufficiently and you’ll run faster.

Don’t let all your hard work and effort go to waste.

We stress about things that could possibly help us in the end.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to race 26.2 miles and taking in approximately 15 oz of fluid.

It isn’t sufficient and anyone who tells you it is, is lying to you.

You should take in around 8oz of fluid every 5K within a marathon.

Practice taking in more fluid in your long runs and you are going to be prepared.

Dream Big

For one, it is fun and brings out your creative side.

Runners are already creative and goal-oriented people. If you think you aren’t.

Is there something that absolutely you love to do or are good at, like to talk about? I am sure there is and you have that desire or characteristic because you’re driven to focus on it.

The subconscious mind, cannot tell the difference, between reality or imagination – Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills

Mills was a complete unknown leading into the 1964 Tokyo 10,000 meter event.

Ron Clark, the world-record holder at the time and Mohammad Ghahmoudi were the huge favorites but Mills had done his homework and is the last American to have won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 10,000m run.

I still dream of running 2.15.00 for the marathon.

It is an enormous goal. 4 minutes and 35 seconds faster then I have ever run.

Dreaming about big things makes life exciting. What fun is it to dream about little things that don’t challenge us.

Closing Thoughts

You are better than that.

Dream big and chase after big times you have never thought you were capable of running.

Your mind will work in your favor.

Get out and do your runs, put in the work and while doing it, think about yourself crossing the finish line in an unheard of time.


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