Sole e55 Elliptical | 2024 Review

Are you looking for more information about the sole e55 elliptical machine? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am happy that you have arrived here to my wife. Ellipticals, much like curved treadmills and regular treadmills, are great options for cross-training. I used these machines regularly leading up to running 2:19:35 for the marathon.

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The Sole E55 elliptical is an ideal choice for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness levels. It boasts a powerful 20-pound flywheel, comfortable 20-inch strides, and multiple resistance levels.

This product also features a large 9-inch LCD display, built-in cooling fan, speakers and Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, the pedals were specifically designed by physical therapists to help put your body into more neutral alignment.

Is Sole a Good Elliptical Brand?

For years, Sole has been a leader in the fitness equipment industry. Their products boast quality engineering and top-tier components, with products covered by lifetime warranties.

They offer a range of ellipticals, from the budget-friendly E25 to the more advanced E95S. The Sole e55 is their mid-range model; while it doesn’t boast all of the features found on higher models, it still feels well built and provides excellent ergonomics.

For people with smaller workout spaces who require a reliable yet compact elliptical trainer, the Sole e55 is an ideal option. Measuring 27 x 71 inches, it’s slightly shorter than other Sole models but still features a sturdy frame and 375-pound weight capacity.

This elliptical has 20 levels of resistance and incline, so you can customize your workout to meet your goals. Plus, its moving arm bars make changing settings effortless without ever reaching for the console.


How Much Does a Sole E55 Elliptical Weigh?

If you need a heavy duty elliptical, the Sole E55 is an ideal option. Weighing 214 pounds fully assembled, it can accommodate users up to 375 pounds in weight.

The Sole E55 is an exceptional machine that will last for years to come. It comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 5 year parts and electronics warranty, as well as 2 years on labor.

This model offers great value compared to other commercial-grade ellipticals at around $1,500 – making the investment a worthwhile one.

The Sole E55 is an impressive machine featuring a 20-pound flywheel for smooth and natural motion. With 20 resistance levels available, there’s more than enough resistance for most users to get an intense workout in.

How Long Do Sole Ellipticals Last?

One of the reasons Sole is a leader in this industry is their dedication to quality and generous warranties. Their ellipticals come with lifetime frame and parts coverage which far surpasses most competitors’ offers.

Most of their ellipticals also feature heavy flywheels to make them quieter and smoother to ride on. All models boast incline capabilities as well as articulating pedals which reduce stress on your joints and enhance comfort while working out.

Sole offers a selection of ellipticals to meet all budgets and needs. Budget models feature eddy current brake resistance while higher end models boast heavier flywheels, more workout programs, and better warranties.

The Sole E35 elliptical is a front-drive model featuring a 25 pound flywheel for smooth pedal motion. Additionally, its four rear wheels rest on heavy-duty rails to increase stability and reduce side-to-side wobbling.

Another popular Sole elliptical is the Sole E95, which features the same basic specifications as its smaller counterpart but adds a 27-pound flywheel. Plus, this machine has power incline capability so you can simulate hiking up hills during your workout.

Sole E55 Elliptical Reviews

The Sole E55 elliptical is an ideal choice for anyone looking to build a home gym. With its robust components and compact design, it takes up less space than many of its rivals in its class.

Sole is renowned for their top-tier equipment, and the E55 lives up to this reputation. Not only is the machine well-built but it comes with a lifetime frame warranty as well.

Another feature that sets this elliptical apart is its dual wheels mounted on a beveled rail, offering an extra smooth and stable experience. We don’t often see this feature on ellipticals in this price range, so it’s nice to have.

The Sole E55 offers 20 levels of resistance and 20 incline settings, giving you full control over your workouts. It’s perfect for people who want a variety of exercises to choose from and it can target different muscle groups. Plus, its Bluetooth capability enables tracking through apps like Fitbit or Apple Health.

How Long Should You Workout on an Elliptical?

Ellipticals offer a low-impact cardio workout and can help you meet the CDC recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week.

Ellipticals offer the advantage of offering a range of programs and resistance levels to fit any workout need. Plus, you can track your heart rate to gauge progress during each session and adjust accordingly if necessary.

To maximize your workout on an elliptical, aim to do at least 30 minutes each day. However, make sure that you have time for this type of commitment; otherwise, opt for other forms of exercise instead.

For those searching for a well-built, robust elliptical that does everything a larger model does at half the price, the Sole E55 is an ideal option. This machine is highly durable and equipped with features like a 20 lb flywheel, 10 position foot pedals, and 9″ LCD display.

What Does 30 Minutes on an Elliptical Do?

Spending 30 minutes on an elliptical machine not only burns calories but it increases your heart rate, improving cardiovascular endurance. This allows the heart and lungs to pump more blood and oxygen to muscles over time, leading to greater calorie burn in the long run.

Ellipstical workouts also have the added advantage of improving balance and coordination between your limbs, increasing agility and preventing falls or injuries.

Elevating on an elliptical not only increases serotonin levels, which reduces stress and lowers blood pressure but it also enhances cardiorespiratory fitness and decreases the risk of chronic disease and obesity.

The Sole E55 elliptical is an ideal option if you need quality fitness equipment that fits in your home. It boasts all of Sole’s higher-end components in a smaller footprint and more affordable price point.

Elliptical Workout Benefits

If you’re searching for a way to get an effective cardio workout without straining your joints, an elliptical is an ideal choice. Compared to treadmills, they put less strain on your knees and hips since your feet never leave contact with the pedals and the smooth motion of the machine reduces strain.

No matter your level of fitness, an elliptical can be beneficial to you. Start out slowly with low resistance and no incline, then gradually increase the intensity as you become more fit.

Additionally, working out on an elliptical can be beneficial for those recovering from injuries. It’s less taxing on your joints than running or jogging, allowing you to resume exercising more easily once your joints have healed.

You can also find some ellipticals that allow you to do intervals, which is an effective way to burn extra calories and make your workout more challenging. Start by walking for two minutes, then increasing your speed for one minute, alternating these sequences until you reach your goal.


What Muscles Do Ellipticals Tone?

The elliptical is an effective cardio machine that helps you burn calories, tone muscles and increase your fitness level. Furthermore, it increases cardiovascular capacity and lowers your risk for heart disease and other health conditions.

Exercise on an elliptical and you will engage the same muscles used during running or walking, giving you great tone in both arms and legs. Pumping your arms increases heart rate and calorie burn while pushing/pulling against resistance engages key upper body muscles like biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back.

On an elliptical, not only can you tone your upper body, but you’ll also benefit from working your glutes and calves as well. These muscles provide stability, which in turn helps protect against knee injuries.

Though you may not see results right away, the elliptical can quickly build muscle and shed fat. Plus, you have the option to increase the intensity of your workouts by varying the incline and resistance of the foot pedals.

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