Slim Crystal Review and Tips

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Slim Crystal uses 9 different crystals combined with water to assist individuals in losing weight and improving health, offering a 60-day money-back guarantee if any customers are unsatisfied with its product.

These bottles contain natural crystals said to assist with weight loss, digestion, longevity and other wellness needs, such as citrine, red jasper, clear quartz and green aventurine.

It is a Water-Infusing Bottle

Slim Crystal is an infusing bottle designed to transform every drop of water it touches, using crystals to energize it and promote weight loss. Furthermore, this revolutionary bottle helps consumers improve their health by increasing energy levels. Each crystal used has different properties; some enhance vitality while others enhance mood or emotional clarity – this product has been clinically tested to prove it safe and effective use.

According to the manufacturers of Slim Crystal, drinking crystal-infused water will help people shed weight quickly and feel more energised throughout their day without engaging in strenuous physical activity. Furthermore, its crystals activate your body’s natural healing processes for weight loss – all available online with a money back guarantee!

Crystals found in this bottle can improve hydration and water quality, making them especially helpful for those experiencing dehydration. According to its company, its waters infused with crystals is comparable to spring-fed waters – plus, this bottle is manufactured at an FDA-registered facility and comes backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Maintain Good Hygiene

Use of a bottle on a regular basis is important to activate crystals and maintain good hygiene, and should preferably be washed by hand or using mild detergent. Furthermore, microwave and dishwasher use can damage crystals which should also be avoided as temperatures over 40oC could damage them as well.

Crystalized water may help alter its chemical structure and increase oxygen levels, leading to more rapid weight loss. Furthermore, alkaline waters may help decrease acidity levels for optimal body health as well as decrease stress, anxiety and mood swings.

Slim Crystal offers its customers a host of resources on its website, such as “Slim Over 55,” an eBook which teaches consumers how to enjoy dessert while losing weight simultaneously. Furthermore, “57 Secrets to Reverse Aging” gives tips for looking younger quickly.

Natural Product

The Slim Crystal water-infusing bottle provides users with a cost-effective, convenient, and safe way to shed weight and improve energy without caffeine or supplements. The main mechanism behind its action is increasing metabolism by increasing oxygen content in drinking water – using natural crystals known for their healing properties as its source. The Slim Crystal offers users an affordable means of losing weight while staying healthy!

This product features a blend of nine crystals selected for their various effects, such as amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, carnelian red jasper green aventurine and sodalite. Each crystal is then added into water so as to provide individual benefits – these may include increasing mental motivation and mood improvement while encouraging digestion health benefits and helping relieve stress and anxiety.

Slim Crystal water-infusing bottles have helped many to meet their weight loss goals by curbing cravings and increasing energy. Cleaning it is simple; most parts are dishwasher-safe except the inner glass chamber and bottom which should be washed by hand using soapy water. Furthermore, according to its creators’ claims of safety of their crystals within, most should have no adverse side effects whatsoever.

Slim Crystal stands apart from other dietary aids by being specifically tailored to be used alongside healthy eating and exercise to maximize results. Available both in regular and large sizes, the product comes with an accompanying booklet providing recipes and advice for both weight loss and overall wellness improvement.

Slim Crystal water bottle manufacturers claim it can turn regular drinking water into “hexagonal water,” believed to promote health and make people appear twenty years younger. Newborns tend to have significantly higher levels of hexagonal water; adults gradually lose it with age. Furthermore, its manufacturers claim its crystals will increase a person’s resting metabolic rate by more than 20% for weight loss purposes.


Crystals have long been used as healing and wellness aids, often to balance mind and body and facilitate weight loss. At SlimCrystal, this ancient practice has been harnessed into a weight loss water bottle to assist users in reaching their weight loss goals. Featuring nine unique crystals to promote immune system health, speed metabolism rate and reduce stress; promote healthy digestion and longevity as well as general wellbeing and ensure weight loss success; this bottle guarantees general wellness as well as weight loss success!

The bottle contains crystals to activate its water and give it remarkable properties, according to its creators who claim that regular tap and bottled waters are “dead”, while crystal-infused waters have living properties. They cite an image showing that dead water has an unformed molecular structure while living water has smooth hexagonal shape – showing the distinction clearly.

Customers report significant weight loss after drinking water from the SlimCrystal bottle, while also reporting lower blood sugar and feeling healthier overall. In fact, certified personal trainers, aerobics instructors, and yoga teachers frequently recommend it!

One of the main advantages of SlimCrystal bottles is their portability. Light and easy to use, they can easily accompany you for workouts or business travel – no chemicals or additives in their water source are present to harm consumers!

SlimCrystal bottle manufacturers include digital bonuses with every purchase. These bonuses can be found on their company’s website and range from diet and nutrition guides to fitness workouts – as well as offering a money-back guarantee! Customers can purchase two price packages of digital bonuses; one offers the Slim Over 55 program lead by a weight loss coach while the second features healthy fat-loss dessert cookbooks and books such as “57 Secrets to Reverse Aging”, which teach readers how to look ten years younger within weeks.

It is Safe

Slim Crystal is a water bottle that harnesses the power of crystals to transform dead water into living water. This process works by exposing it to crystals that change its molecular structure from chaotic unformed state into harmonious hexagonal structure; this allows body to easily absorb it for efficient usage; further promoting weight loss by decreasing hunger pangs and controlling unhealthy cravings.

Users have reported that drinking the crystal-infused water has helped them lose significant amounts of weight without resorting to exercise or dieting, with increased energy levels, improved digestive health and inner vibration boosting to attract wealth and abundance.

The makers of the product claim they conducted a clinical study to verify their claims about drinking crystal-infused water, with half of 212 participants drinking regular and half crystal-infused water respectively; results showed those drinking crystal-infused water lost an average of 7lbs compared to just 0.7lbs in the control group.

Not only can crystals in a bottle help with weight loss and digestion, they may also promote positivity and help with psychological disorders. Furthermore, it has been said to increase resting metabolic rate – an essential element in weight loss – while eliminating harmful toxins from your body, controlling hunger pangs more effectively, controlling unhealthy cravings more successfully, as well as increasing metabolism.

Assuring the crystals in a bottle remain activated to aid weight loss is of utmost importance, and keeping it clean by regularly washing with warm water helps protect their healing properties. Avoid boiling or cold temperatures which could damage or deactivate them further, while saltwater could potentially create toxic levels in the bottle and further harm its crystals.

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