Sub 3 Marathon Training Plan

If you are searching for a sub 3 marathon training plan I highly advise you to sign up early for the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course.

sub 3 hr marathon training plan

I’ll be covering everything there is to know about how to break the 3 hour marathon, what it entails and what your competition is missing. I have been writing mostly free content here at RunDreamAchieve for over the past 7 years (at the time of this writing).

I hold a personal best of 2:19:35 for the marathon distance and have been competing for the past 26 years. You are free to visit the about page to learn more about my running background if you wish.

My purpose in writing this post is to encourage you to break this coveted time barrier. The sub 3 marathon training plan that will be at the conclusion of the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course is going to cover:

Race pace training

A small change you can make to your long run to make you dangerous.


Racing tactics and how to be able to react to any surge your competition tries on you

Proper workouts needed to be able to hold 6:50 per mile or 4:15 per kilometer for the 26.2 mile and 42.18 kilometer marathon.

and much, much more.

What Is Needed In A Sub 3 Marathon Training Plan?

‘A sub3 hour marathon training plan absolutely must incorporate training at paces that exceed goal marathon race pace.

A recent study stated that in 2011 less than 2 percent of marathon finishers around the world broke the 3 hour marathon barrier.

This is a highly exclusive club that only a few marathoners join each year. The Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course will be the most in-depth sub 3 marathon training plan on the internet.

It will be a combination of written lectures along with videos concluding with a highly detailed and thorough 16 week, sub-3 hour marathon training plan.

How To Sustain Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pace?

The only way to sustain and exceed sub 3 hour marathon pace is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

There is no way around it. The sub 3 hour marathon barrier is an elite marathon time. Some will disagree with me on this because they may be too “caught up” with the world’s creme de la creme of marathon runners breaking 2:05:00.

Listen, the percentage of people around the world who run those types of times is so small it isn’t even the ballpark for the masses. What I want to do is help provide a solution to runners all over the world seeking to break the 3 hour marathon barrier.

I know how it is done. I’ve have broken the sub-2:20:00 marathon barrier once, sub-2:30 marathon barrier twice, sub 2:33 barrier 6 times. I have run well below 3 hours for 14 of my 17 marathons

As a runners runner, I also know the ups and downs our sport brings to 5K to marathon specialist. I’ve experienced failure just like anyone else. What I can say is that once I started being mentored and coached by a former Boston Marathon champion things changed.

What Are Some Sub 3 Hour Marathon Indicators?

If you currently have a PR of between 1:22-1:26 for the half-marathon you are already showing some sub 3 hour marathon indicators.

There is far more than just going off times that will dictate what you can do.

My half-marathon best of 1:07:06 “only” equates to a 2:20:31 for the marathon according to Jack Daniels Running Calculator. My PR is 2:19:35. There is no running calculator or VO2 max physiological test that can test the mind.

Exercise physiologists like the one testing me in the below picture can show how much lactic acid you build up when running fast. They can tell you what your VO2 max is; how strong your oxygen carrying capacity is.

sub 3 hour marathon indicators

Your willingness to seek out and follow a sub 3 marathon training plan will dictate what you do. Remember Billy Mills? Additionally, he is the last American male to win an Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games in the 10,000m event.

He came into the Mexico City Olympics with a personal best nearly 2 minutes slower than the top guys he ended up beating in the 10,000m final.

Here is what Billy has to say about the power of the mind.

The Subconscious Mind Cannot Tell The Difference Between Reality and Imagination – Bill Mills

That is one of the most power quotes I have ever heard a runner say and it is so true. Did I mentioned prior to running 2:19:35 my best marathon was 2:40:02.

Visualization was a huge component to my training regiment. 

Why Do So Many Fail Breaking The 3 Hour Marathon?

It has nothing to do with lack of trying. There is interest and there is commitment. How badly do you want to do it? You certainly need a small amount of talent to break the 3 hour marathon barrier.

This is an elite time that very few people around the world achieve each year. It is not for the interested but for the committed athlete who is willing to put in the heavy work that a sub-3 hour marathon demands.

The biggest reason so many runners miss the barrier is not enough sufficient time spent training below sub 3 hour marathon race pace. Sometimes you can do everything correctly and still miss the goal.

That being said, if you do not have tenacity or patience you may never break this barrier. I recently read about a man who tried 41 times to break 3 hours and finally did it running 2:58:41. This isn’t about age either.

70 Year Old Breaks Age Group Record – Breaks The 3 Hour Marathon

Gene Dykes, a retired computer programmer, recently broke the world-record for his age group running 2:54:23 at the Jacksonville Marathon.

He is 70 years old. What is your excuse? This is a time barrier you can break. It doesn’t matter if your current personal best is 4:15 or 3:15.

Obviously, the closer you are to the the sub 3 hour marathon the easier it will be. Then again, you may just outpace the guy or gal that is closer to it.

Here is the article Runnersworld did on him which covers his extraordinary performance.  The sub 3 marathon training plan that will be in the exclusive Sub 3 Hour Marathon course is going to ensure you get to the finish line in record time.

Fill out your information below early to get a 30 percent discount on the launch price and be the first to be notified of our launch. Leave a comment. Let me know where you currently are in your sub 3 marathon journey. What has been giving you the biggest issues during the race or in training.

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