How To PR At Your Upcoming Marathon In Mumbai

Upcoming Marathon in Mumbai

Have an upcoming marathon in Mumbai you are preparing for?

upcoming marathon in Mumbai

This post will cover some important tips to ensure you have a great race and get to the finish line in record time.

There are runners all over the world that come to the Mumbai Marathon. It is one of the world’s top sporting events.

The key with any marathon is being patient and allowing your body to adapt to the training you are putting it through.

It takes the body approximately 21 days to adapt to any stress you place upon it. This is why a 5 mile run can seem tough at first but very easy a few weeks down the road.

Tips To PR At Your Upcoming Marathon In Mumbai

Focus on gradually extending the length of your long run. Your first long run may be 9 miles long. Don’t rush and allow your body to adapt then extend to 12, 16 and 20 miles in length.


Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. Lots of water the week leading into the race and take a 65mg iron tablet with orange juice a couple times a week.

A lot of runners are running very low on glutathione and iron and don’t even know it. They are fatigued and trying to do workouts they can’t finish.

This happens a lot and runners second guess themselves because of it. I dealt with it as well and didn’t know I was low on iron either until I had my blood checked.

Runners loose iron through sweat and via foot strike hemolysis i.e. red blood cells bursting from your feet impacting the pavement. 

A diet rich in meats, nuts and other foods high in iron will help to ensure you are strong for your upcoming marathon in Mumbai.

Race Pace Training

If you have a specific time goal in mind for your next marathon race in India practice it and often.

The biggest reason I dropped my marathon time from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 was because I made myself get used to race pace.

My best time before breaking 2:19:35 was 2:40:02.

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How do you go from running 6:06 per mile to 5:19 per mile pace?

I will tell you how I did it.

Increase the pace of your long runs. This is not easy to do and don’t expect it to happen overnight.

If you are patient and you gradually extend the amount of time you are running fast you will improve dramatically.

This idea of running easy every weekend for your long run is not enough. Now, that being said, I don’t know exactly where you are in with your running. 

Are you a veteran of marathons?

Are you focused on just trying to finish? Let’s face it, just the accomplishment of finishing a marathon is a big deal.

Folks in this sport can and will continue to get caught up in times and paces. We all can forget what really matters and that is our health and simply being able to get out the door.

The specifics of marathoning do get more serious as it pertains to running specific splits.

There are athletes and you may be one of them who want to run a certain time for the distance.

Obviously, this takes more than just getting out the door and jogging. I can tell you from experience that it took me putting in heavy work, day in, day out for years, to run a 2:19 marathon.

What Is Your Why?

In your upcoming marathon in Mumbai think about what are wanting to accomplish.

Write it down. Also write down your plans of action in order to achieve that goal. 

Is it to break the sub 4 hour marathon?

Is it to run a 3 hour marathon?

Are you trying to lose weight?

Do you want to complete a marathon with a loved one?

What is it that you are focused on in Mumbai? 

Train At and Below Goal Race Pace

Whether it is 11:00 mile pace or 5:00 mile pace you have to to train to get your goal race pace to feel easy.

This comes with time and sometimes being patient is more difficult than running fast.

As a reminder, it takes the body 21 days or 3 weeks to adapt to any stress load you place upon it.

Expect your goal race pace to feel more like a sprint when you are out of shape and just getting back into training.

As you get fitter goal race pace will feel much more manageable.

It will also feel more automatic based on having trained at speeds that were much faster than what you plan to race at.

Workouts like repeat hills that are about 400m to 600meters in length are great for this.

Do 8-15 repetitions of each hill all going up and walking back down.

These are highly anaerobic workouts where you are getting your heart rate up towards 180 beats per minute.

Your body is creating high levels of lactic acid but also creating physiological changes.

Changes that you will see if you are patient enough. Workouts like mile and two-mile repeats on the track and doing your long runs at faster speeds all contribute.

As you prepare for your upcoming marathon in Mumbai keep some of these ideas in mind.

Comment below if you are dealing with a specific pain point with the marathon so I can better assist you.

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