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The ability to purchase Bitcoin became much easier thanks to the strike payment app. I am a huge fan of business and entrepreneurship as well as running. Of course, this website is mainly about fitness but I also write about ways to invest from time to time too here. Jack Mathers made a big move and helped people to easily pay for Bitcoin with the strike app.

It was just recently launched and thanks to his decision you can get your bitcoin with very low and almost non-existent fees. The problem is if you were to purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase you would lose about $4 in fees. The strike payment app that Jack created does not generate these high fees. In fact, I used it for the first time this evening (29 July 2021) and no fees. Of course, is a great alternative especially if new to investing in cryptos. So, no transaction fees which is a huge move for people all over the world.

What is Strike App?

The payment app Strike now has provides a way for users to purchase Bitcoin instantly from their phone. In addition, the strike app is also an easy way to send or receive money anywhere in the world, instantly. The app itself it built on the Bitcoin lightning network. Bitcoin is now recognized as official currency in El Salvador and hit an all-time high of just over $66,000 per Bitcoin earlier in 2021.

Strike Payment App
Photo Credit: Strike

Governments in general, especially here in the united States of America, are printing currency at record breaking levels. One of the best financial decisions you can make it to start taking crypto assets like Bitcoin seriously. There are far too many people living paycheck to paycheck in this country and around the world.

Is the Strike App Safe?

Yes, the strike payment app is safe and your USD currency is stored within the app. The strike app also follows the same safety measure and security protocols that all national and international banks must follow.

Who is Strike?

The founder of the Strike app is Jack Mallers. Jack wanted to take the transaction fees away from the purchase of Bitcoin. Anyone who has invested in crypto assets in the past knows that there are fees involved when you purchase. Coinbase usually charges you anywhere from $3 to $4 USD if purchasing about $100 USD of Bitcoin. Of course, transaction fees will be even higher the more investment you make.

One of the major benefits of the strike payment app is the fact you can send funds to anyone in the world, instantly. The transactions take place through the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Furthermore, you can make micropayments and purchase services or goods online. In addition, invest in Bitcoin with zero fees or sell Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Lightning Network permits about 2,700 transactions occurring per day. The network itself is built on top of Bitcoin generating millions of Bitcoin purchases to occur every second.

What Strike is not is the traditional exchanges we see like or among others. So, if you have the strike app downloaded on your cell phone you can send money to anyone in the world. In addition, buy or sell Bitcoin instantly with none of the transaction fees you will find at Coinbase. The way you purchase Bitcoin or deposit funds onto the app is by way of connecting your bank account or debit card to the app. The process itself is extremely simple. There are many people who are generating interest to investing in crypto assets like Bitcoin. So, what are you waiting for?

Closing Thoughts

Of course, is focused on running and fitness. That being said, this website is also focused on the “dream” portion of the domain name and is also a lifestyle blog. I hope this post on the strike payment app has been a helpful introduction to what is possible. It is easy to download. So, simply download the strike app on your cell phone, connect your debit card or bank account and get started today.

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