Overcome Negative Self Talk

How Can We Overcome Self Talk?

Self talk, what we tell ourselves on a daily basis can really have a drastic effect on how we run and most importantly how much joy and energy we bring to the task.

I had a question from one of my readers who asked me ‘how do I not let negative self talk affect my training?’

I had a long conversation with Lucas Felton of RunnerConnect on this topic and I have a great deal of experience on just how drastic of an affect self talk can have on athletic performance.

A few things to keep in mind as they pertain to training, fitness, running, your athletic lifestyle.

Failure Is Not The End

1. A bad race is not a reason for you to quit. Learn from it and move on but don’t dwell on it very long. It is a worthless waste of your time to give negative time any of your energy.

You can’t bring the race back so just think optimistically about how awesome you are going to run in your next competition.

This is simply all you can do.

Negative self talk isn’t worth your time or energy.

It is a choice to decide how long you want to entertain a race, workout or practically anything that frustrates you.

2. Changing your mindset can be hard but remind yourself that by doing so you will be derailing the negative law of attraction that you simply don’t need in your life.

Life After The Race

3. There is life after racing, age group awards and Boston marathon qualifiers.

Find the balance in your life that will keep you grounded, less stressed over things that don’t matter.

Stressing over a bad race will not bring the race back so why bother? I realize this sometimes can easier said then done but you simply have to have a short term memory with poor performances.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

They sometimes can be our best ammunition to create breakthroughs.

4. Do whatever you have to do to stay motivated.

This can be through running clubs, visiting this site or other running related websites, reading a book, spending time with a loved one. Keep things into perspective.

Nothing is ever as bad as we usually make things out to be.

We Let Our Thoughts Control Us

5. Start slow and gradually build into your training. Make it fun. You don’t need to immediately jump into 90% of your previous weekly mileage the first week back.

There is no rush. Set out to set up a long term training plan that will work, invigorate you and set you up for success.

Don’t be in a rush, pace yourself and you will find yourself much more motivated to succeed if you take your time.

6. Be patient. One of the biggest mistakes runners make it wanting results too quickly when they simply are not prepared to achieve them.

Sometimes it takes years to achieve the goals we set and how many of us let negative self talk get the best of us when we don’t see the results we want as quickly as we would like?

The most patient athlete is also the most driven because they realize others will quit long before they ever will even entertain the thought.

Make the right choice and you won’t live with any form of regret.

Focus on self talk that empowers you.

Time Is Limited

7. What is really important? The ability to try to achieve a goal or to compete or not having the ability at all. Let me remind you of something.

The next time you have a bad race or workout or you miss a personal best keep in mind the men and women in the world who don’t have a roof over their head, food to eat, are sick or don’t have loved ones around them.

Your self talk, if anything, needs to be rooted in positivity.

It is a very quick mental check I give myself when I am feeling down.

It is also an immediate pick-me-up to get up and try again and works very well.

8. If you are dealing with an injury, have dealt with one in the past or can’t run temporarily, do your best to not let it get you down.

Remember, it is only going to take you out for a few weeks or months.

I know how difficult it is, believe me.

I’ve had three knee surgeries, a ruptured plantar is tendon, shin splints, patellar and achilles tendinites more times than I can count.

I’ve also had plantar fasciitis, which took me out for 8 months while stationed overseas in Belgium so I get it but in the big scheme of things you still have your health.

9. If you’re out with an injury find something that is still related to what you love and will help keep you active and motivated to increase your health.

My interest has always been business and health.

What do I mean?

It took me time to warm up to them but before I became an associate I researched their mission.

There is more to life than money. Health comes first.

A company that is helping people do both was a no-brainer for me.

Once I realize that I signed up to be an associate to help others create a happier lifestyle and help other people do the same.

Write Down Your Goals

rundreamachieve10. Write down your goals. They will help hold you accountable for what you are trying to accomplish. We don’t always have someone in our lives to remind us what we need to do. Keep tabs on yourself by doing the small things that will create big changes in your training and fitness.

Sit your shoes and clothes out the night before so when you get up in the morning they will be right there waiting for you. Don’t think, just get up. Someone else will that wants it badly enough I can assure.

Empower and uplift yourself with positive self talk but don’t waste any undue energy entertaining thoughts that will not propel your forward.

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