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Are you seeking training consultation from a fitness expert? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have made it here. More importantly, that this post will be helpful to you. One of the most enjoyable parts of being an online fitness (running) coach is to help athletes surpass their fitness goals. Of course, I know it is an investment on the part of the athlete. So, I take consultation calls very seriously and aim to always provide as much feedback as possible.

The clients I work come to me with many questions such as how to sustain race pace longer. In addition, how to obtain a Boston Marathon qualifying standard, questions about their training, among others. My goal is to find out what is causing the struggle within their training and provide ways to mitigate it. I have been competing for over 30 years in the sport of middle to long distance running. So, fully understand the athletes that hire me as their fitness consultant.

I, too, have paid for training consultation over the years to help get myself to the next level as an athlete. I credit getting mentored by world-class coaches as helping me to break the 2 hour 20 minute marathon barrier. In fact, using the tactics I was taught by these experts helped me to run 2:19:35. In addition, earn a 2008 USA olympic Trials “A” standard time.

What to Expect at a Personal Training Consultation

One of the first things I focus on when working with clients is to get to know them. I want to know what their short and long-term goals are. Also, if they have any medical conditions prior to me creating a workout schedule for them. Of course, I have created training plans here at RunDreamAchieve. That being said, there are many athletes who desire monthly coaching from me. In addition, some just want to jump on a 1-hour training consultation call with me prior to being coached. So, we can discuss one-on-one what their goals are.

20 week marathon training plan pdf
Coach Pennington finishing in 4th place overall and top American at the 2007 California International Marathon in 2:19:35 (5:19 per mile for 26.2 miles)

Clients, myself included when I was being mentored, want strategies and tactics they can use in order to earn new personal bests. There are many times it can be a psychological obstacle that can be the problem. So, I work with athletes to help them overcome these hindrances. Remember, I, too, have experienced similar obstacles in my own racing so can share solutions to these problems the athlete may not have considered.

How Long is a Personal Training Consultation?

The training consultation calls that I conduct usually range from 30 minutes to an hour. Of course, if the client wishes to go over an hour I have no problem with that and often have went over 60 minutes. Again, it isn’t about the money as much as it is for me to answer the questions that the clients that hire me, have. In addition, to overdeliver. I take the athlete consultation calls I hold very seriously. I know that the athletes that hire me are investing their hard earned income.

So, I give this aspect of RunDreamAchieve coaching services the highest priority. Time is precious and we can never get it back. That being said, it is vital that I share my very best advice when an athlete hires me as their fitness consultant. You are more than welcome to visit the about page if you would like to know more about my racing, fitness and educational background.

What Happens During a Fitness Consultation?

The most important aspect of RunDreamAchieve training consultation calls is to get to know the athlete. I want to find out what is driving the athlete to do what he or she does. In addition, find out what issues they have had in the past that may be hindering them from achieving their goals. A lot of times it could be a pace sustainment, nutritional or psychological hindrance. So, I discuss some mitigation tactics that help them overcome these problems to get better results, faster.

I see far too many runners running too slow, too often. In addition, running too aggressive on hard days. I have utilized heart rate monitor training for years and highly recommend it. I use the Garmin 245 regularly and it helps me to train at the proper heart rate zones. So, sharing specific ways to help runners use leverage, train smarter and get better results is my key focus.

What to Expect at a Personal Training Consultation

I always recommend to just be yourself. There are many athletes that hire me to talk with them for an hour who are regular viewers of the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. So, they get to know me there, feel more comfortable talking with me one-on-one. My best recommendation is simply to know that I am no better than you and to be comfortable. Again, My objective as your fitness consultant is to help you achieve your fitness, racing or training goals.

More importantly, to help you maximize your results and use the talents you already possess to surpass your goals. I already know you know how to work hard. My aim is to help you to train smarter, using different training strategies, to help you do more with less work. We all have been taught to work hard but do the hardest working athletes always get the best results? No. The athlete that is using specific training strategies that emphasize leverage often times do.

Additional RunDreamAchieve Services

I have also created training plans for athletes specializing from the mile to the marathon here. The time frame for the training plans range from 8 to 24 weeks in length. I always recommend athletes to follow a longer, rather than a shorter build up. The reason is you won’t be in a rush to get into superior shape. Remember, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks for the body to adapt to any stress load you are placing on it.

So, it is very difficult to get into stellar shape in a matter of 8 to 12 weeks. Of course, it still can be done if the athlete is highly focused and committed. That being said, a build-up of 16 to 24 weeks is optimal. I emphasize using leverage, training smarter and focusing on quality rather than volume. High mileage is not a guarantee that you are going to earn a new personal best.

Would you rather run 100 miles a week and miss your goal by 10 minutes or 50 miles a get a 5-minute personal best? I would rather run 50 than 100 miles a week. Of course, every athlete is different and some will need to run 100 miles a week in order to achieve their goals. Again, this is where a training consultation call may come into play.

Monthly Coaching

Would you like to have me as your coach on a monthly basis? If so, I created this option for those athletes who want to work with a professional to get to the next level in their training and racing. The athlete can start, restart or cancel their coaching at anytime. So, I certainly want to make the athlete feel comfortable with this service. Our coaching services are linked in with the VDOT.02 coaching platform. So, we take your current fitness level based on your race times and base your training paces off of your VDOT score.

I have worked with athletes from a month to several years. Again, it just depends on the needs of the athlete and how difficult their short and long-term goals are going to be to obtain. Working with a personal coach can be one of the wisest decisions you can make as an athlete. I, too, hired professional coaching myself to help make me the very best athlete I could be.

Running Courses

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a fitness consultant is seeing the results that my running courses have produced. For example, a dad of 5 lowered his marathon PR from 3:46 to 2:58 using my Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course. I have had may other athletes drop several minutes off of their current mile, half marathon and marathon personal bests. My running courses go far more in-depth than any of my training plans can. In addition, include a 16-week training plan based on the needs of the athlete.

So, you get extensive training tutorial videos over critical topics of running success within my course. Are you seeking to break the 2 hour half marathon, run a faster 2 mile or mile time? Do you have a goal of breaking the 2:30, 3 hour or 4 hour marathon barriers? We have you covered here. You may be interested in one of our running courses to help take your training and racing to the next level.

Fitness Tools

I have also created a fitness tracker and lifestyle planner available here at RunDreamAchieve. Writing down goals and organizing ones’ thoughts is a highly beneficial way of becoming a better athlete. The vast majority of runners do not do this. Yes, we are very good at preparing physically but what about writing down goals, thoughts and long-term visions for your preparation?

I used tools like this throughout my racing career and regularly write down objectives I have to do this day. Again, average results don’t require much out of us. It is another thing to obtain good and great results. Superior results only come about my paying attention to all fundamentals of success. One of them is holding yourself accountable and writing down your thoughts and goals. Perhaps, one of our fitness tracker or planners may be of interest to you.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that this post on our training consultation service has been helpful to you. How often are you taking time to mentally prepare for your race goal? Mental training is just as important as physical preparation. The good news is that it doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes daily to do this. I credit mental training in helping me lower my marathon PR from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35.

The optimal time to do this is when you first get up in the morning or when you go to bed at night. So, see yourself performing at the level you are dreaming about. Also, crossing the finish line with your goal time on the clock.

Lastly, running confident, passing people and performing beyond your expectation. You have to train the mind as you do the body. Remember, the world’s top middle to long distance runners combine both mental as well as physical preparation. Success leaves clues. So, mimic and duplicate what they do.

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