The Military Education You Were Not Taught

The Military Education

The military education you will not here from your recruiter or drill sergeant is how to think for yourself.

The military profession is not for everyone and there will be times where you may question what you are doing even signing up.

I have been an active duty member for nearly the past 16 years and even I asked this of myself when I first enlisted into the United States Army.

My plan, although I always respected those who chose to serve, was never to be a Soldier like my father was.

This was his role and what he loved.

Sadly, there are many people who choose the military because they cannot find jobs upon graduating from high school or college.

There are men and women who witnessed their mother or father serve a few years or retire from the military and so they wanted to follow in their footsteps.

There are people who, after graduating from high school or college, who are still searching for their life’s calling.

They depart college with loads of college loan debt, cannot find jobs and choose military service as their way to pay back these loans or to find their life’s purpose.

They deploy to war zones, risk their lives because of this.

It is when one wakes up to the reality that there are millionaires and billionaires who never even finished high school, who never chose to serve a day in uniform or were ever remotely close to a war zone, that they begin to truly live.

Why is that?

What makes them different than the average person who chooses to take out 5 to 6 figures in college loan debt because they listened to the brainwashing they received by people that they were closest to and that obviously meant well?

This is the case for most people.

Our parents teach us what we should do and hand it down generation to generation.

Get good grades, go to school, get a college degree and get a job.

Work for 20 to 50 years and retire in your 60’s

How about retiring in your 20’s or 40’s instead?

Imagine all the creativity you could produce, how much of an impact you could provide to other people if your time wasn’t tied up in a job that you weren’t really passionate about and spent that time doing something you truly love, admire and hold dear to your heart.

Can you have a job that you absolutely love?


Please know, I already know by writing this post, the majority of people who take the time to read it in its entirety will not agree with most of it.

It has been engrained in our subconscious thinking that working a job is the only way.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

How we are raised and what we believe is taught to us.

Everyone, whether they choose to or not, has to seek out their own truth.

You may, on the other hand, be one of the few who do ‘get’ what I am expressing and perhaps it will impact you in some way.

It may be taken as derogatory by some service members, this is not my intent.

We all have one life and my job as a writer, producer, entrepreneur is to not turn someone off but to do the exact opposite, to invigorate and motivate someone to turn away from just getting by to getting ahead with their financial, physical and emotional well-being.

Our Environment

Our environment, the people we have associated with our entire life and the choices we make, shape our future.

What we think, pay attention to also assists that reality from forming.

If you focus on television, what you will get is entertainment, fear and distraction.

It will not bring you any more money to your bank account.

Television never made anyone rich but the networks themselves.

Imagine how much money could be saved and invested into your dreams instead of placing it toward a television bill?

Television programming will not give you abundant health.

If we didn’t watch so much of it to escape from the reality of our work week perhaps we’d have the time to workout and do more things we enjoy doing instead of doing the opposite.

The majority of people rely on a job to earn an income.

The military professional seeks to serve his or her Country.

We have been taught to be patriotic and if we do not act in accordance to that, if we question or think differently, we are frowned upon.


What is wrong with asking the tough questions?

Am I, as a high school, college and graduate school graduate any less of a leader by questioning why so many choose the same path in life?

There are countless service members who have earning a living, paying their bills and supporting their families, as their main motivation, without asking the tough questions.

How many of these same brilliant leaders know how to make money work for them?

Have we been taught this or how to comply and follow orders instead?

We have become a comfortable and compliant society, nothing wrong with it (for some) but as Steve Jobs said in the video below, you don’t have to choose this if you don’t want to.

You can poke life and see what you can have come out the other side.

The military education I was taught over the years is that the bad guy is out to get us all.

Why have been so many been taught to think that something bad is going to happen instead of being taught the opposite?

Why do we focus all our energy on the negative and not seek out the positives?

As military member and having come from a family of employees who saw the service as a way to help support themselves and their families, I tend to have a different view.


I no longer believe a college degree makes one person more marketable than the next.

I now know people who never finished high school who make more in a month than most trained Physicians make in a year.

The money isn’t the concern, it is the ownership of time, these people have that attracts me.

The guy or gal driving the Ferrari doesn’t impress me, the fact that he or she answers to no one does.

Time is more priceless than any amount of money and it cannot never be replenished.

Are you asking the tough questions today?

I have finally awoken to the fact that money isn’t more valuable to me, nor is being a part of the good-ole-boy-network.

What is more valuable to me is seeking wisdom and seeking to gain leverage of time.

It is as of we have been blinded into believing that holding a college degree makes our worth more than someone who was not afforded the same opportunity.

