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Are you seeking more information about Sparx shoes? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have made it here. Sparks running shoes are designed and made in India. The company is a part of Rolexo footwear and is based out of New Dehli. What I love about this brand is they offer both runners as well as walkers some great shoes to workout in.

For example, badminton, football and golf specialists and, of course, runners can benefit from these shoes. I will be covering three specific models within this Sparx running shoes review. Running is a massive sport in the country of India. Indians have long been known as great runners and the sport continues to grow throughout the country. The world most of the time thinks of Kenya and Ethiopia when it comes to running but other countries like Japan and India are gaining ground too.

Best Sparx Running Shoes for Men

Sparx SM-482

Sparkx Shoes
Photo Credit: SPARKX

The SM-482 Sparx running shoe 1.76 pounds and is affordably priced at just $62.54 USD on Amazon. The key feature of this shoe is not only its lightweight but also its high quality mesh and EVA sole material. Perfect for runners seeking a quality running shoes for medium to long distance runs.

Runners need cushion for their endurance workouts. Sparkx, based out of New Delhi delivers with its ReBounce Technology found in its running shoes.

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Is Sparx a Indian Brand?

Yes, Sparkx is an Indian running shoe brand that is based in New Delhi and is manufactured by Relaxo Footwear Limited. Running is a huge sport in the country of India and Indians are quickly making a name for themselves in the sprints to long distance events. The world knows about Nike and other titans of running gear like Adidas. That being said, there also are other great brands created by other countries such as On Running shoes in Switzerland and Sparx in India.

Who is the Owner of Sparx?

The owners of the Sparx shoes brand are brothers Mukand Lal Dua and Ramesh Kumar. The Sparx company also designs and makes others types of outdoor and indoor gear such as flip flips and schoo shoes for men, women and children. So, you really have a great, multi-purpose company focused on runners and other active individuals within the country.

Sparx SM-171

SPARX Men SM-171

The Sparx SM 1-171 is another great running shoe option for athletes seeking a smooth ride and lots of cushion. In addition, it features a thermoplastic elastomers sole.

The SM-171 is a quality trainer perfect for middle to long distance runners. It features top quality synthetic leader contained within the upper material of the shoe and featuring TPR with the material of the sole of the shoe. The Sparx shoe brand is trusted throughout the country of India and the world.

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Is Sparx a Running Shoe?

Yes, Sparx is a running shoe. That being said, the company also makes other types of products such as walking shoes and flip flops. The goal of the India-based company is to create new and innovative shoes that people in India and around the world can enjoy. Also, placing heavy emphasis on quality shoes that provide proper support and cushioning for their customers.

Sparx is one of the most widely known and respect shoe brands in India. You can also invest in a pair which can be found easily on Amazon and have them delivered to your home within 24 hours in many cases.

SPARX SX0657G Running Shoe

Sparx Men's Sx0657g Running Shoes

The Sparx sx0657g is another great running shoe option available for both men and women. The shoe also features a 30-day money back warranty if you are not completely satisfied. It is a lightweight trainer that is perfect for runners seeking a great workout shoe to do their tempo runs or long runs in.

There are times where a lighter trainer is needed for these types of workouts. One, you will have less weight on your feet while running at sub-maximal efforts. Two, your pace per mile or kilometer will be faster as opposed to if you were wearing a heavier trainer.

I always do my faster, varied paced long runs in lighter shoes for this very reason. Of course, I will always have training shoes (heavier) on when I am doing slower, relaxed long runs though. Remember, you always want to focus on recovery. The benefits of the hard work you are putting in will come about weeks from now. So, you have to be patient and allow for the physiological adaptations to occur.

Learn More About the Sparx SX0657G on Amazon

Sparx Shoes Price

The Sparx shoes price will vary depending on where you are located at. You can get a legitimate pair here in the states for between $50 to $70 USD. Of course, if you are India the price may range from 996 to over 1570 Indiana rupees. So, it really just depends on your location.

The great news is you can get Sparx shoes on Amazon. Also, if you are in other parts of the world like South America, Europe or Asia they can also easily be had online.

Sparx SM-718 Shoe

Sparx Men SM-718

The Sparx SM-718 running shoe is another great option if you are looking for a lighter trainer. The shoe is only 1.32 pounds. So, you are really going to be able to turn and burn in these trainers.

Again, lighter shoes pending if they also provide support and cushioning like the 718 can help you psychologically as well. The reason being is you will have less weight on your feet with each stride.

That being said, you have to also be mindful of the quality. The SM-718 does provide quality to the end user. It is a super comfortable running shoe featuring mesh as upper material and EVA and TPR as sole material.

Learn more about the SM-718 on Amazon

Closing Thoughts

I am a big believer in the underdog. The world knows the big brands such as Nike and Puma among others. My reasoning for sharing Sparx shoes here on RunDreamAchieve is to also give foreign-made running brands a chance as well. I also did a write up on the Swizz company, On Running, you may want to check out as well.

They have some great shoes as well. In addition, have many world-class runners utilizing their shoes around the world. I think Sparx has the potential to really grow and my best wishes to my brothers and sisters in India putting in those miles and kilometers out on the roads.

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