Start My Own Home Based Business

Start My Own Home Based Business

When you were in school did you ever ask yourself the question of how to start my own home based business?

The idea was never instilled in our school system despite the fact that we have a country here in the United States that was built on free enterprise.

It is very important that I incorporate free thinking, healthier living and becoming an independent Herbalife entrepreneur here at RunDreamAchieve.

There are so many people, especially athletes, who are not paying attention to the next trillion dollar industry, health and wellness.

helo braceletA Business Opportunity

We all have heard that term but how many of us are really paying attention?

People go about their daily lives trading their precious time for a paycheck that only arrives every two weeks only for Uncle Sam to get his cut, for non-American residents, ‘Uncle Sam’ is the government.

There is no such thing as residual income for the hourly or salaried wage worker.

Employees are not operating under leverage and duplication.

Teachers, bless their hearts, were taught to be employees as well.

I wish I would have asked myself the question how to start my own home based business 15 years ago.

I was caught up in trying to graduate college so I could be more marketable, beef up my resume so I could go out into the world and get a good paying job.

The world runs on individuals pursuing their self interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under orders from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry that way – Milton Friedman, world-renowned economist

The more you dig into the trappings that a regular job has the more you begin to awaken to reality.

Jobs are not bad if you want to work for the next 40 years just so you can pay your mortgage, take your one or two vacations a year and keep the electricity on.

There isn’t much leverage in a regular 9 to 5 job.

You are trading time for money.

The beauty of building a home based business revolved around nutrition is you can continue to work your full-time job and build your fortune part-time.

The late Jim Rohn, a multi-millionaire who got his start in building his own home based business provides some extremely helpful and brilliant insight in ‘The Magic Of Part-Time”.

I have attached it below and hope you will take the time to listen to it.

The running world is caught up in meaningless information that is not going to help them get any closer to training with the Kenyans in Eldoret or Ngong Hills.

Reading is not going to help you grow your residual income, improve your health, change your life.

Learning how to run a faster marathon is one thing, retiring 20 years early and living your dreams is a whole different animal and how many of us are truly desiring and salivating over that?

That is your responsibility.

I didn’t run 2:19 for the marathon ‘kinda wishing’ for it.

I had to go against what everybody else was not willing to do to run that time as I have done the same in having to start my own home based business.

The rest of my friends, family and co-workers see much of multi-level marketing as a scam, not all, but some do.

How many people have you come across who said ‘oh that is a pyramid’.

The late Bill Britt, ranked the #3 highest network marketing earning professional in history having earned just over $115 million puts it this way.

People that say network marketing is a pyramid scheme have got to be the dumbest, most ignorant people alive

I know it may hurt to read those words, especially if you still do not see how much leverage and life change can occur by not asking yourself how to start you own business but he is right.

It isn’t that people are dumb, they simply do not know, they were never taught and most who think of MLM as a scam have listened to their broke, paycheck to paycheck friends who think the same way.

It may sound rude, brash but we need to make some changes to get a hold of our lives.

Some are content with having someone else tell them when they are to report and when they can go home, not me.

I want to succeed and I want to help others do the same and I am looking for serious partners to build wealth with.

I haven’t found many.

I also couldn’t find many people who wanted to put in 120+ mile weeks, television and football games took precedence.

The Real Scam

The real scam is trading time for a paycheck, giving up something far more precious than any amount of money, time, away from those you love, specifically just to pay the bills.

There is more to life than this.

Here is what Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says about the paycheck mentality,

Why are you continuing to buy into the Industrial Aged idea that you have to trade your life for a paycheck, a highly taxed paycheck.

Approximately 42 cents of every dollar you bring in is taxed by the government and yet there are numerous tax breaks to people who start their home based business.

You now know what most people do not.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

If you are not using leverage you are working too hard for too little and until you fully realize what I said you are going to have to work hard for the rest of your life – T Harv Eker, author of the Millionaire Mindset

I have been working on the website for going on 4 years never relenting on providing value to the people who come to visit.

I have found very few people who take action based on the information I share.

For things to change, you must change – Jim Rohn, network marketing professional, entrepreneur

The real scam is working 30 to 40 years at a corporation only to retire at a middle class lifestyle when you are in your 60’s.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to work 2 to 5 years to have your children’s children set for life and become financially independent in your 20s to 40’s instead?

How can so many of us have been so duped into believing the only way to make a living is by way of a job.

Why does such a small percentage of the world’s population own such a large portion of the world’s wealth?

Someone isn’t using leverage and someone is.

Take the stand today and become a part of that group because the time is going to pass whether you act or not and that goes for me too.

You can still work your full time job and start your own home based business part-time.

Think of how much of a huge service you could provide to people who are searching for healthy products to consume and use in their homes?

How about products that pay as well.

They are not only be showing a healthier, less acidic, detoxifying coffee that pays them to drink it but also takes them away from the high acidic, dehydrating regular brands they have drunk their entire lives.

People need what you have to provide and remember they don’t know what you now know so it is your responsibility just as much as it is mine to share that with people we come across, on or offline.

This is an enormous opportunity and choice not only for healthy living but a way for people to break away from needing to rely on an employer or the government to keep their lights on and living in their homes.

I am tired of not seeing more people seeking out how to create residual income but will find the time to watch their favorite reality television show which won’t do a damn thing for their bank account.

They’ll paint their favorite football team’s colors on the weekend so they can have a few hours of relief from the job they despise just to Sunday night can roll around and they can complain tomorrow is Monday.

We have to decide for ourselves to follow the masses or not.

There is no such thing as a good job – David Severn, networking marketing professional

There are far more people in this country and around the world who are living paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet when there is a better way to create income and gain leverage.

Again, you now know what they do not.

You can either take action or continue to commute to and from a job you know you do not have much passion for.

Keep filling our gas tank up, being taxed to high heaven, trading precious time for a paycheck or start a home based business around a habit that millions of people have.

Which makes more sense?

There are people who love their jobs, love what they do for a living but still are not fully understanding how taxed they are as employees and how a home based business could radically change their life.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

If you are a massage therapist and you have 500 people standing in line outside your door how much could you possibly get done in a day.

What happens if you had 1000 people working for you and you didn’t have to deal with all of the issues and still got a percentage of all their work?

Do you not think there would be more leverage in this than trying to do it all yourself.

You would be burned out, stressed and very unhappy.

This is what everyone of us who have settled in as employees deal with and I don’t see enough people taking action.

Perhaps the many years of being a long distance runner put an extra dose of urgency in my way of doing things.

I am no different nor better than you, we simply need to partner and build together.

Trading time for money is the absolute worst way to obtain it because it comes with a heavy cost, ones’ life – Bob Proctor, author of The Secret, entrepreneur

You can also reach me by email, leave a comment or fill out the contact form.

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