I have cousins who are now doing the same thing I (as well as other family members) have done, going to college to get a degree.

The reality is they will hold a degree which will now keep them in debt servitude and are not considering network marketing or entrepreneurship.

If working a job the rest of your life is an opportunity than perhaps I need to take a deeper look into what an opportunity really is.

Have you ever heard the ancient Biblical verse that states that those who seek shall find?

Are you seeking for it or just thinking the way others have told you to think?

The finding is reserved for the searchers – Jim Rohn

The Military

I am not condoning military service.

There are people who are born to be followers and want to be a part of something that they feel is bigger than themselves and most who serve are well-meaning, honest, good people.

I have met some of the most wonderful, brilliant professionals while serving in uniform.

The military is not going anywhere anytime soon.

There will be generations after generations who will continue to be indoctrinated into believing the same mindset past generations have been taught.

Wars will cease to exist once people cease to choose to fight in them.

The equipment and weapon manufacturers will no longer be needed once the world wakes up.

It never has so they always have been in business and have become rich from it.

You have to go from a consumer to a producer mindset to make drastic change.

You are never going to fully grasp what it means to make money work for you rather than you working for money, unless you do.

People make decisions, especially when it comes to finances and paying bills, that work best for them, even if it is not the best choice.

I wish I would have had the knowledge I now have when I was 18 just finishing up high school.

I would have moved to Silicon Valley and started a company or got involved with network marketing and become an entrepreneur instead.

Time and life brings the greatest joys and true freedom to those who search for it.

It certainly isn’t found by way of watching reality television shows, soap operas and other useless sitcoms.

The definition of entrainment is to be detained from entering

I am astounded by the fact that I, along with countless other people, have wasted such an enormous amount of my life watching television over the years.

I am thankful I gave it up 3 years ago and can now spend that time reading, creating, writing, producing and helping other people.

We all have to experience failure and bad decisions in order to come to the Truth and to find success.

I have learned that those who do not focus on earning income but who choose to focus on helping others get what they want out of life, oddly, are the most wealthy and have the most freedom.

We talk about freedom quite often here in the United States but the reality for most people living paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet, working a job is not what they would call freedom.


Well, if it wasn’t for the service member you wouldn’t have the freedom to do what you want in the first place!

I can hear it now.

If it were not for the rich who knew the poor and middle classic would fight in the wars they funded, this ideology wouldn’t even exist in the hearts and minds of men and women who make the choice to don the uniform in the first place.

There is knowledge that isn’t taught in an academic text book, which doesn’t show up in a military classroom.

It is found when you shut off the entertainment and distraction that surrounds us all and seek it out, only than do you slowly wake up to what you were blinded to.

If being away from your loved ones for the majority of your day is called freedom perhaps I need to take a second look.

Those in Monaco right now earning income while napping on the beach is a different kind of freedom the working world has not taken the time to fully understand.

They have bought into the same mindset that their parents passed down to them.

Go to school, take out loans to fund your college education and go out and get a job.

It has worked for decades and will continue to work unless people start to think for themselves and seek to be entrepreneurs rather than what those around them willfully accept.

Sadly, the reality is there is a very small percentage of our world population who love their work and are working jobs to make ends meet.

They see having a job as the only way.

It isn’t.

Time vs Money

Our time is precious.

We work for money and all our focus is on it yet we allow others to squander and make use of our time the way they see fit.

Is that freedom?

It may be to you, it isn’t to me.

Freedom isn’t the amount of money I have or what car I drive.

It is having the time to live without a time clock, boss or someone else telling me where I need to be.

residual incomeTime is so much more valuable than money and all we have ever been taught is how to trade it in exchange for something of far lesser worth.

The wealthy understand how to make it work for them and they choose not to follow in the footsteps of the masses.

I observed the masses and I did the opposite – Holton Buggs, Network Marketer, Entrepreneur

Does it take work to create wealth?

I most certainly am not denying the fact that results come from work but like an airplane ride, we all have to experience a little turbulence before we reach a comfortable altitude.

Are you climbing or just getting by?

It wasn’t always like this here in the United States, prior to 1900, people were business owners and entrepreneurs, worked off the land and were heavily involved in agriculture.

What about now?

Are we independent or reliant on someone else to provide for us a paycheck to put food on our tables?

Do you notice a difference?

Are we asking the tough questions or just accepting the military education you have been taught?

We all have a choice what we listen to, feed ourselves and allow others to do the same.

Is the war fighter the reason for the freedom we have in this Country?

I don’t know if I know the answer to that fully yet.

My mindset is no longer on fighting for wars that will never end but that will continue to make the rich, who fund them, even richer.

