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Having a well-balanced diet, proper and regular exercise, and good sleep time can be a surety of high energy levels in the body. At the same time, this routine is considered ideal because it is difficult to manage all these things together. Most of the time, people don’t have much time to focus on their daily diet. However, with the help of protein shakes and other supplements, people can maintain a balanced diet.

Total Control Herbalife is a helping key you can use to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Herbalife Total Control is a pill used for increasing or gaining energy. Vitamins and minerals in the pills help to increase the energy in the body without being dependent on them. On the other hand, things like coffee and tea make users dependent on regular intakes.

In this article, we are going to inform you about Herbalife’s Total Control, its components, the correct way to use it, and how it works on the human body without leaving any side effects.

What is Total Control from Herbalife?

Total Control Herbalife is basically a supplement that contains energy-providing components and is medically synthesized beneficial for various body functions. These are the tablets that contain an exclusive blend of tea extracts and caffeine. Both these ingredients are used for boosting body metabolism and making the day full of energy. 

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How Does Herbalife Membership Work?

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Ingredients of Herbalife Total Control

Total Control Herbalife contains a blend of tea extracts which includes green tea leaf extract, ginger root extract, Oolong tea leaf extract, Pomegranate rind powder extract, and black tea leaf extract. All these extracts are blended, and a mixture of these extracts is used in Total Control Herbalife. This tea extract mixture makes 460mg of these supplements. 

The next ingredient is caffeine which is derived from the natural caffeine powder. It is used in a lower amount/quantity because its excess can cause a patient addicted to it. Caffeine makes only 80mg of these tablets.

Other than these ingredients, some more elements take part in its composition, and these are Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Calcium Stearate, and Maltodextrin. All these elements also constitute to make the Total Control effective for boosting energy levels in the body. 

How Do You Take Herbalife Total Control?

You can take three pills in a day after regular intervals of time. It is recommended to take each tablet with an empty stomach half or 1 hour before taking a meal. It will lower down the craving and minimize your food portion. In this way, it will also help in reducing and managing weight. Another reason for taking it before the meal is that it contains some ingredients like DLPA, Tyrosine, and DMAE that work well with an empty stomach. Taking this tablet before a meal will accelerate the process of energy gain and weight loss. 

Those who just start taking it should use one tablet per day. Once they get used to it, they can easily switch to two tablets per day and then three tablets a day. It can be a little bit heavy and unfavorable for some people with a sensitive stomach or digestive tract. That’s why it is recommended to increase its intake slowly. 

You can set your time during the day like mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and night. You just need to take a single pill three times with a glass of water. That’s it.

Herbalife Home Based Business Opportunity

Yes, you can start your own independent Herbalife home based business. Yes, it does take motivation, focus and time to grow but is certainly worth it. We as distributors earn residual (passive) income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. Have you ever or do you currently work a job? If so, you already know you have to keep showing up for work in order to get paid. What happens to the average employee who gets laid off or cannot work? Does their employer continue to pay them regardless if they work or not? Of course not. The pay stops coming in the moment you stop showing up for work. Therein lies the problem with linear income. Does your employer pay you for the work your co-workers do? No way. You are only paid for the work that you do.

total control Herbalife

Well, Herbalife pays its distributors for helping others to get what they want. The company also provides all new distributors with their own website. You can take a look at mine here. Yours will look similar. Keep in mind that the prices you see listed on it are retail prices. Again, we as distributors and preferred members can earn anywhere from 25 and up to 50 percent off the retail prices for ours. Remember, I am in the united States of America so the prices are listed in USD. Once you join you will be able to login to Herbalife and see your prices in the currency of your country. The more people you share Herbalife with the higher your potential, monthly income will go.


We know these tablets are synthesized for positive purposes. However, there are some restrictions for some individuals. Especially, women during pregnancy and lactation cannot intake these Total Control Herbalife supplements. It can be bad for them instead of beneficial. 

Secondly, people with phenylketonuria cannot take these tablets because they do not have the ability to digest amino acids, and they should avoid supplements containing phenylalanine (a specific amino acid). In this case, these supplements can be harmful to people with phenylketonuria. This product also has a label containing a phenylketonuria portion to strictly warn people.

People with cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure should consult any physician before using these energizing tablets. Moreover, this product also contains caffeine, so people who are sensitive or allergic to caffeine should avoid its use. 

What is Herbalife Total Control Good For?

Total Control Herbalife are the tablets that are most commonly known because of their energy-boosting and metabolism-enhancing properties. But in addition to these, there are many more advantages of taking these pills on a regular basis. Let’s have a look at them too. 

  • It increases the body’s resting metabolism rate. 
  • Its regular intake reduces fat accumulation in the body.
  • Helps to burn excess fat in the body
  • Boosts the energy and strength of the human body. 
  • Supports optimal digestion.
  • Provides antioxidant properties to the body
  • Controls hunger
  • Reduces appetite
  • Lowers down craving

Caffeine in these tablets is highly responsible for giving energy to the body. It refreshes the mind and reduces stress levels. Moreover, it seems surprising when people come to know the weight-reducing factor of this pill. So, this pill reduces weight just by controlling the appetite. It is so simple to have strict control on irregular (night cravings) appetites and cravings. 

Moreover, these pills help the stomach to be empty for a long time without feeling weakness in the body. Due to such functions, Herbalife’s Total Control helps the body to maintain and reduce weight just by taking pills with a glass of water. 

Closing Thoughts

Nowadays, it is possible to maintain energy throughout the day with just a single pill at a time. Total Control from Herbalife has made it possible. Now people can take three pills at three different times in the day and maintain their energy at high levels. Only some people should avoid its use because of some serious issues. Otherwise, it will cause damage to their health instead of benefiting them. We have also mentioned the advantages of taking this pill regularly. Herbalife Total Control is a good and easy way to maintain your health. You can also try it to see energetic and thrilling effects on your body’s metabolism and power.

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