Satara Marathon: Bucket List Event

The satara marathon was recently named one of the top 52 best marathons in the world to compete in. That is saying a lot about the organizers, volunteers and staff of this race. The marathon is one of the world’s premier events and the top indian marathons.

satara marathon

The race is usually held at the end of September. It draws in runners from all over India and from around the world. In addition to that, is has prize money for the top runners. The satara hill marathon has been named correctly. It most certainly is not easy. Do not plan on running a personal best on this course.

What you can plan on is having a great time, running in beauty and with the incredible people of India. The india running community continues to grow throughout the country. The marathon distance only the recent past has exponentially grown throughout India. If there was ever a time to compete in the Satara Hill marathon it is now.

The Race Route of The Satara Hill Marathon

The race starts and finishes at the Talim Sangh Ground. You will start to experience hills shortly after 1 kilometer into the race. Cozy huh? What you can expect is breathtaking views as you pass the waterfalls just past 5 kilometers.

You’ll reach Eagle Nest Point which is the highest point in the course just past 8 kilometers as you pass Kanher Dam. Runners will pass the Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort where they will see the famous “Runner Family” statues.

You can take the blessings of the Lord Ganesha as you pass Vishwa Ganesh Mandir just passed 10 kilometers. In addition to that, runners will get beautiful views of the Kanher dam on the right hand side of the road at the turnaround.

There is a slight detour just passed 19.5 kilometers where runners pass the Adalatwada. The Adalatwada is a palatial residence of one of the senior members of the Satara Royal Family.

How To Prepare For The PNB Metlife Satara Hill Marathon?

Train on the hills. The best half marathon or marathon plan should encompass running on both flat and hilly terrain.

Anyone training for and preparing for the satara marathon needs to lengthen the long run and train on hills. The key to sustaining pace over the 26.2 mile distance is training at or below your goal marathon race pace.

That being said, the satara hill marathon is not the chicago or berlin marathon. It does not comprise of flat roads where you can really focus on pace. This is a different kind of marathon. It is actually called an ultra marathon despite being 13.1 miles or 21.1 kilometers long.

The best way to prepare for the his marathon is to focus on your endurance and stamina. What should be the goal of this race? Well, it should not be a fast time although many runners still routinely run well here. What should be more of the goal is to finish and experience the views and vistas.

Can Elite Runners Compete In The Satara Marathon?

Absolutely. Runners of all ability levels are welcome to compete at this event. How competitive is this race? Chala Benga won the 2017 edition of this race for the men. Zewditu Woekie won the overall female race in a sizzling 1:24:19. So, this is a very competitive half marathon.

Furthermore, the race is commonly called the Satara marathon but is actually considered an ultra marathon. This race is truly awesome. The Satara event was named by the Guinness Book of World Records has having the most runners in a mountain run. How many? 4,801 to be exact. It is one of the most beautiful half marathon events in the world.

How Can RunDreamAchieve Help You PR At The Satara Marathon?

I have been sharing helpful insights and training tips here for over 7 years. In addition to that, I’ve been competing for over 27 years. It is my duty and obligation to help the people of India and its magnificent runners.

There are a lot of hills on this course so the athlete must train for both hills and downhills. There are some shorter flat sections as well. Despite the hilly terrain, runners are running great times on this course. The race organization is world-class and that is clearly event from all the awards they are winning.

The key for runners training for this event and any other event in India is following a solid 5K to marathon training plan. We have multiple choices of training schedules here to choose from. There are beginner level 5K training plans to advanced-level marathon training plans.

In addition to that, we have the RunDreamAchieve Academy.launched in 2018. Our first course was the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro. Currently, I am working on a new course for 4 hour marathoners called Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery. This course will focus on helping 4:59 to 4:00 marathoners run 3:59:59 or faster.

Are you interested in getting started with us? All you need to is fill out the information below and we will contact you when we launch. You’ll also be receiving 30 percent off the launch price for signing up early as well.

4 hour marathon

Common Mistakes Runners Make That We Try To Provide Solutions For

  1. Pace sustainment

Runners all over the world desire to finish the 5K to marathon distances in a timely fashion. There are athletes with specific time goals like those that was to break the 2 hour half marathon. Perhaps you desire to run under the 3 hour marathon.

Maintaining pace for the entire distance of your race is key to earning a personal best. This adaptation only occurs from training at or below your goal race pace. It doesn’t necessarily take talent but it does take proper planning and execution. There are many talented runners that miss their racing and fitness goals.

Learn From The Mistakes Other Runners Make

What went wrong? There is no shortage of determined athletes in India. The problem is we as runners have to train at or below the paces we want to hold for the entire race distance. Practice makes perfect they say. There is truth in that. If your goal is to break the 4 hour marathon you have to get used to 5:41 kilometer pace.

My goal with the RunDreamAchieve training plans is to get you to run faster. In addition to that, I want you to set yourself up for success in training. Furthermore, training should be the most difficult part of preparing for a race. The race itself should never be as hard as the race.

2. Not Having A Proper Plan

Runners already are busy people. They don’t need to be worried or concerned about what workout they need to do each day. RunDreamAchieve training plans take the guesswork out of your routine. They are easily downloadable and are instantly accessible upon purchase.

Each day of each week is easily displayed on each powerpoint presentation slide. They are simple to follow and get results. One of the best perks of investing in a RunDreamAchieve training plan is the daily tips you’ll receive located on each plan.

Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

It is critical to have a strong 5K to marathon training plan that will get you results. It isn’t just about putting in mileage or how many kilometers per week you are running. What are you putting into those kilometers? The best runners in the world make running look easy for a reason.

They have a large percentage of their weekly training volume run at faster paces. Are you a beginner? Is this going to be the first time you have run the satara marathon? We have the perfect plans for you as well. This is an outstanding race, one of the most beautiful and well-organized half marathons in the world.

Rely On A Strong Support Structure To Compete Well At The Satara Marathon

I have mentioned a few resources such as the RunDreamAchieve Academy and our RunDreamAchieve training plans. There is also the new RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel launched in January 2019. I have written mostly free content here for over 7 years but was not investing my time with video.

Please make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel and get notifications of new videos. I plan to fully commit to ensuring I answer as many questions as I possibly can with this resource. My goal is to help athletes in India and around the world gain confidence and race better.

Below is a recent video where I discuss some of the key strategies runners need to follow to break the 3 hour marathon.

Now, your goal may not be to break the 3 hour marathon but there are some strategies here that can assist you.

This is just an example of some of the content I will be creating for runners who need mentorship. Are you a total beginner? You bet I will be focused on making videos for you as well. This isn’t just about making videos for elite runners.


Lastly, a strong support structure and getting guidance from other people who have done what you desire to do is essential. It keeps your marathon motivation levels high and you set up for success. I hope this article on the magnificent satara marathon has been of assistance to you. The race organizers of this race have done an incredible job. There are few running events in the world that can match what this race provides.

In conclusion, the satara marathon is one of the top 52 marathons in the world according to Runners World. One of my top recommendations as well.

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