Sadly, the same doctrine passed down will continue to work unless people awaken to their entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m about done with following the dogma of decades of indoctrination and choosing to risk and live life to the fullest extent and help others do the same.

Whether you jump on board or not is not my concern.

All I can do is share my experiences and you take from it what you will.

There will still be people who willfully fight tooth and nail to defend an ideology that will never end.

The same ideaology that has been taught from generation to generation, to fight wars, accept a safe and secure paycheck.

I want to see an end to warfare altogether, see some camaraderie and love between other people and nations, rather seeing so many people buying into fear, hatred, propaganda and lies.

Giving their lives for a cause that never ends.

I have walked and driven by, been in memorial services of far too many service members.

That is why the Bible states you must be born again. You must be willing to let your old self die and make way for the new creation God created you to be – Les Brown

The Tough Questions

How come the poor and middle class fight our Nation’s wars on slave wages, yet big corporations seem to make the real money from the battles themselves?

Why are so many high school and college graduates choosing this route instead of becoming entrepreneurs instead?

What makes people comply and others break free from the trap so many fall prey to?

Am I doing this for the right reasons or because everyone around me has chosen to work for someone else, to work for money?

Are we asking the tough questions?

Is taking out one bad guy going to solve the world’s problems and why is it that, for decades, taking out the bad guy seems to be the aim yet wars continue to be created out of thin air.

How can individuals who have bought into the paycheck mentality work all their lives for money yet never taking the time to learn how to make money work for them.

Why are so many people more focused on spending their priceless time on watching television, listening to war propaganda and other negative news stories and won’t spend a quarter of the same amount of time on how to become wealthy?

Is being a military employee the only way or have we been taught to believe in patriotism to such an extent that it has taken us away from thinking for ourselves?

max international teamWork One Job, Go Work Another

I have not met one person in my 12 years in the military who has been able to retire and than truly do just that, retire.

No more work.

I worked with one senior officer who got out early because his grandmother left him an inheritance, thats it.

The rest retire from the military, collect a pension and work another job because they cannot live on their retirement pay.

The military education I was taught was to follow orders, comply, do as your told, be where you are supposed to be, wear the same uniform as everyone else and follow the instruction manual.

The service is great for people who choose no other way but being an employee and need some structure in their life.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if working until your in your 70’s for another company inspires you.

We are all different.

Structure and being around a team can help people make drastic changes in their life.

Military service is viewed differently by different people and I most certainly do not expect most service members to feel the way I do.

The reality is there are more employees in our armed services than entrepreneurs.

Our personnel are taught what to think rather than to think for themselves.

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger

It is very hard to open a closed mind and most people have simply been taught the same thing, go to school, get good grades, go get a job and make a living.

What happens when men and women, who feel there is no other option to pay their debts from college or to support their families, cannot find a job?

How many of our volunteer force here in the United States choose the service because they can get their college loans payed back or have their college education payed for in exchange for giving up 3 to 4 years of their life?

It is safe to say a very large percentage and although we, as service members have heard others in uniform say

I don’t do it for the money

Try taking a Soldier’s pay they rely on away and see how that affects their mentality and overall health.

How patriotic would these professionals be then?

Worry and doubt creeps in and they begin to question their own worth.

Are we asking the tough questions?

Employee To Entrepreneur

Again, the majority of service members are not going to agree with my viewpoint.

This is normal because anything that goes against what others see as reality will not be taken lightly.

Perhaps, some will, if they have begun to awaken their inner creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

There comes a time in every man or woman’s life when he or she sees their time as more vitally important than earning a paycheck.

The sense of urgency is awakened in them and television is no longer appealing, the want to listen to music is no longer interesting.

The wisdom of a book or the health in the words of a presentation takes over and is now the focus.

Their minds are no longer tuned to poverty and fear but to wealth and happiness and will not rest until achieved.

They begin to see the difference between people that retire young rather than retire from the military service only to go off and work another job following orders by another boss.

Is there freedom in this path?

How much leverage does any employee truly have?

Of course, the hardest thing for me now as I near the end of my active duty military service obligation is the conversations I hear from other people in uniform.

These conversations are not about how to build a business, generate residual income, or free their time.

Sadly, the conversations are about who won last night’s football game, what they scored on the APFT or how many targets they hit at the range.

These conversations do not create wealth or health, they are unproductive chatter, gossip that they themselves have the choice not to participate in.

Your life and time cannot be replaced.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, how much of it is owned by your superior or boss?

Are we asking the tough questions?

We all have a purpose and my intention in writing this post is not to hurt anyone’s feelings who had dreams of being a Soldier or service member growing up.

My father served over 21 years.

