Self Help Motivation

Self Help Motivation

Self help motivation for runners comes down to the individuals will to succeed, no matter how long it takes. There is no time line. I want to emphasis to you how important motivation is in getting you race ready.running performance, soul running I don’t care if you are a 6 hour marathon or you went out last week and broke 1.05 for the half-marathon.

The name of the game in running is motivation.

Persistence And Patience

Motivation will get you out the door when you don’t want to. It will make the difference when you are racing and you don’t think you can go on.

Results are achieved in direct relationship to the level of enthusiasm you bring to the track-Olympic coach Joe Vigil

I have had countless long runs, races, track workouts that I was unsure I could finish due to the intensity. You have to want it. I have been around world class athletes for the majority of my running career. Big deal. The workouts I have done, race times I have run is not going to help you.

What I can speak of and can help you out with is getting you motivated to start seeing yourself as a better runner. Have you ever wanted to run a marathon yet have always worried you couldn’t run that far. Marathons are for long distance runners and you are not one of them? You have another thing coming. You have what it takes!

hard work beats talentSee The Process Other Don’t

You just have to see running long distance as more pleasure than pain. I am motivated to run a 2.15.00 marathon. It is still my last long term goal. I want to hold 5.10 per mile for the 26.2 miles but even more important is seeing someone else who stops into RunDreamAchieve totally destroy their ‘planned’ goal. I say planned because we all have ideas of what we think we can do in a race. The exciting part is getting out there, putting in the miles and workouts and then creating a masterpiece race. Olympic coach and one of my greatest distance running mentors, Dr. Joe Vigil, puts it like this…

80% of the people wallow in mediocrity and self-pity. Only about 20% see life’s difficulties as a challenge. They have direction. They have goals. CROWD INTO THE UPPER 20%. Do the BEST JOB you know how

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

The single most important factor that has kept me motivated over the years came from three sources.

 Seek The Faith To Do The Impossible

God, Family and the desire to see how far I could take my capability. If you are a 3.53 marathoner trying to get under 3.30 or a 25.00 10K runner trying to run 23.00, motivation is the key and you have to get fired up about it. We all need to be told we are capable of achieving our goals. I have always valued and respected anyone who reached out to assist me in my own aspirations and dreams. A big part of why I formed this site is because of this. Christ said the most powerful statement thousands of years ago that is still just as powerful a half marathon in 2 hours

It is more blessed to give, then it is is to receive. 

I am investing heavily in projects such as Modere, a company devoted to health, wellness and helping others live a healthier and wealthier life.

I am hoping these alternatives will help you and am excited that you will be a part of experiencing them with me.

Giving back to others who are trying to get in shape or run a certain time is the very least I can do. I have known athletes who don’t spend the adequate time they need to helping other runners. We are all not trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials or making an Olympic Team.

Get Out Of Comfort

Be uncomfortable being comfortable, discontent being content- legendary basketball coach John Wooden

Some people just want to finish a 5K or run a mile without having to stop. I am here to tell you that you can do it. How fast I run is not going to help you but what I have learned can and I will be inspired to do nothing less then that It isn’t always easy and time, work and other responsibilities all play a part in making it that way but that doesn’t mean you still can’t achieve your fitness goals. Coach Vigil had a great quote on this…

There are 24 hours in a day, if there are a number of things you have to do, by golly..compartmentalize them so you can do it all

Focus On The Positives

You already have all the power in the world between your ears and I know you can achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself. Stay focused, get fired up about what you are wanting to achieve, make a plan and start envisioning yourself doing it.

benefits of running in the morningDon’t Be Discouraged

I had countless setbacks before I ran my best times. I failed miserably before breaking the 2.20.00 marathon barrier and understand to break 2.15.00 will take some enormous work and dedication to achieve.

I am right there with you. What are some goals you have set for yourself that you need motivation or help with? I welcome you to leave comments.

I understand where you are coming from and am looking forward to hearing how I can help. Don’t give up! Stay motivated! Self help motivation is something we control.

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