Sheng Milo Electric Bike Review

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If you’re on a tight budget but need an effective e-bike solution, the Shengmilo M90 could be just what you’re searching for. Equipped with an impressive 500W motor and 48V 17Ah lithium battery pack.

This bike can cover 40km on pure electric power alone and 60km when using pedal-assist mode, and features three electric modes as well as a power-saving digital chip.


Sheng milo MX03 is a powerful electric bike designed to tackle mountains and rough terrain with ease. Equipped with a 1000W motor and Shimano 7-speed shifter system for high speeds, as well as its large capacity 48V17Ah battery which offers long rides. Double hydraulic disc brakes and horn are included on this ride for safety; plus its LCD display shows speed, battery life, mode selection, PAS power consumption etc.

The Sheng milo MX03 e-bike is an excellent lightweight e-bike option. Crafted of aluminum for durability, its frame offers great maneuverability and passing capability; plus its large tires offer great traction and stability – not forgetting an easy-replace battery!

This bike is one of the most beloved on the market. Featuring an accommodating saddle and simple super controller, its stylish leather grip sleeve makes for long rides with maximum comfort, while its high-quality suspension fork provides support across varying terrain.

Our powerful brushless geared hub motor was specifically designed to deliver smooth and consistent acceleration. Featuring an inner ring that ensures heat dissipation and high-temperature resistance, allowing maximum horsepower at high speeds to be maintained while our variable frequency speed control system adjusts motor speed as needed to optimize performance.


This bike is ideal for people seeking a comprehensive workout and improving their health, featuring an ergonomic seat and handlebar, high-quality suspension fork and powerful motor – even the steepest hills can be scaled with ease! Additionally, its sturdy motor makes this perfect for mountain biking as well as beach riding.

The Sheng milo EV-Bike features a high-quality frame, adjustable and lockable suspension fork, rear suspension, as well as an integrated chainguard to safeguard its chain from debris. Furthermore, its assist modes provide plenty of options, while its battery is easily swappable.

Shengmilo EV-Bikes are manufactured in China using motors produced by Bafang. Backed by an industry-leading warranty and offering great value for money, these bikes also boast an in-house customer service team to assist with any problems or inquiries their owners might experience.


The Shengmilo electric bike features an efficient motor and battery that provide you with an enjoyable riding experience. Its 1000W variable high-speed intelligent motor can easily be controlled using assist modes. A high definition LCD display shows your speed, gear selection, battery status and headlight/horn for additional safety features. Plus its battery can be removed and charged both at home or the office as well as being protected against overcurrent, overcharge, overdischarge, temperature regulation as well as being waterproof!

This electric mountain bike is an excellent option for people who enjoy climbing hills or going on long rides, featuring its lightweight aluminum frame that is sturdy yet built-to-last; thick tires provide excellent grip; brakes dissipate heat quickly for smooth braking experience; adjustable seat and handlebars ensure an ideal fit; while its high efficiency brushless hub motor offers superior performance and efficiency.


Are you in search of a mountain bike? Consider the Shengmilo MX03. Designed with any terrain in mind and capable of taking on up to 35 degrees of gradient, its PAS Power system helps users effortlessly climb hills while its powerful 500W motor can reach 40 km/h speed.

The Shengmilo e-bike is an elite product created through collaboration between Bafang, one of the world’s premier electric motor manufacturers, and Shengmilo, one of China’s premier e-bike producers. Boasting innovative battery and motor technology, this product has quickly become one of the market’s most sought-after models with multiple assist modes designed to accommodate riding on various surfaces.

Shengmilo e-bikes are designed to outlive other brands and offer a lifetime warranty. Light, durable, and sleek in design, Shengmilo’s models come with various color and finish options so that you can find one perfect for you.

Shengmilo offers an expansive global distribution network and exports its e-bikes to more than 80 countries, such as North America, Europe and Asia. They specialize in creating new-generation green technology to create better lifestyles while becoming industry leaders within their e-bike market. Their designs boast attractive aesthetics coupled with sophisticated features and cost-effective prices; Shengmilo products have long been sought out due to this factor alone.


