Success Leaves Clues For Those Seeking It

Success Leaves Clues

We all have been taught or heard that success leaves clues but have we become too entertained to pay attention?

One of my biggest regrets in life is that I gave so much of my precious time to entertainment (television) and did not seek out knowledge first.

Have you ever poured out your heart to those that you love to no avail?

Have you ever knew a specific skill that these very same people could emulate and become financially independent yet the television and life’s little cares still take precedence?

How does it make you feel knowing this?

It absolutely astounds me the amount of time people would rather give to television or going to a sporting event painting their face their favorite teams’ colors rooting for other people that will not put money in their bank account, free them from stress or help them become healthier, then to be financially independent.


Why is this the norm in our American society?

Why is it the norm in other societies?

Success leaves clues as Jim Rohn, the great business philosopher once said.

What Does It Take To Succeed?

I remember in high school the local newspaper had done an interview on a few people about me.

My brother was one of them and he had said something which I am humbled by but I also know everyone holds the same characteristics

The local paper was asking folks that knew me about my training after finishing as the Bronze medalist at the Junior Olympic cross-country national champions during my senior year in high school.

My brother, Paul, made this statement,

Nathan has always had something different about him and people you see like that go places

I can assure anyone reading this that there is nothing special about me at all.

We all are one and have the same capacity for success and can experience it if we are willing to yearn for the knowledge to get it.

I am no better or worse then your average individual but what I have taken from over 23 years of disciplined athletic training, I place in other areas of my life.

Network marketing and entrepreneurship have become just as highly interesting to me as pushing my physiological limits.

What we need to do to succeed is do the things we fear.

People seek me out as an athlete and business coach because I have somewhat more experience and expertise then they do.

What did I start doing?

Exactly the things I feared and what an expert told me to do.

Sometimes it is best to do less talking and more listening.

Success leaves clues and by listening you can pick them up quickly.

Success Leave Clues For A Reason

What I found out was what I feared (making phone calls to folks I don’t know) was not hard at all after about 50 calls.

When was the last time you saw an adult put his or her legs through their shirt while trying to get dressed?



We have learned to put our clothes on the right way by way of repetition.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

When was the last time you got nervous driving your car?

It has become automatic and why is that?


First it was scary, we had no coordination and more then likely were very fearful of getting behind the wheel of the car driving down the road in a 45MPH zone at 15MPH while the tester in the passenger seat is staring at us taking notes.

A row of cars a mile log behind us becoming less patient by the second.

What is our reality now?

There is no thought, our subconscious mind drives the car pretty much just like our heart beats without our conscious effort.

It has become automatic because we have done it so many times.

Success leaves clues because those that are ‘successful’ in the eyes of society have found a way to find pleasure in what most people have deemed painful.

Entertainment and Distraction

I gave up television 4 years ago and very rarely do I watch it.

In fact, I watch less than an hour of television per week.

There is one show I will give 45 minutes (not counting commercials which I mute and read books during) and that is Gold Rush.


Gold rush is about miners who are working for something that goes beyond wages but revolves in a system many people have missed, profits.

Gold and silver are real money.

The average American has no idea that our dollar, which used to be backed by silver and gold, was taken off the gold standard by President Richard Nixon in 1971.

Our money became currency and has lost over 95% of its purchasing power.

People are not paying attention and the television and sporting arena is taken them away from this wisdom.

We get too comfortable in the environment we live in and there is far too many distractions keeping people from being the success they were born to be.

Every wants to have more money but so many are unaware how to do so.

There are clues in this post and throughout this site.

Use your heart and mind to find them.

There are far too many people barely making ends meet.

Do you know there are books written by people that have come from poor backgrounds who went on to become financially independent and so many will not read them?

An aunt that I dearly love made a comment on her facebook wall that everyone in Miami, Florida has money.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or where you live, if you give up television and distraction or dramatically decrease the amount of time you give to it and instead devote it to wisdom and knowledge do you not think you could become rich?

Wealth doesn’t care where you live.

We live in a new economy yet people are still following old Industrial Aged ways of earning a living.

Shut off the television and start reading, feeding your mind of ways and means of how to stop following the herd!

Real wealth

Real wealth to me isn’t the amount of money in my bank account, the car I drive or if I rent or own a home.

It is time leverage and there is no one that I know minus a few business associates that I know have control of their time.

People say money is the root of all evil.

I’m sorry, I disagree, the love of money is.

