Sole Elliptical e95 | 2024 Review

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Sole is one of the top exercise equipment manufacturers and has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to their affordable treadmills and ellipticals with excellent quality workmanship. They boast extended warranties that surpass most competitors’, earning them a great reputation within the fitness industry.

The Sole Elliptical e95 is an excellent elliptical that offers all the features you need for a great workout at an affordable price point. It boasts an impressive warranty, sturdy frame and straightforward console that’s easy to use.

This treadmill features 20 incline levels and adjustable pedals to customize your workout to target different muscle groups. Plus, its quiet drive system and 27-pound flywheel provide smooth operation.

The Sole E95 is a top choice among many due to its impressive weight capacity and durability. With an incredibly sturdy frame that can support up to 400 pounds without breaking down, this item can easily be used in any room of the house with peace of mind.

Is Sole Better than NordicTrack?

Which elliptical machine is better, Sole Elliptical or NordicTrack? That depends on several factors, including your workout goals, budget and what features you require from a quality machine. But if durability and dependability are top priorities then Sole has you covered.

The Sole E35 is a mid-tier elliptical designed for durability and features that you’d find on higher-end models. It boasts a large 14″ touchscreen, large pedals, and adjustable stride length among other things.

It boasts a power incline and is fully integrated with iFit, giving you access to elite trainers and structured training programs. Plus, with this device, you can track your progress over time or set a target weight to help reach fitness objectives.

Though more expensive than some of its cheaper competitors, the Sole E35 is a reliable option. Its sturdy build and adjustable stride make it an excellent alternative to high-end machines that may be out of reach for most consumers.


How Much Does the Sole E95 Weigh?

Sole is renowned for their superior construction quality, so it’s no shock that they put a great deal of effort into their ellipticals. The E95 elliptical is one of their heavier-duty models perfect for frequent home usage.

The Sole E95 is a 236 pound elliptical machine, making it suitable for moderate to heavy users. Furthermore, the device carries a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as 5 years on electronics and parts and 2 years on labor.

This elliptical features a 27-pound flywheel, which is heavier than average for an elliptical and should provide increased stability during workouts. Furthermore, its quieter operation sets it apart from other models in its price range.

The Sole E95 boasts a 10″ LCD monitor that’s user-friendly and displays all your workout data at once. Plus, it has Bluetooth speakers and can connect with your phone to track fitness data.

How Much Height Clearance Do You Need for an Ellip

When considering an Elliptical, make sure your home can support it. This is especially relevant if installing one in your bedroom.

Furthermore, make sure your Elliptical has enough height clearance. These machines take up a lot of room, so make sure they’re not placed in an inadequate space.

If you’re in the market for an Elliptical, experts generally recommend getting one with 17′ of height clearance (including step-on height plus an additional bit). This is the minimum recommended by both experts and manufacturers alike.

How Long is the Sole E95?

The Sole E95 is an excellent club-style elliptical at a great price point. It comes with features like fluid natural motion, built-in cooling fan, speakers and stationary handle bars for added convenience.

One feature that really stood out about the E95 is its articulating foot pedals, designed to fit your stride. This makes it easier to reduce numb toe effects, sore Achilles tendons and other pains caused by walking on an elliptical.

It also features a worm drive dial that lets you adjust the pedal angles to better accommodate your personal stride, decreasing the risk of injury and improving performance.

Another great feature of the Sole E95 is its adjustable incline function which pivots from flat to 20 degrees, helping users target different muscle groups. This is especially beneficial for those looking to tone their leg muscles.

The Sole E95 is an impressive elliptical, boasting a lifetime warranty and five year electronics/parts coverage. This impressive guarantee will help guarantee its long-lasting performance in today’s fitness market.

Does the Sole E95 Elliptical Fold Up?

If you need a durable and reliable elliptical machine, the Sole E95 Elliptical may be just what you need. This sturdy piece of equipment can support users up to 400 pounds without wobbling or bending.

It comes equipped with a range of features, such as a 10” LCD console and Bluetooth speakers that let you sync your music wirelessly. It boasts one of Sole’s largest screens to date, plus you can use an adjustable tablet holder to watch TV or YouTube videos while working out.

The pedals on the Sole E95 are comfortable, boasting a two-degree inward slope to reduce pressure points on your feet and ankles during workouts. Plus, they’re large enough to accommodate various foot sizes.

The Sole E95 is an ideal option for those seeking high quality ellipticals at a great price. It’s designed to last, has an impressive warranty, and boasts plenty of training features.

Sole E95 Dimensions

The Sole E95 is one of the premier club ellipticals available today. It boasts a 27 lb flywheel, heavy-duty steel frame and large multi-grip handles for added comfort and control.

It’s an outstanding value due to its generous lifetime warranty on the frame and five year parts and electronics – far greater than most comparable machines offer which usually only lasts a few years at most.

Another impressive feature is its four rear wheels that ride along rails, keeping this machine stable and vibration-free during your workout. This is much improved from the two rear wheels found on many lower-end ellipticals.

Finally, the pedals feature a worm drive dial that lets you adjust them to fit your personal stride length. This takes the pressure off your ankles and knees for a comfortable workout that you’ll look forward to every day.

Other standout features of the Sole E95 include an integrated cooling fan, stationary handle bars with pulse grips, and four real wheels. Furthermore, telemetry heart rate monitoring is supported.


Sole E95 Reviews

If you’re searching for an elliptical that offers great value, Sole’s e95 is one of our top choices. This budget-friendly cardio machine boasts plenty of features and comes with a high-quality warranty.

This model features a robust 27 lb flywheel as well as 20 levels of magnetic resistance and an impressive 40 degree incline – more than double what many mid-priced ellipticals offer. This makes it an ideal option for experienced athletes or anyone seeking a more challenging workout.

The Sole E95 also features power-adjustable pedals to accommodate different stride lengths. This enables users to target specific muscles and increase their workout intensity, particularly when targeting legs.

Finally, the Sole E95 offers two sets of handlebars–one with a movable set and another featuring a stationary set with heart rate monitor. This makes it an ideal option for people who want to track their heart rate during workouts.

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