Sub 1:30 Half Marathon Training Plan

Seeking a sub 1:30 half marathon training plan? I’ve run 1:07:06 for the distance and I know what it takes to achieve what you are seeking.

sub 1:30 half marathon training plan

Your goal is to run under 6:52 per mile for 13.1 miles or 4:16 per kilometer for 21.1 kilometers. The biggest mistake runners make is not training at paces below 5:30 mile pace often enough.

More mileage doesn’t matter if the volume you are putting in is run too slow. A 20 miler at 11:00 mile pace will not help you race a half marathon at 6:52 mile pace.

Will you burn fat and build endurance doing a 20 miler at 11 minute mile pace? Of course. That being said, running and racing a half marathon are two different things. If you want to break the 1:30 half marathon barrier you need to start changing up your strategy.

6:52 per mile for 13.1 miles means you need to be fit. It takes a small amount of talent to run this time. This is a highly competitive time but a very doable time provided you are willing to work smart and put in the work.

My Recommendation To Run A Sub 1:30 Half Marathon

  • Focus on quality over quantity. More mileage won’t get you to 1:29:59. Your mind and focus should be on pace sustainment not volume. In addition, too many miles run too slow will not yield a sub 1:30 half marathon time. So, sprinkle in highly anaerobic efforts with easy jogging to get a higher return on investment.
  • Run your long runs faster. That being said, I didn’t write run every long run you do faster. There is a method to my madness. You have to work smarter, not harder. I recommend running your faster long runs at 160 beats per minute or approximately 85 to 86 percent of your maximum heart rate. As you get fitter your pace will increase and your heart will not have to work as hard to maintain it. Alternate one harder long run followed by a very easy, relaxed long run the following week. Your body and performances will thank you for it, trust me.

Use Maximum Leverage To Get Better Results

78 percent of the American population are living paycheck. These are Americans that know how to work hard and most of which are highly educated. The question is are they all using leverage? Why are so many highly educated, focused and hard working people barely making ends meet? Is this not supposedly the richest country in the world?

The system is broken and I see the same things happen with athletes. They work hard but miss their goals. What is the problem? It certainly is not the fact that they don’t have what it takes. An issue I see is many athletes run too low of a percentage of their weekly mileage below their goal half marathon race pace.

I’m currently working on a course specifically built to bypass the average sub 1:30 half marathon training plan. Anyone can find a plan online. It is different to have a one-on-one consulting course with the athlete. It’s time to make some changes and get you results.

There are a lot of people who think an annual salary of $90,000 is a nice living. I’m focused on the guy or gal who has no college degree making $90,000 per month. This is leverage.

Focus on Leverage

So, we all have a choice to use leverage or not. Leverage simply means doing more with less. You have to use this in your training to get better results. Furthermore, the only way you are going to sustain pace longer is training at a higher heart rate for longer periods of time.

  • Train below 5:00 mile pace. Yes, sub-5 minute mile pace. Will you be able to spend much time at this pace? Probably not. That being said, the key is to make 6:52 mile pace to feel easy. Remember, a 1:29:59 half marathon is an average of 6:52 per mile or 4:16 per kilometer. You want to train and improve your aerobic capacity. These are training sessions where your heart rate is above 170 beats per minute. Want to run a sub-1:30 half marathon? Train at this level and often and you’ll do it.
  • Improve your hydration plan. If you are not practicing ingesting enough fluid and calories during your long runs you’re wrong. Fix that. You can have all the motivation in the world but if you neglect this you’ll miss your goal. The body is desperate for calories and fluid during the race. Work to improve this and you’ll nail it.

Work on Your Weaknesses

  • So, focus on improving where the leaks in your training is. Can you run more miles at paces closer to or that exceed sub 1:30 half marathon race pace? If so, you will set yourself up for success.
  • Start doing strides. Everyone knows about them especially athletes at your level. That being said, not everyone know why they are so important. They don’t build up any significant lactic acid. Additionally, they help recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers. The more of these you can recruit the more economical (efficient) you will run. So, add in 4 to 6, 100-meter strides on every other day.
  • Run easy on your easy days. Notice I wrote “easy”. I’ve run with 2:10 marathoners who run 10-minute mile pace on their easy days. Slow down on your recovery days. The purpose of your hard work is to work smart.

Slow Down and Work Smarter

Remember, the benefits of your hard work come in the rest. It doesn’t matter how motivated you are if you run too fast too often you’ll get diminished returns.

  • Subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. Each week I create new video tutorials to help athletes stay motivated and fix issues in their training. Make sure to click on subscribe and click on the bell icon to get weekly notifications when I make a new video.
  • Visualize success. I visualized myself running under 2:22:00 for the marathon dozens of times a day while I was still a 2:43:36 marathoner. I knew I was going to do it but also knew I had to use massive action as well. Remember, mental training alone will not get you to your goal. Action+mental training will. So, don’t rely on just the physical aspect of your preparation. Start seeing yourself doing this in your mind first.

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