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How To Run A Sub 2:40 Marathon

Can anyone run sub 2:40 marathon?

No. There does take a high level of talent for runners to achieve a time this fast. You increase your chances of achieving this time standard with a lot of hard work.

sub 2:40 marathon

A 3.10 marathon is 7.16 per mile pace. So, to run a 2.39.55 marathon one needs to hold a 6.06 per mile pace.

Obviously, this is a major jump in pace.  Runners have to believe this is possible. That being said, they also must do the necessary training in order to bring it to fruition.

You have to see yourself getting to the finish line with a 2.39+ time on the clock. So, the sooner you start visualizing that, the sooner you will be on your way to taking the sub 2.40 marathon time down.

Be Patient

That being said, you have to be physically and mentally ready to tackle a time like this. If you are a 5 hour marathoner, obviously a sub 2:40 marathon may not be your goal.

A 4.30 may be more reasonable. This is a specific goal for people who think a sub 2.40 time is possible, which it is.

Dream barriers look very high until someone climbs them. Then they are not barriers any more. – Lasse Viren, Double Olympic Gold Medalist

One of the athletes I coach dropped from a 4.40 marathon best to a 3.36 in one race.

In addition to that, he went from a 10.41 per mile average to a 8.14 per mile average in one race, this is one of countless examples of people dropping time.

A sub 2.40 marathon is certainly attainable for you provided your willing to put in the work.

This is a great topic for me to write about. I was once a 2.40 marathoner and bypassed the 2.30's and 2.20's marathon time brackets in one race.

Below is a recent video I made regarding the sub 2.40 marathon barrier. I hope it will be beneficial to you.

I did it by training at and exceeding goal race pace often every week, week after week, for a long period of time.

If you currently have, as your goal, to run a sub 2:40 marathon here are a few things I can share, from my own experience, that can get you there.

Work Your Plan And Plan Your Work

How To Run A Sub 2:40 Marathon? Hone In On 6.06 Per Mile Pace

What do I mean? You have to practice running at the pace you are aiming to hold for the entire distance. In addition, practice at paces that exceed goal marathon race pace.

If your running mile repeats with short recovery jogs at 5.25 pace than what is 6.06 pace going to feel like?

A pace you can hold for a relatively much longer period of time. It isn't that you can't run a sub 2.40 marathon. You just haven't spent adequate time running at that particular pace. Running at 7.30 mile pace every day is not going to get you to this goal.

Obviously, you can expect to hold 6.06 pace for your long runs, but what you can do, is practice finishing the last 5-6 miles of your long run at that pace and build from there. This is the first step in getting you closer to running a sub 2:40 marathon