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Sub 3 Hour Marathon Training Plan

Why Choose The RunDreamAchieve Sub 3 Hour Marathon Training Plan?

I am currently working on a sub 3 hour marathon training plan to help athletes break this barrier.

Obviously, you have many choices in choosing a coach.

sub 3 hour marathon training plan

I've always paid for advice from those who have done what I have always wanted to do.

It is important to invest in yourself and dreams.

It comes down to if you are truly committed or just interested in a sub 3 hour marathon.

Professional coaches charge high prices for their expertise and knowledge.

I was coached for three years by the last American female to win the Boston Marathon (Lisa Rainsberger, 1985 winner).

She charged $500 per month which was warranted.

What Must A Sub 3 Hour Marathon Plan Encompass?

To run a sub 3 hour marathon you need to be able to sustain 6:50 per mile or 4:15 per kilometer.

RunDreamAchieve Academy will be a place runners can invest in their 3 hour marathon pursuit.

It also won't be $500 per month but it will take a small, one-time investment.

The trick to get under 3 hours for the marathon is race pace training.

This is what helped me go from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 for the marathon.

The Sub 3 Hour Marathon Plan Course

My goal in building out this sub 3 hour marathon course for runners is provide new strategies to runners.

You may be a 3:59 marathoner or 3:01 marathon.

I'd love to read your comments to hear where you are currently at.

Additionally, feel free to let me know below what have been some of your pain points in breaking the barrier.

My goal is to also share some of my frustrations in trying to get the marathon right.

I'll also be sharing some of experiences training with some of the world's best marathoners.

Olympians and national-class marathon specialists.

Why Purchase The Upcoming RunDreamAchieve Sub 3 Hour Marathon Plan Course?

I've run a personal best of 2:19:35 for the marathon.

I've broken the sub 3 hour marathon in 9 of the 11 marathons I've run and learned hard lessons in the other 2 marathons.

As a runner with over 26 years of experience I know and am certain I can help you break this barrier.

Below are the marathons that I have run to reference.

You are also welcome to visit the about page to learn more of my race history.

3 November 2002 – New York City Marathon (debut marathon) – 2:43:36

19 October 2003 – Columbus Marathon – 2:55:19

31 October 2004 – Marine Corps Marathon – 2:51:45

16 June 2007 – Grandmas Marathon – 2:40:02 (1:10:32 through the half)

7 October 2007 – La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon – 2:51:56 (1:11:33 through the half)

2 December 2007 – California International Marathon –2:19:35 (personal best)- 4th place, top American

6 December 2009 – California International Marathon – 2:36:28

21 March 2010 – Los Angeles Marathon – 2:55:36  (1:08:56 through the half)

5 November 2011 – Monumental Indianapolis Marathon – 2:26:42 – 5th place

8 December 2013 – California International Marathon – 2:32:57

So, I can shed some in-depth insight on some strategies that I am certain will help you demolish the sub 3 hour marathon barrier.

I intend to to make this the top sub 3 hour marathon training plan online.

It is now my duty and obligation to share my experience with you.

I've been coached by some of the world's top coaches in Dr. Joe Vigil, Lisa Rainsberger and Jack Hazen.

My commitment is to share what the world's best distance runners I've lived and trained with taught me.


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