Nathan Pennington Running in The Distance


Below are just some of the testimonials from runners that are getting results with the RunDreamAchieve philosophy, products and services. Training smarter, not necessarily harder, will yield better results. Follow what the top runners do, mimic their habits and you will get results like these runners are getting.

21 minute PR and a 2:45 marathon!
Testimonial starts at 17:26. Cinthia dropped over an HOUR off her previous marathon best using the RunDreamAchieve training philosophy

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Hola Nathan,

Just ran Sevilla clocking 3h11.

I started conservatively, averaging 4:30 for the
first half.

Pushed for that negative split that would get me
to Boston (3H10).

Pace slowed down to 4:40s last 2kms and I blew
So there was nothing conservative about my initial pace.
I was on point with 4:30, which I averaged for the entire marathon.

It’s hard to say but I’m not happy about the
result but still very thankful.

I mean, my best time used to be 3:22.

So I’m literally half way to sub3.
Serious progress right there!

Your training plan is amazing.
I had so much fun.
It allowed me to run with a group of friends I couldn't have joined before.
Before Sub3 Marathon Pro I thought running +100k a week wasn't something for

I now BELIEVE I’m on my way to sub3.

How cool is this for a Coach?

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