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Have you been searching for a sub 5 minute mile training plan that will get you the results you are looking for? If so, welcome to I’m glad you have arrived here. I have been running for the past 28 years and have run 4 minutes and 22 seconds fo the mile distance. Of course, the mile was never my best event but I understand the complexities of this fast race. I was more of a marathoner eventually running 2 hours, 19 minutes and 35 seconds for the distance.

That being said, it was the mile that helped me improve my overall leg speed to run such a marathon time. So, you always want to be working on your leg speed. Yes, we may be middle to long distance runners but we can always work on our overall speed. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Often times, it takes several months and to years to run at our peak level as runners.

Can Anyone Run a Sub 5 Minute Mile?

I am not one to say impossible as I don’t believe it is in my DNA to do such a thing. What I will say is that if this is your goal you had best do your homework. Are you lacking in talent? Well, you had best be relying on your work ethic in order to run a 4:59 mile. I, too, didn’t have a lot of talent. What I did have was the willingness to train for many years to get what I wanted. Of course, I fully understand that few people are willing to wait that long for such a goal.

So, it really comes down to what your goals are and how badly you want them to come to fruition. A sub 5 minute mile is not an easy goal to achieve. You need to sustain under 75 seconds per 400m 4 consecutive times with no rest in between. The RunDreamAchieve 5 minute mile training plan is built to speed up the process for you. That being said, it will not be easy. There are is a small percentage of men and women who run this type of effort each year. I started running in 1992 as a freshman in high school but found a love for the sport. You will need immense focus and a small level of talent to run under the 5 minute mile. I ran 5 minutes and 30 seconds the first time I ran the mile as a freshman.

Below is my overall progression for the mile through college

  • 5:09 – HS freshman year (1600m)
  • 4:38 – HS sophomore year (1600m)
  • 4:32 – HS junior year (1600m)
  • 4:25 – HS senior year (1600m)
  • 4:22 – College (1 mile – 1609m)

How Long Does it Take to Train for a 5 Minute Mile?

The longer the better. Do not try to rush the process of running under 5 minutes for the mile. It will not come easily. Of course, if you have some natural talent it may not be as difficult for you as for someone with less genetic talent. So, if you lack talent be prepared for it to take somewhat longer. Remember, the goal is a sub 5 minute mile, not how long it will take to achieve it. The RunDreamAchieve 5 minute mile run training plan is a 16 week training program.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination – Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist, 10,000m

4 months of training is sufficient time to train adequately for a sub 5 minute mile. Remember, this is a prestigious time and few runners achieve it. So, you want to be well-prepared and fully ready when you go for it. The training fundamentals you’ll be following in this plan were taught to me as well. I was fortunate to have been trained by three of the world’s top distance running coaches.

  • Dr. Joe Vigil
  • Jack Hazen
  • Lisa Rainsberger (1985 Boston Marathon champion)

Is a Sub 5 Minute Mile Good?

I discuss running under 5 minutes for the mile in the video below. Yes, a sub 5 minute mile is very good. That being said, many of the world’s top distance runner can sustain this pace for the marathon. My best marathon time of 2:19:35 is an average of 5:19 per mile. So, I nearly did this as well. Of course, it took over a decade of running to finally run a marathon under 2 hours and 20 minutes.

So, you have to have a love for the sport and a strong desire for excellence if you want to become a sub 5 minute miler.

No, I don’t have all of the right answers of how to run a mile under 5 minutes. There are athletes who have run slower times than I who have even better ideas too. Never let anyone discredit you regardless what times you have run. Some of the world’s top distance running coaches were never elite runners. What I do have is many years of experience and have broken the 5 minute mile many times. It isn’t easy but definitely achievable.

How Do I Train for a 5 Minute Mile?

The RunDreamAchieve Sub 5 minute mile training focuses on 4 specific areas to get the athlete to 4:59 or faster.

  • Aerobic base phase
  • Specific training phase
  • Speed phase
  • Taper phase

So, you want to first focus on building the foundation of easy mileage. Yes, running easy, slow miles is still very important in breaking the 5 minute mile. Time on your feet and becoming mentally tough from running much further than 1 mile is essential. Imagine what a 1 mile race will feel like if you have extended your long runs out to around 10 miles in length? Again, it is running at paces at, near or far below your goal race pace that will make you dangerous.

Remember, you need to sustain 75 seconds per quarter, 4 times around the track. No rest in between. So, you need to train in a specific way. For example, 10 to 12, repeat 400m repetitions in 71-73 seconds with minimal rest. Of course, you will need more rest in the early stages of your training. That being said, as the body adapts your paces increase and rest recoveries decrease.

How Quickly Can You Improve Your Mile Time?

This will depend on the athlete. In addition, what training plan they are following. The mile is a highly anaerobic event. So, you have less time to make a mistake and make up for it. Of course, if you are running a marathon you can go out too fast and slow down and adjust. The mile is over very quickly so if you can very easily go into oxygen debt and crumble in the mile.

So, how you train for the mile is critically important. Also, you can improve much faster if you bypass the mistakes of others as well. Is running under 5 minutes for the mile possible in 4 months? Of course. That being said, it will really come down to the level of ability of the athlete. It may take you a matter of months or several years to break the 5 minute mile. So, it is important to study what the best runners are doing and simply duplicate their work habits. Remember, the key is to train smarter, not necessarily to work harder. There are many hard working athletes who never break the 5 minute mile barrier.

How Do I Make My Mile Time Faster?

So, you need to think outside the box and start doing what your competitors are not. I created RunDreamAchieve training programs and our running courses for this very reason. I want athletes that visit this website to start using leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less. We all have been taught to work hard. How many hard working people do you know who are living paycheck to paycheck? Why? Flawed philosophies we all have been taught about money. Does it take money to make money? No. You need to grow a money tree so that you make it while you sleep. The same goes for running. You need to work smarter, not harder. You also want to focus on your nutrition as well.

Closing Thoughts

So, a sub 5 minute mile training plan needs to focus on the fundamentals.

  • Training at, near or far below goal sub 5 minute mile race pace
  • Easy jogging to ensure recovery and supercompensation is taking place
  • Sufficient time to prepare adequately to run under 5 minutes for the mile
  • Mental training focus to ensure you are doing the things your competition is not
  • Focus on proper pacing and not going out too fast in the early stages of your event
  • Progression
  • A proper taper. RDA focuses on a 10-day rather than a 3 week taper
  • Must be easily understandable and simple to follow

There are ways and means to run under 5 minute mile more effectively. Are you ready to run 4:59 or faster? Stop by our training programs page to get a copy of your sub 5 minute mile training plan.

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