Sole To Soul Running

Soul Running

This is going to be a short and sweet post pertaining to soul running.

Soul running.

What is that?

It is running with your full focus and commitment to your objective.

There isn’t any amount of failure that is going to stop you from reaching the reality you envision.

I had you, the visitor to, on my mind this morning.

Have you had a bad race lately? Stress and responsibilities taking their toll on your training?

I am with you. This song has always kept me motivated when things popped up, out of my control.

You have to have something to keep the fire going.

This is a timeless classic that I wanted to share with you.

I always try to deal with disappointment by surrounding myself with as much inspirational material as possible.

Music does that for most of us.

James Brown always had that funk.

He was a master at what he did and people loved him for it.

If you have had a bad race lately or think you don’t make the grade to be a great runner.

Get out of that mindset.

You have all the tools and sometimes a damn good song, something inspirational is all you need to keep going.

Stay Positive And Focused

Keep trying, because the alternative is giving up and letting go of what you really want.

I have been running for over 30 years and I kid you not, this song has rolled through my head in races, preparing for competitions.

Keep the mindset that no matter what, you are going to reach your goal.

The best athletes always look ahead.

Think they haven’t failed?

Failure Does Not Mean The End

The best take a failure and use it for future success.

Haile is one of countless other examples of individuals who simply won’t quit on their goals.

Use their example and take something from it.

running performance, soul runningIt doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or not.

Anyone can take something from this.

Remember the message.

If you are looking at a goal you missed in the past.

Go get some!

Pay yourself back by making the effort to not lose sight of what your fighting for.

Stay Committed To Your Goals

You are not too old.

You are just as capable as anyone else and you can run anytime you truly set your mind to.

This isn’t fluff either.

I am not going to blow sunshine at you.

You are going to have to do some serious work.

I guarantee you if you give every breath and effort you possess into going after a goal you have your heart set on…could be dropping a few pounds, running your first 5K , forming a business around something you love, or breaking a personal best…you will have no regrets and that is the way to live.

Expect The Journey To Be Difficult

I trained harder than I ever have in my life to earn a 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials standard.

I needed a 2.19.00 with a 2.19.35 PR. 35 seconds…shouldn’t be so hard right?


patience running thinI may have missed the mark getting the time.

I know the people who know me and I trained with can attest that I destroyed it already with my mindset and the way I worked.

I can live with that…and I am not done.

Keep fighting.

The best never stop trying.

They do not know what it means to quit.

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