I have respected military members since I was a kid because I know most mean well and have good hearts.

I also realize even the most disciplined, hungry and devoted service member still serves because he or she knows a paycheck will arrive on the 1st and 15th.

People have to live and whether they want to admit it or not, they still need that paycheck in order to keep the lights on, their kids fed and families taken care of.

There is honor in being an employee but there are also other ways to create wealth, they can be found in books and libraries across our great Country.

Less than 3% of the population have library cards and yet all the wisdom and knowledge that could free people is not taken considered.

We watch more television then we do reading books and seeking wisdom.

We know more about Brittney Spears than we do on how to make money work in our favor and actually have complete control of our time.

How many employees do you know that have complete leverage of their time?

I know of none.

If these very same patriotic men and women were told to serve without pay would they still do it?

Some may, most would not.

People have to live.

Money can be created but it still involves work.

How it is generated is another thing.

Everyone wants to earn money but how many of us have truly studied how to make money work for us, regardless what time of day it is?

These are the hard, tough questions, we as service members, employees as a whole, are not asking.

Who Will Stand Up?

Is life about following the instruction manual?

Is it about listening to what our parents, siblings, preachers, teachers and friends tell us we ought to do (go to college so you can get a good paying job) or is our creativity and zest for life being sucked away by adhering to what others want for us?

Are we truly listening to our own intuition or just following the rules?

Working a job does pay our bills, it doesn’t give us leverage over our time.

We all have bought into the idea that working a job, even if it means risking our lives for that paycheck, is a great choice.

When do we wake up as citizens?

That is not for me to decide, everyone of us who serve either as a civilian or military member, has to wake up to the reality each day to this question,

How much control of my time do I have?

How many people do you know that truly love what they do, who still have to put in leave or ask permission to enjoy a vacation?

I know of many.

Do you think the rich, those who do not rely on a paycheck and who control their time, have to put in for a vacation?

To go on a vacation means you vacate from something in your life you need to get away from.

Entrepreneurs Do Not Vacate

What do they have to vacate from?

If you choose to be a service member because of a sense of duty, do so.

There is honor in feeling as though risking your life for someone else is a worthy cause and of course it is, for a time.

Service members who have given up television, who no longer listen to the negative gossip that surrounds them, begin to awaken to new realities that have been kept from them.

Most often times, this new sense of thinking stems from focusing not on the orders of your superiors but following your own heart, choosing to think the opposite of the masses.

There comes a day when choosing to control your time, rather than merely falling in line with the masses, becomes of more importance.

People that awaken from their sleep begin to realize that other people’s opinion of them does not have to equal their reality.

For a man or woman to live his or her dreams they must first wake up – Eric Worre, Network Marketer, Entrepreneur

This comes sooner for some, later for others.

Often times, it never comes, as people continue to see the paycheck as their reality.

The paycheck and the negative 60% return on investment (5 days of work, 2 days off) of the most incredible, priceless asset we own (our time) is the accepted way to live.

Who is taxed the highest?

The employee.

Who has to pay for the wars created by the rich?

The employee.

It is time we start to study wealth instead of poverty, to shift out attention from entertainment to wisdom.

How is it anyone expects to be wealthy and truly free of debt and their time being so heavily taxed?

You are not even payed first.

Someone else is.

We got to college because we follow a set of rules we have been taught all our lives, only to spend the next two to three decades paying back the loans so we can have the so-called job we always wanted.

Follow Your Own Path

The military education I teach is to follow your heart, not what others want.

If the military is what you truly desire, be fully aware, when you go to sign you get everything you want and then some.

Nothing can take the place of your life, no amount of money or signing bonus.

Be sure you know this up front before you sign any paperwork.

If you want to follow in your mom or dad’s footsteps, do so, but make sure it is for the right reasons.

It isn’t a bad thing.

I chose to serve to but looking back I also made the choice to be an employee and do what I was taught, to get a job.

Compliance is accepted by the masses.

It takes bravery to make a decision to no longer comply like you are a robot.

It didn’t work for Richard Branson, Chris Gardner (The Pursuit of Happyness) and Donal Trump to name a few.

If they have the courage to reach for something more, so do you.

Let Go Of Hardships

I have a hard time seeing someone I know who is a retired full bird colonel, one of the most brilliant, educated, caring people I have ever met, be retired and barely making ends meet.

It is for these reasons why we must feed entrepreneurial ideas into our mind.

We have to stop wasting so much of our life listening to what the news reporter tells us and take that time and devote it to heavy study on how to live a life, not just how to earn a living.

It is a choice and most people who think like employees will not necessarily agree with my views and I don’t expect them to.