The facts are, in this life whether you are devout Christian who feels as though God wants you to be poor or you are a free spirit, people are better off with it, then without it.

That being said, there are people with a ton of money who are unhappy.

There are also good people who, due to the fact that they have it, can do good for more people with it then had they not had it.

People that do good for others also need to be cautious because those that are unwilling to put in the work will then come to you for everything under the sun.

Be kind but also remember you can lead the horses to the water, it is still up them to drink, meaning if you have shared the knowledge and they don’t take action, their fault.

Remember, there were 12 men that went out into the world proclaiming a Gospel and were, too, denied and ridiculed.

Despite you knowing ways and means to become financially independent or a better way to earn a living, also expect the uneducated to not heed the advice.

Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet – Matthew 10:14

This is why I think it is hilarious how some people think about money as if it is something one should not possess too much of.

People will be quick to term network marketing as a scam or ‘pyramid scheme’ who are trading their life for a paycheck yet have not educated themselves on the good that it is doing for those taking the time to study it.

I was giving a presentation and a woman stood up and said, ‘Sir, are you talking about one of those get-rich-quick schemes’. I replied, ‘Ma’am I sure hope so, have you ever tried getting rich slow? – Holton Buggs, 8-figure per year network marketer, entrepreneur

Why can we give so much time to our favorite football team or sitting in our cars listening to music making these people richer yet will not give equal attention to ourselves and our own financial well-being and education?

I have close friends who will spend endless amounts of time talking about their favorite football team or how American Sniper was the best movie ever and in the next breath will be posting on social media ‘gotta go into work tomorrow’ or ‘dreading Monday’.

The same actor that stars in this Hollywood will work the set for 6 weeks and get payed $20 million playing the part of a service member and the unconscious public will go and give their hard earned dollars to make him even richer.

Great for him but that doesn’t help my buddy on the street asking for change.

It doesn’t help my family pay off their college loan debts.

Seek to become a producer, not a consumer.

You want to know a quick way to get over that dread?

Start doing the things the masses that surround you choose not to do.

If someone says network marketing is a scam, go buy a multi-millionaire who is in the business lunch, listen to their seminars.

Talk to someone who knows some things you don’t.

You may know how many touchdowns your favorite Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver had last game but while you are painting your face black and yellow ask yourself this question

Is this bringing me wealth or just giving me a temporary escape from my reality?

Hurts doesn’t it?

If you are unsatisfied let that un-satisfaction fuel you to take action.

Success Leaves Clues

I pull no punches.

I have worked with some of the world’s top distance runners, coaches and fitness experts and they all were hard on me.

Earning an Olympic Marathon trials standard would not have been achieved salivating over my favorite runners stats at their last track or road race.

This is why I have not posted my workouts for years.

It does know good for anyone else.

I cannot do the work for you, that is up to you.

I could not tell the 1985 Boston Marathon champion who coached me for 3 years at the track that doing 6x1mile repeats at 4:45 at 6400 feet elevation by myself was just too hard.

There is nowhere to hide when greatness is in your midst.

You either put up or shut up, period and it is tough to accept sometimes.

Success leaves clues.

I can send you in the right direction but you have to cowboy up and get your ass out the door to train, business is no different.

It has been one of the best years of my life thus far because I have met some very well off professionals who are not just scraping by but are helping people in third world countries become wealthy.

What I cannot do is make the decision for you to join.

I cannot make you give up television and replace the wasted time you give to CNN (constant negative news) with success seminars and books instead.

This is your choice.

I have a philosophy I observe the masses and I do the opposite – Holton Buggs, 8-figure per year earner, businessman

There Is A Better Way

Wealth is going to mean different things to different people but there is a reason why less than 1% of the world’s population own about 99% of the wealth.

It isn’t upbringing (unless they were born into royalty) or education level.

Henry Ford had a 6th grade education and is still, even decades past his death, one of the world’s most richest men.

He provided a service to millions of people and he didn’t do it with a college degree or a high school diploma.

I know many college graduates who are broke or barely making ends meet.

What hurts is to know so many are accepting where they are in life, the safety and security of a regular paycheck is what school taught the majority of us to seek out.

Go to school, get grades, by all means don’t fail and go out and work for someone else.

Jobs are not as safe and secure as many people think.

It astounds me that my co-workers in the military think there is going to be pensions when we currently have a National debt of over 18 trillion (not including medicare and social security).

We’ll learn how to create ‘career-maps’ trading life for pay and never having learned how to make money work for us.

