Best Sub 40 Minute 10K Training Plan 2024

Are you searching for a legitimate sub 40 minute 10K training plan? Are you tired of working hard and still missing your goals? Well, you are in luck because there is a better way to lower your current personal best.

How? Leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less. I know it works because it worked to help me drop my 10K personal best to 31.09. In addition, I was able to lower my half PR from 1.10.29 to 1.07.06. Lastly, my marathon PR from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35.

So, what I teach you in these 10K training plans is to work smarter, not harder. Are there difficult workouts sprinkled throughout these online training programs? Absolutely. That being said, there is equal focus on recovery. In addition to that, there is heavy emphasis on quality versus quantity mileage.

You have to train smarter to get better results. Higher mileage isn’t always the answer. I tried that as well and it left me fatigued, tired and stressed out. I got my weekly mileage up to 142 miles a week training for 10Ks and marathons over the years. That being said, I ran my 10K to marathon personal bests on 80 to 90 miles per week.

What Do RunDreamAchieve Sub 40 Minute 10K Training Plans Focus On?

Well, as we have touched on above, leverage. That being said, below are a few of the key concepts I focus on.

  • Heart rate monitor training: Some of the world’s top 10K runners utilize heart rate monitors. It keeps your focus on training at the right heart zone rather than worrying about mile or kilometer splits. Trust me, as you get fitter your splits will become faster and faster.

I started using heart rate monitors in 1996 when I was a freshman in college at Malone University. Jack Hazen, who has been at Malone now for 52 years, got me started on using them. They are a great tool to ensure you are not over training. In addition, they keep you training at the correct intensity.

Run Faster than 6.26 Mile Pace and Often

  • Race pace training: I am a big believer that to make race pace feel easier you have to train much faster than goal pace. I teach in my running courses, as well as sub 40 minute 10K training plan, to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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So, you want to focus on training at 1 to 2 minutes faster than 6.26 mile pace (39.59 10K). Yes, you will not be able to train very long at these types of paces. 4.26 to 5.26 is very fast running as is 6.26 mile pace. That being said, you can spend some quality time running at these paces regardless. What this does is improves your lactate tolerance.

The goal is to get the body to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in the bloodstream. The problem is easy running does not create this physiological adaptation. The good news is fast running does. So, the key is to be patient and give your body time to adapt to the heavy stresses you are placing upon it.

How Much Are RunDreamAchieve Sub 40 10K Training Plans

It depends on the number of weeks you are training at. My goal is not to break anyones’s bank account. All RDA training plans are affordably priced. The RunDreamAchieve Shop is very easy to use. You simply choose the event you are training for then select the number of weeks. That is it.

sub 40 minute 10K training plan

Your 10K training plan will instantly be available upon purchase. They come in downloadable powerpoint presentation format and are very easy to use. No more guesswork.

I’ve designed these training plans to get you under the sub 40 minute 10K barrier. The goal is to get you to sustain faster than 6.26 mile pace over the 6.2 mile distance. The training you will be doing in these these training plans is specific to running 39.59 or faster over the 10K distance.

Common mistakes runners are making is running too slow for too long. Furthermore, a major component of any sub 40 minute 10K training plan is the long run. The long run is the hardest workout that I do. I was able to drop over 21 minutes off my marathon best by varying up the paces of my long runs.

Do you want to run 39.59 for the 10K? Well, I can almost guarantee it if you do this one thing. Start running your long runs at faster paces. Now, noticed I did not write run every long run you do at faster paces. Remember, you want to focus on using leverage so training smarter is the goal. I have trained with some of the world’s top distance runners. They jog on their recovery days and run very, very fast on their hard days.

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What is The Easiest Way To Run A 39.59 or Faster 10K Time?

Less focus on high mileage and more focus on race pace training. In addition, equal focus on recovery runs allowing for supercompensation.

There are very few runners who know about that physiological adaptation. We always are much weaker immediately after a hard long run, track workout or hill repetitions. That being said, 48 hours after that workout our body bounces back even stronger.

So, if you are seeking a sub 40 minute 10K training plan I recommend checking ours out. All training plans are backed by a 30-day, no questioned asked money back guarantee. If I cannot at the very least get you an improvement on your current 10K best I don’t deserve your money.

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