Please keep in mind, I too, currently, am an employee so I know how we think.

I will not be one for much longer.

The past 4 years of my life I have become fully committed my life to studying product creation, search engine optimization, computer coding and other business pursuits.

You have to get away from a have-not mindset and shift it to a have-mindset.

We have the power of free choice, we are not trees!

How can income be generated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rather than having to exchange your life for it?

Are we asking the tough questions? 

It is mathematically futile to accept trading ones life for a paycheck and then expecting to get rich and to own 100% of your time.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – Albert Einstein

The Wealthy

Who are truly getting rich from the wars our men and women in uniform fight in?

Is it the service members themselves or the big corporations?

Are we asking the tough questions or complying?

One life lost is too many and there comes a day (at least I hope) when all people who wear the uniform will be happy with their service but also start asking the tough questions to change their lives.

An additional life lost will be the end of their service.

They will get fed up and will change.

If all put down their weapons will there be any more wars to fight?

Will the major corporations making billions from our Nations best and brightest earn any profit if everyone wakes up?

I don’t think this will ever happen because the system, the way it has been designed will cease to stop working.

People will accept their reality as is.

It is an ideology that has worked for centuries yet the fighting warriors who lace their boots and put on their gear are missing something.

Who earns the revenue?

The ones bearing the weight of the heavy fighting or the ones providing the equipment for the fighting thousands of miles away?

The things you find out when you give up television and read books instead will dramatically increase your productivity.

You’ll find yourself going from a consumer to a producer, from thinking about fear and poverty to accelerating your wealth, health and happiness.

Un-productivity is no longer wanted in your life.

You may have to lose some friends who just don’t seem to get what you are trying to convey to them.

Love them anyway, just limit your association with them.

Misery loves company, stay as far away from that environment as you can.

Military Service

Military service is a respected profession to many but we as service members or civilians still have to know this one fact.

Money makes the world go around.

How are you going to change your thinking and mindset in order to make it work in your favor instead of against you.

Is risking your life for it worth it?

Is your life worth more than what it can do for you?

Chart your own course, don’t listen to me or anyone else.

If the military is your focus, it is your choice to place your attention to where you see best fit.

If you want to own your time, not work until your 65 and have full control of it, a mindset change is needed.

I don’t believe people realize just how powerful their thoughts are.

No one can do that for you, whether you are a civilian or military service member.

When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you will be successful – Eric Thomas

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind there are people in this world who make more in an hour than most people make in a year.

Find out how they are doing that.

The majority of the working world do not even realize that making $10,000 a year is a fortune for the majority of the world population.

We are still missing the point.

Poverty is not just lack of money, it is having lack of freedom of ones’ time.

The military education disciplined, focused, driven and incredibly talented men and women in this Country and around the world, are not being taught that.

Memorizing who won the Battle of 1812 is not going to make you any healthier or wealthier.

You can still be an employee and be extremely wealthy but the reality is still you are relying on someone else for a paycheck and you still have to report somewhere for a given amount of time.

Money does grow on trees despite what your parents taught you but how to make it grow there will not be found in a text book or a CNN news story.

It will not be found on a documentary about the Boston Marathon bombing or other useless reality television sitcoms.

The time to shut off your television sets and being entertained is now, if changing your life financially is truly your goal.

You cannot half-heart the effort.

You are either full in or your not.

There are people who took years to become materialistically wealthy who have written books.

Are you reading them?

If you could learn how to follow what they did in a matter of days, if it could help you become financially free would you do it?

Is Dancing With The Stars more important?

Sadly, for most Americans barely making ends meet, it is.

Television, all entertainment and distraction, does not yield wealth.

Wisdom and searching for it does.

I once saw an ad that said,

There is a reason why you never see Lambroghini commercials on television, those that can afford them are not busy watching television

Let that sink in for second, re-read it a few times to help motivate you.

The military education I have taught in this post is not what your superiors are going to teach.

They will not be found at West Point, Virginia Military Institute or anywhere else where he status quo is taught.

What I want to part ways with you is this, follow your creative spirit.

We were not born into this world to be slaves and it is time we wake up to that reality.

We are not slaves.

We are God’s creation and here to live abundantly and happy, to be free to do and go where we please.

Your mindset, what you think and the words you tell yourself on a daily basis will, if you choose to, teach you the opposite of the military education that is never taught to our Nation’s best and brightest.

What might that be?

To think for one’s Self instead of following the instruction manual.

It is an education that teaches you to risk and do something outside of what the masses are telling you, you ought to do.

Follow your heart, even if it is at the risk of you losing friends for it.

Your life is short and in the end, what we think matters, truly doesn’t.

Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality – Les Brown

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