Sub 3 Hour Marathon Statistics

Sub 3 hour marathon statistics prove how difficult this time barrier really is. Marathon Guide did an overview of this back in 2010. They showed that only 2.6 percent of the men and women who competed in marathons in 2010 broke the sub 3 hour marathon.

sub 3 hour marathon statistics also stated in 2011 that only 2 percent of marathoners around the world broke the 3 hour marathon barrier that year. Obviously, this is not an easy time barrier to break. That being said, I’ve done the best I can in helping more athletes to use leverage to achieve this time.

I created the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course exclusively for athletes seeking to break 3 hours. The problem I have seen with many programs online is there is no mentorship involved. My students get weekly recaps of the training they are doing from me within this course.

The reasoning behind this course is to get marathon specialists to use leverage rather than simply working harder. Hard working athletes don’t always achieve their results. Obviously, there are no guarantees when it comes to marathon training.

How To Break The 3 HR Marathon

  • Focus on alternating the paces of your long runs. Get accustomed to spending longer periods of time running at higher heart rates. This teaches the athlete to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in his or her bloodstream.
  • Train 1 to 2 minutes faster than 6:52 mile pace and often. You will notice a dramatic difference in how more manageable 6:52 pace feels if you spend some time at 4:52 mile pace.
  • Lengthen the time spent at your Anaerobic Threshold. Tempo runs, also known as “AT” runs teach the athlete to improve their lactate tolerance. Again, the goal is to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in the bloodstream. You do not create this physiological effect by running slow.
  • Run easier on your recovery days. Remember, the benefits of your hard training come within the rest, not the workout itself. If you are running too fast on your “easy” days you are shooting yourself in the foot. Again, leverage, not working harder is the name of the game.
  • Invest in the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course. This course continues be updated with content to ensure those who invest get a return on their investment.

What Sub 3 Hour Marathon Statistics Prove

  • A sub 3 hour marathon requires some talent.
  • The time barrier requires the athletes to have trained their anaerobic system effectively and often.
  • The athlete that does it must have a high level of discipline, focus and patience.
  • Athletes that attain this goal have trained at paces that far exceed 6:52 mile pace. They have spent adequate time training closer to 4:30 mile pace during track sessions. In addition, spent sufficient time during long runs at paces that range from 7:00 to 7:15 mile pace and often.
  • These statistics prove you have to have a sub 3 hour marathon mentality. Interest and commitment are not the same things.
  • They prove that you had better have a belief in delayed gratification. The athletes that break 3 hours often times have to wait several months to several years to finally do it. How focused are you? You’ll find out how much focus you truly have in aiming to break the 3 hour marathon barrier.

What Can Be Done To Use Leverage Rather Than Continuing to Work Hard

  • Invest in your learning. Study what those that have done what you wish to do and duplicate their work habits. I was able to break the 3 hour barrier and eventually run 2:19:35 for one major reason. I invested in learning. Furthermore, I purchased courses, watched videos and took action.
  • Focus on quality versus quantity – more mileage doesn’t always equate to a 3 hour marathon. What percentage of your weekly mileage are you spending at, near or below sub 3 hour marathon pace?
  • Monitor your morning heart rate. A quick way to find out if you are overtraining is monitoring your heart rate. If your average morning resting heart rate is 65 beats per minute and you wake up and it is 80 beats per minute you need a day of rest. Your heart will provide clues, listen to what it tells you.

Train Your Subconscious Mind

  • Visualize success. You have to visualize getting across the finish line with a 2:59:59 on the clock in your mind before it becomes a reality in real life.
  • Plan your work and work your plan. Forget trying to break this barrier unless your mental focus matches your action. You cannot be lukewarm with this particular time goal. It will not come easy unless you are all in.
  • Subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. One of the best things you can do is absorb content that will keep you motivated. I intend to do that for the athletes I work with.

Sub 3 hour marathon statistics mentioned above prove how competitive this time goal is. You will achieve it provided you do not lose enthusiasm in your training buildup.

A 2:59:59 marathon is a highly competitive time and one you can achieve. That being said, it will ask everything of you in preparation. Proper planning, a white hot focus and persistence will dictate your success.

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