I’d like to place in my career map that my main goal is to be an entrepreneur, that goal doesn’t fall in line with the normal military career map process.

Superior want to see the norm, company commander, battalion S4, etc.

The problem with this is it is the same path countless officers have followed through generations.

There is nothing special about it.

It is normal, not to all but to me, it is normal and average.

Life is more than just measuring up to our employers expectations of what they want to see.

We only get one shot at this life.

People have to shut off their televisions and start studying what the rich focus on if they truly want to make a change in their time freedom and finances.

Quit accepting less, than your capable of.

We all were born rich but our environment, those we love, peers we listened to conditioned us to accept limitations and follow set paths.

Our parents worked hard for money, taught us money doesn’t grow on trees, that we should go to school so we could get to college, graduate and get a good job.

What did we do?

We listened.

Did Bill Gates?

Did Steve Jobs?

How about Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Besoz?

I am extremely hard on myself, always have been and demand more out of myself then anyone expects of me.

Constructive criticism, especially when it comes to seeking to master a skill that can pay off dramatically, is something I welcome in open arms.

What do you fear?

What is sopping you from starting your own business or living the lifestyle you know you have the talent to have?

You have to do what you fear.

Sports And Television Doesn’t Put Money In Your Bank Account

Do you love the television set when you get home from work?

Does it give you that warm and fuzzy feeling when you prop your feet up from a long 8-16 hour day making peanuts in exchange for your precious time that you can never get back?

For many, it does and they are completely content with it.

They have become comfortable and need it to escape from their reality.

Let me encourage you to limit viewing television to 5 hours a week, spend the rest of your time researching what the financially independent study and focus on.

I can promise you some changes will occur, especially if they pertain to starting your own business, real estate, commodity investing and reading books about financial education.

These resources are there for anyone willing to give up a little distraction and television in order to get that knowledge.

Formalized Education Is Not The Answer

The fact that you graduated from high school or college is not the deciding factor for being financially free.

How many high school or college graduates do you know barely making ends meet?

I am sure many.

You can go to any bankruptcy court and you’ll find college graduates present.

A college degree doesn’t guarantee wealth and leverage of time.

What I have learned in the network marketing field is that ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds can make extraordinary incomes and live extraordinary lives simply by making a choice.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Pottery Addition, Ohio or Los Angeles, California.

It doesn’t matter if your deemed by your peers as a loser or never finished high school.

Wisdom is available for the searchers.

The beauty of network marketing is you can work full-time at your job and part-time on your fortune – Jim Rohn, entrepreneur

Wealth doesn’t care what color your skin is or what age you are.

The job application says the employer will not discriminate on your sex, age, ethnicity but still wants a resume and to know if you can follow orders.

Why do you think there is always a question if you have military experience on them?

Employers wants to know you are a good leader and can follow orders.

How much leverage do you have when someone else is telling you where to be, when to get up, how to dress, what to say, when to go home?

Formalized education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn

What kind of life is that when life is so short as it is?

Was this what we envisioned as children?

We have become adults and allowed our parents, siblings, friends and co-workers rule how we live, think and act.

We have become obedient workers and followers while our creative spirit and imagination takes the back seat to the boss’s missions and tasks.

We’ll gladly be in the office before the sun comes up and goes down just to ensure that deadline is met while our families barely get to see us during the week.

My friend, CPT Rob Dixon and I can attest to this, after having served as Chiefs of hospital sections that demand it.

This isn’t a life.

There are people sipping martini’s on the beaches of Monaco making more in a day then we do in a year, residually.

Ponder on that fact for a second, let that sink in…makes me want to make some calls just thinking about it.

I’m sorry, when I give more time to my job then I do to my wife, I take a mental note.

It is good to be reminded that there is better out there for everyone of us, if we simply make some small changes to get it.

Most won’t but it doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.

It is all a choice.

Whatever happened with using our imagination or believing anything was possible?

We now accept our cubicle ‘cliques’ and freely accept a negative 60% return on investment with our time (5 for 2 trade).

Work 5 days, get 2 days off to recover.

How can we not accept a negative 60% return on investment with our money but will freely accept it with something far more precious, our time?

It is wake up time folks.

Success leaves clues.

The hungry and focused will give up detractions in order to get it.

They’ll work the full-time job for a set time but will be in the trenches doing the work part-time while the dreamers are watching television, listening to their favorite musician on America’s Got Talent and eagerly awaiting the results of who made the finals of Dancing with the Stars.

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