Sole E25 Elliptical | 2024 Review

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The sole e25 elliptical is one of the more cost-effective models on the market. It boasts a heavy flywheel, long stride length and great warranty coverage.

The Sole e25 elliptical was developed with physical therapists to offer a joint-friendly workout. It features oversize foot pedals with an inward slope of 2 degrees to reduce ankle and knee stress.

Is the Sole E25 a Good Elliptical?

The Sole E25 is an affordable and quiet elliptical that provides a smooth and low-impact workout for multiple muscle systems. While it may not have all of the bells and whistles of more expensive Sole Fitness models, this model is built to last with a lifetime frame warranty as well as three year parts warranty.

Sole’s E25 elliptical has a 20-pound flywheel that provides smooth transitions between multiple levels of resistance. Plus, its 20-degree power incline helps you target different muscle groups for a complete body workout.

For many people, a 20-inch stride length is ideal. Thus, allowing you to move your feet at an easy pace and feel fully engaged during workouts. In addition, the E25 comes equipped with oversized pedals designed in collaboration with physical therapists. Thus, reducing ankle and knee stress common on lighter commercial ellipticals.

The E25 sports an adjustable console with 10 preset workouts, 6.5-inch LCD screen and Bluetooth audio speakers. You can charge your smartphone using the USB port as well. Furthermore, there’s a tablet holder to keep devices out of your way during exercises. In addition, a fan to keep you cool.

Is Sole a Good Brand?

Sole ellipticals are an excellent option for anyone searching for high-quality fitness equipment at an affordable price. This brand is renowned for producing solid machines that are comfortable to ride and boast an easy drive system.

Sole offers an expansive selection of ellipticals, from their budget-friendly E25 model up to the top-of-the-line commercial grade E98. Additionally, there are other models available including Sole’s latest addition: the Cardio Climber CC81.

The Sole E95 is one of their top selling ellipticals, boasting all the features necessary for optimal exercise every day. This machine offers 20 levels of resistance so you can tailor your exercises according to your fitness objectives. Plus, you can adjust its incline setting for even better results!

Sole offers a competitive warranty program. Also, offering lifetime guarantees on the frame, 5 years for electronics and parts, and 2 years for labor. This is an excellent feature that should keep you satisfied for many years to come.


Elliptical Assembly

The Sole e25 elliptical is one of the company’s more affordable models. In addition, an ideal option for anyone on a budget. With its compact design, you can fit it into smaller spaces without taking up too much room.

Its patented electromagnetic resistance system is fast to adjust control settings and allows users to easily customize their workout. Furthermore, the smoother pedal stroke reduces wear-and-tear on the frame.

The Sole e25 boasts an LCD display and a personal cooling fan. Also, speakers as well as a USB port for charging your smart devices.

Finally, the Sole e25 elliptical boasts a robust steel frame and 25-pound flywheel for an unbeatably smooth workout experience. Unlike most other Sole ellipticals, the e25 model also has an adjustable stride length. Thus, providing added convenience during each exercise session.

The Sole e25 has unique foot pedals designed in collaboration with a physical therapist. These pedals have an inward slope of 2 degrees to reduce ankle and knee stress. Furthermore, they come equipped with double wheels riding on heavy duty rails behind the pedals. So, it will help stabilize the elliptical and reduce side to side motion when using them.

Is Sole Elliptical Better than NordicTrack?

Sole is known for its high-quality products, and the E25 lives up to this reputation. This heavy-duty frame comes with a lifetime warranty, making it ideal for those who want to exercise without damaging their joints.

The Sole E25 elliptical features oversize foot pedals to reduce stress on knees and ankles during workouts. Plus, its 2 degree inward slope toward the pedals helps reduce side-to-side motion as well.

Another feature that sets Sole ellipticals apart from NordicTrack is their front drive system. These machines tend to be more powerful and durable than models with center-drive units, making this an important consideration for some buyers.

Which elliptical to choose between Sole and NordicTrack comes down to personal preference. Both brands provide a range of quality options, with NordicTrack having more specialized models and higher price points. Most purchases also include membership to iFit (a subscription service that gives users access to various programs), so this could be an important factor if you need guidance and motivation during workouts.

How Much Does Sole E25 Elliptical Weigh?

If you’re searching for an elliptical that provides a great workout at a budget price point, the sole e25 is one of your best choices. This machine is highly reliable and well-constructed, meaning it will last you years to come.

This model boasts an impressive warranty package: lifetime coverage on the frame, 5 years for parts and electronics, and 2 years of labor – something rarely seen at this price point.

The Sole E25 features a steel frame, heavy flywheel, wireless heart rate monitors and a 20″ power-adjustable stride with 20 levels of incline.

Furthermore, this model boasts a weight capacity of 350 pounds; however, it lacks many advanced features like the Sole E95 does.

Though not as strong or durable as the Sole E95, this elliptical still offers great value. It’s extremely quiet when in use and makes for a great option for those seeking quality exercise equipment at an affordable price point.

How Long Does it Take to Assemble Sole E25 Ellipti

The sole e25 elliptical is one of the most affordable models on the market and boasts plenty of features. It boasts a heavy flywheel, long stride length, and an impressive warranty as well.

The Sole e25 comes with a lifetime frame warranty, 3-year parts and labor warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. This speaks volumes about the quality that Sole is known for in their products.

It also features a 6.5″ LCD screen that gives you instantaneous access to workout stats. The display shows your current incline level, time worked out, distance travelled and RPM rate.

This model is also compatible with a free app that syncs up with it via Bluetooth. This provides an excellent way to track your progress and ensure you reach your fitness objectives.

According to the instructions, you should be able to complete assembly of this machine on your own within 3 1/2 hours. For safety and ease, having two people help with the assembly is recommended since it can be quite heavy.

The Sole e25 also comes with several handy features to make assembly easier, such as articulating foot pedals and a USB port for charging your phone.


Sole E25 Elliptical Disassembly

Sole ellipticals are some of the top-of-the-line cardio machines on the market. They offer a wide selection of models at various price points, each boasting its own special features.

The Sole E25 is their most budget-friendly model and it’s certainly one of the best budget ellipticals you can find. At such a reasonable cost, this machine boasts some impressive features like Bluetooth speakers, USB charging port, tablet holder and chest strap heart rate monitor – making it an excellent value for money!

This console comes with a small LCD screen to display your workout data and 10 preloaded workout programs. Furthermore, there’s a tablet holder, water bottle holder and an AUX-in port for playing music through the speakers while you work out.

This 20 lb flywheel treadmill provides an effective workout, yet is light enough for beginners or people with moderate fitness levels. Plus, its sturdy frame can support up to 350 lbs and comes with Sole’s lifetime frame warranty.

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