Shengmilo E Bike features an impressive motor that delivers an exciting ride and can climb inclines up to 35 degrees, as well as a high-quality lithium battery with up to 50 miles of range per charge. Additionally, its comfortable suspension system and ergonomic saddle offer smooth riding experiences; and Shimano shifter and LCD display enable easy monitoring and control.

Sheng Milo specializes in crafting high-quality electric bikes designed for everyday use, perfect for urban commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and people seeking maximum enjoyment out of their time on the road. Their high-grade components and extended battery lifespan make Sheng Milo bikes reliable choices for riders of all levels.

Shengmilo MX03 electric bike features an outstanding Bafang 48V 500W motor for superior power and performance, as well as a semi-integrated battery pack that’s easily removable for charging indoors. It comes equipped with a wide range of speeds suitable for adults between 170-200 cm with its wide set of speeds suited to adult users of 170-200cm height, featuring large tires to easily tackle rough, bumpy terrain with ease while its shock absorbers provide maximum comfort and reliability along with front springs equipped with double shocks plus center shock system to soak up bumpy roads without impact!


Rear suspension is highly efficient and allows it to conquer steep hills and difficult terrain with ease. Wheels made of aluminum alloy are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes while its chain has been sealed for added durability and safety.

This electric bike features multiple working modes to meet your unique needs. With its top speed of 40 km/h and pedal assist capability, this electric bicycle can be used either completely electrically or pedal assisted mode – even at night when riding safely!! Additionally, it boasts LED headlight and horn lighting for added safety at night time riding.

The Shengmilo MX03 features an LCD display which shows key information like speed, mileage and battery level. Additionally, its integrated braking system makes controlling it simpler; and its high-quality suspension and comfortable seat make it an excellent choice for daily commuters or weekend adventurers. Plus, the manufacturer provides an outstanding 1-year frame warranty as well as exceptional customer service!


The Shengmilo Electric Bike was designed with safety and durability in mind, featuring an aluminum frame constructed with top-grade components as well as an extended-life battery with adjustable suspension fork for smooth rides over rough terrain. Perfect for daily commuting, off-roading, recreational rides, long trips or extreme riding conditions – make sure that it’s fully charged before using for long trips or extreme conditions; inspect it frequently and change tires when necessary for optimal results!

This bike features an XOD hydraulic oil brake system for reliable braking, puncture-proof tires for front and rear wheels to help avoid accidents, as well as a headlight to provide safe night riding experience; its large LCD display conveniently shows speed, driving mode, remaining battery power status.

This e-bike features three electric modes, such as Pedal Assist Mode and Electric Mode. In Pedal Assist Mode, a motor provides moderate power assistance while pedaling. When switched into Electric Mode, however, users can twist the throttle for speeds reaching 40km/h top speeds!

The Shengmilo MX03 electric mountain bike was designed with longevity, battery protection and comfort in mind. Equipped with 26″ fat tires and a center shock system to absorb impactful rides over rough, rough, muddy or bumpy roads – as well as being capable of climbing up to 35deg degrees and suitable for most terrains – its 26×4.0″ tires boast 26×4.0 inch fat tread treading on them for superior handling on most terrains.

This bike is constructed of high-grade aluminum for durability and lightweight operation, featuring a suspension fork with double hydraulic disc brakes for superior stability. Furthermore, you can adjust both of these to meet your height needs as well as customize its wheel size to your specific requirements.

Motor Perks

Shengmilo fenders are constructed of metal for greater durability and resistance to damage compared to their plastic counterparts, providing more resistance against damage as well as being designed with a unique mud block module to stop rainwater and mud splashes from landing directly on your body. Plus, their waterproof construction means riding can still happen whatever the weather!

Shengmilo electric bikes come with a one-year limited warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship, including consumables and normal wear and tear. However, the manufacturer cannot be held liable for damages caused by abuse, commercial use, alterations, modifications, or improper follow-up maintenance.

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