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Treadmill 350 Pound Weight Capacity | 2022 Guide

Are you seeking a treadmill 350 pound weight capacity? If so, welcome to rundreamachieve. You have landed on the right website. I’ve been running for the past 28 years holding a PR of 2:19:35 for the marathon. That being said, have also spent several years training on treadmills.

Do you want to lose weight at your home? Do you want to get a perfect treadmill according to your weight? If yes, then stay with us. We will help you out in selecting the best treadmill.

Usually, people get confused while looking for treadmills for a heavy person. The heavy weight ranges from 300 to 400 lbs, and people with these weight limits face difficulties in finding the best treadmill.

In this article, we are going to discuss treadmill 350 pound weight capacity that has a maximum weight capacity between 300 and 400 labs. We will also tell you the advantages of every treadmill with its description. Let’s start.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in 1 Hour on a Treadmill?

An estimated range is 700 to 1000 calories per hour. Yes, it is possible to burn 700-1000 calories by spending 1 hour on a treadmill. Continuously using the treadmill for 1 hour will help you strengthen your muscles and slim down your body. 

A treadmill can burn a maximum of 1000 calories in an hour, but it also depends upon some factors—the factors like the intensity of the workout and difficulty level of activity matter a lot.

A person using a treadmill consistently for 1 hour but at a low pace will get lower results than a person spending time on the treadmill at high intensity. Similarly, a person using a treadmill with a low difficulty level will burn fewer calories as compared to a person experiencing a high difficulty level. So, in the end, it is recommended to work hard to achieve goals quickly. There is no shortcut; if you want to burn calories, you need to put in all your efforts. We cannot tell a fixed limit of calorie burn because every body works differently from the other. 

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Can a Treadmill Reduce Belly Fat?

Running and walking are the most effective way to lose weight and burn fat naturally. If it is not possible to go out for this purpose, treadmills do help you run and walk at your home.

As it provides running motion, it definitely burns fat also. Treadmills are not only used for burning fat but also calories. So, anything excess in your body can easily be balanced by spending some time on the treadmill during busy hours.

The Best Treadmill – 350 lb Capacity

1) Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

SOLE F80 is a popular treadmill with a 350 lb capacity. It can help you burn calories and fat at your home. This treadmill is specially designed for heavy people to do exercise in their comfort zone. Due to its folding feature, it becomes most suitable for rooms and offices. 

This treadmill has a catchy 7.5 inches LCD to show your progress report, calories burned, speed, distance, and to set different targets for achieving fitness aims. Moreover, there are six programs installed on this treadmill, including two custom workouts and two HR-controlled workouts. 

Due to the presence of a high-quality motor of 3.0 hp, it provides a consistent movement to keep your workout in a good flow. The motor makes this treadmill super cool for home use because it does not make noise. That’s why it can be easily used while watching TV, programs, or listening to music.

Running over the band of this treadmill is safe because of the shock absorber system that prevents the user from getting unnecessary jerks while running. The deck can be folded to make it suitable for small spaces. You can fold it and place it in your store, so there is no need to keep it in your bedroom or living room forever. 

Sole Fitness F85 Treadmill

2) Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill

SOLE Fitness F85 is a folding treadmill featuring a high DC motor ranging from 0.5 to 12 MPH speed with 15 percent inclination. The handles of this treadmill have pulse pads for recording the pulse rate while running. Fortunately, there are many heavy-duty treadmills like the Sole Fitness available within the marketplace.

The users are allowed to enjoy their workout by MP3 sound system and remain cool during exercise due to the availability of cooling fans fixed into this treadmill. Moreover, there is a 9-inch LCD to show the workout report. You can also set any program out of six programs available on this treadmill. 

There is a 22 by 60 inches of running space to provide a wide space to do a concentrated running activity with a consistent flow. The item weighs about 265 pounds and can easily be handled and installed by a single or two persons. Moreover, there are transport rollers under the treadmill to push and move it easily. The treadmill can easily work best for a person with 350-380 lbs weight because it has the ability to bear 400 lbs. 

  • 9 inches LCD
  • MP3 sound system
  • Cooling fans
  • Six workout programs
  • Not as quiet as many athletes would like

Sole TT8 Treadmill

3) SOLE TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill with Incline & Decline Settings

Fast runners require a strong product to fulfill their needs. For those looking for a running treadmill 350 lb capacity, this will be a nice option because this treadmill has 400 lbs weight capacity. A person with 350 pounds can do fast running and jogging smoothly on this treadmill. 

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It is a perfect product for the home providing all facilities like a commercial treadmill, including Bluetooth attachment, accessory holder to put things and electronic media in front of you, and 15 inclination and six declination levels. 

There are easy up and down operation buttons on the handles to experience the transmission of different speeds in a flow. There is also a monitor on the front side to show the workout metrics and recorded terms. 

  • Bluetooth attachment
  • USB port
  • Accessories holder
  • Easy operation
  • Perfect for athletes up to 400 pounds
  • One of if not THE top treadmill in the marketplace
  • Cost is $3200 which may be too high for some athletes on a budget
  • Not suitable for athletes over 400 pounds

Closing Thoughts

So, a treadmill 350 pound weight capacity can easily be seen in the market. That being said, it is difficult to select the best option out of many. Treadmills help a person to attain a good body shape by burning extra calories and stored fats. In this way, it reduces the body weight naturally. We have made this article for treadmill 350 lb capacity. We hope this article will help you to figure out a good treadmill for your fitness goals. 

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