Sub 5 Minute Mile Pace Tips

Seeking more information about how to master sub 5 minute mile pace? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I certainly know how difficult this barrier is. I have been competing for the last 28 years as a middle to long distance runner. In addition, have a personal best of 4:22 for the mile and 2:19 for the marathon. Yes, there are certainly faster runners out there than me. That being said, my goal is to get you and others under this sub 5 min mile barrier using leverage. We all know how to work hard. How many hard working athletes have you known over the years who didn’t always get the results they were searching for? I have known many.

So, you need to be using different strategies to start getting better results. Insanity is often times defined as doing the same thing and expecting a different result. My goal with the Sub 5 Min Mile Leader course is to get you out of your comfort zone. Also, to help you to work smarter rather than harder. I’ll be covering everything I have been taught in that course about how to run a mile under 5 minutes. Sub 5 minute mile pace is not easy. The athlete who runs 4:59.59 has to be in superior anaerobic shape. Also, there has to be a perfect taper process in place to go into your main race feeling refreshed rather than fatigued.

5 Min Mile Training Plan

The focus of the sub 5 leader course is to be far more than just your average sub 5 minute mile training plan. So, make sure to sign up to get first notification when we launch. I intend on covering every detail that goes into running under the sub 5 min mile. There are far too many hard working athletes who are missing this barrier by a few minutes. That being said, there are better ways to break the 5 minute mile than just running higher mileage. Furthermore, high mileage doesn’t always equate to better results. You need to train at, near and far below 5 minute pace in order to get that pace to feel more in control.

The mile is a highly anaerobic event. So working on that raw leg speed is critical. It is also important to run over distance as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to be running 80 to 100 miles a week. Remember, this is the mile and not the marathon. The marathon is far more aerobic as compared to the highly anaerobic mile. The third lap is the key to breaking a sub 5 minute mile. You need to stay focused and attack on that third lap. The last lap is all adrenaline and the roar of the crowd and people chasing you or you chasing them will bring you home. So, the course I am creating is going to be far more than just a sub 5 minute mile training plan. Of course, if you more of the abbreviated version definitely check out our training mile training plans.

How Do I Train to Run a Sub 5-Minute Mile?

I recommend devoting a solid 16-weeks to training adequately for the sub 5 mile barrier. You will need to pay attention to a strong base of mileage first. Then we focus on gradually increasing your overall anaerobic fitness. RunDreamAchieve courses and training plans focus on a 4 month build up to the goal race. I also recommend a 10-day rather than a 3-week taper phase. Of course, 3-week tapers do work and every athlete is different. That being said, I have always set personal bests in my middle to long distance races using a 10-day taper. You can check out the about page if you would like to know more about my background.

Remember, high mileage is not the answer. You don’t need to run a ton of mileage in order to break the 5 minute mile. You need to train smarter. So, less mileage and more emphasis on that sub 5 minute mile pace. We focus on 1, Vo2max workout, 1 tempo run and 1 long run each week. I also have a different technique that I will be teaching in the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course that will make you dangerous. One of the biggest part of middle distance running success is mental training. Do you want to know how to distance yourself from your competition? Mental training is a big part of and we will be covering that and much more in the course.

Is a Sub 5-Minute Mile Good?

Yes. A sub 5 minute mile is a very competitive time. That being said, it will involve a mixture of easy, very hard and moderate running in order to achieve. In addition, it will most certainly take time, patience and focus in order to achieve. There are many runners around the world who are very capable who still miss the time. So, you need to start training like elite middle to long distance runners. I was always told to study what successful people do and duplicate their work habits. Are you lacking in talent? If so, you need to make up for it with your work ethic. There are plenty of talented runners who don’t work as hard as someone who is truly hungry for success.

So, your success rate is going to come down to how determined and driven you are. How badly do you want this? You cannot put forth a lukewarm effort and expect to run 4:59.59 or faster. You need to be razor sharp focused to break the 5 minute mile. Should you do long runs to break a 5 min mile? Yes, how is a mile going to feel when you have done 10 to 12 mile long runs? Yes, the paces of your long runs are not going to be near sub 5 minute mile pace. That being said, if you can start varying up the paces of your long runs your chances of successes are going to go up. I cover some very specific training strategies some of the world’s top milers taught me. I will be covering these tactics in the sub 5 mile leader course.

How Long Does it Take to Run a Sub 5-Minute Mile?

You need to sustain between 74 to 75 seconds per quarter. Again, it is about being able to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up. The problem with races as short as the mile is you are racing at speeds much faster than your anaerobic threshold. Your anaerobic threshold is the point where lactic acid begins to build up in your muscles. So, recruiting more fast twitch muscle fibers is key to improving your body’s ability to handle this. I recommend running for longer periods of time at your anaerobic threshold preferably 3 to 6 miles in length. You can run much longer at your anaerobic threshold than you can running at sub 5 minute mile pace.

sub 5 minute mile

Also, you need to train at paces that are much faster than 5 minute mile pace as well. Why? You teach the body to handle enormous amounts of lactic acid. The faster you train the more sub 5 minute mile pace is going to feel more in control. Yes, it is going to hurt racing a mile and trying to run under 5 minutes. You already know this. So, the goal with this course is to ensure we cover all the angles of what you need to do in order to break this barrier. There are no breaks in the mile. S, you need to be hitting consistent 73 to 75 second laps to achieve this goal.

Can Anyone Run a Sub 5-Minute Mile?

I think it comes down to the drive and commitment of the athlete. The average athlete is not willing to train for a decade in order to run a 4:59 mile. Of course, this may be how long it would take or longer for someone with little genetic talent to break the barrier. It may take less time but it comes down to commitment. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the extent of what true commitment will ask of them. Can anyone run under a 5 min mile? Yes and no. Yes, for the athlete who is encompassed by the goal of breaking 5 minute. No, for the athlete who is lukewarm about it and simply thinks about doing it.

Athletes that break 5 minutes are extremely focused and smart athletes. They know that to run under 5 minutes for the mile takes a different approach. In addition, heavy emphasis on training the body to clear lactic acid and handle it effectively. So, if you run too many miles or kilometers each week that are not near or under sub 5 minute mile pace it will be difficult to achieve. No, it isn’t about higher mileage but quality.

The world-record for men is 3:43.13 set by Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj and 4:12.33 for women set by Sifan Hassan of The Netherland.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post has given you some additional insight on what you need to be thinking about to achieve sub 5 minute mile pace. Also, other tactics and mindset you need to have in order to run a mile under 5 mins. Are you ready to take your training and racing the mile to the next level? Do you truly want to break 5 minutes? Are you not merely interested but 100 percent committed to achieving this goal? Click the button below to get access to the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader Course when it launches.

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