Two Cities Marathon Race Overview & Perks

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Bring out your inner athlete with a weekend full of events for all the family – marathon, half marathon, Urban 10K/5K race and more await you this year.

Paul Tergat of Kenya won the men’s race with an impressive time of 2 hours and 10 minutes and 30 seconds, defeating fellow Kenyan Hendrick Ramaala by one second. Orlando Pizzolato and Grete Waitz both earned repeat wins.

The History

The New York City Marathon is one of the world’s premier running races, spanning 26 miles between Staten Island and Central Park with five bridges crossing on its journey and numerous hills along its route. Runners from all over compete, setting four current marathon records here between 1978-1980 by Norwegian Grete Waitz; tourists also flock here in droves hoping to experience New York while running.

Minneapolis’ Twin Cities Marathon started out as the Land of Lakes Marathon in 1963, drawing five runners for its inaugural run. Race organizers realized that connecting both Minneapolis and St Paul would attract more runners than two separate events competing with each other.

This year’s Two Cities Marathon attracted runners of all kinds; some ran for charity while others attempted to beat their personal best time. CJ Albertson shared that this is his inaugural Two Cities Marathon participation and his aim is to come in first place; having run all his life, CJ loves running as part of his lifelong pursuit of perfection.

The Course

Our Boston qualifying course is an exhilarating fast and flat loop through beautiful neighborhoods of Clovis and Fresno. Starting from Clovis Community College near Old Town Clovis and following the V-shaped Clovis Fresno Rail Trail past Railroad Park and Clovis Botanical Gardens before making its way towards downtown Fresno where a spectacular finish awaits them in front of the State Capitol is ensured.

This route passes scenic lakes, parks and cityscapes and offers upscale residential areas with brilliant fall colors. Additionally, you will run through historic Woodward Park and are supported by enthusiastic spectators along the course. Poland Spring Water and lemon lime Gatorade Endurance Formula stations as well as three Maurten Hydrogel locations are provided during this race; digital clocks at key mile and 5K marks allow participants to track their progress.

Relay teams consist of five members who each run one or more legs of the marathon relay race, passing off their timing chips within each relay zone to their teammates before traveling in our relay shuttle between exchange points – freeing you to focus on running and supporting teammates to the end!

The Preparation

Participants running in the marathon should plan to be in their city on race day. Travelers from out-of-town should monitor weather forecasts prior to leaving home and bring an umbrella as November weather could bring with it cooler, potentially damp conditions.

Runners should remember to bring food and water with them on race day. Depending on their start wave, they may only require what’s provided at the start village; but it’s best to be safe than sorry and bring extra. Anti-chafing products like Body Glide may also come in handy; though keep in mind that UPS bag check bags only accommodate so much.

Relay team runners need to coordinate where they will meet up on the course. For instance, if they plan on meeting between miles 11-12 at Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn – perhaps using L Train from Manhattan as it is only about one stop from Union Square – is important.

The Day of the Race

Starting at Clovis Community College, runners in both full and half marathon races will travel outward to East Behymer Avenue before turning south onto the historic Fresno-Clovis Railroad Trail for an enjoyable run with almost flat elevation throughout. It also serves as an entryway into Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia national parks – giving runners plenty of reason to Run, Stay, and Play!

Join a relay team and experience this memorable event together. We will arrange transportation from each exchange zone so that all you need to worry about is running and cheering for each other.

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