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Are you asking how do I find a running trail near me? You are not alone. Trail running is becoming more and more popular. Here in America we have far too much pavement and concrete.

running trail near me

Running on trails is a much better alternative to running on pavement and harder surfaces. I’m always in search for a new locations to run and away from hard surfaces if at all possible.

We spend so much time doing workouts on the roads and track it is a nice change of pace to get on softer surfaces.

What Makes Trail Running Unique?

Trail running is often times conducted on uneven surfaces. In addition, you challenge muscles groups that you otherwise wouldn’t be using

As you continue your journey to being a better runner you have to think outside of the box.

What is my competition doing that I am not? How often are they training on trails? If you are seeking running trails near you check out your local parks and recreation website.

For example, I live in South Bend, Indiana so I commonly go to South Bend Venues,Parks & Arts

It is as simple as that. Your local parks and recreation site can provide some very helpful information if you are seeking running routes near where you live

Furthermore, you can also check out Google Maps which is always a great resource if you asking for running routes near you.

Running On Trails Is A Healthier Alternative

The second best alternative outside or trail running is running on an all-weather track.

Have you ever watched the Kenyans training in Africa? One thing they certainly have that we don’t have a lot of here in States is dirt roads.

If you are fortunate to live in Colorado or out west I salute you. I lived in Colorado Springs for nearly 7 years and constantly ran on trails and dirt roads.

I had three knee surgeries when I was in college all on account of running on harder surfaces. The logical choice if you have the opportunity is trail running.

Runners that have the luxury of running on softer surfaces as opposed to those who don’t are already at an advantage.

They have less risk of injury if they are training properly. Running on pavement and concrete is extremely demanding on ligaments and joints.

Obviously, running on trails is fun but also comes with it additional hazards. You really have to stay focused on trails. I’ve slipped several times over the years running through the woods.

A few weeks ago I slipped on a patch of ice at the end of my drive way. It took me out for a month. Why? I landed on my rib cage and severely bruised my ribs.

Sometimes these things happen so always be cognizant of your footing no matter where you are.

Are There Trail Running Events Near Me?

A great resource if you are seeking a trail running event is That is a great website to find out the perfect trail events to compete in.

Is doesn’t matter if you are preparing to run your first 5K or planning to finally break the 3 hour marathon trail running can help.

The reason being it often times takes the stress off of worrying about pace and splits. Let’s face it, we all need a break from that sometimes.

Trails can be a great alternative to a tempo run you may have had planned. It can be challenging and will also help keep your heart elevated.

Helpful Tips To Become A Better Runner

Seek out a Mentor – find a coach, consultant or group nearby where you live to hold you accountable.

It is much easier to go after your goals when you have a reason to do so. Get immersed in the activity and surround yourself with the right people.

Search for successful runners, find out what they do and duplicate their work habits. I know it is much easier said than done but that is truly the secret.

Successful athletes didn’t get that way simply off of talent. I have come across less than a handful in my 27 years who have relied specifically off their talent.

I have yet to have met one athlete in 27 years who didn’t have to work hard to run fast. Your goal may not be to break a 4 hour marathon or break a 20 minute 5K.

That being said, we all have goals whether they are time specific or not.

Vary up the pace of your runs – changes in pace is what you need to practice in order to run faster. Your goal may not be time specific. That being said, if you want to finish a 5K or longer race practicing running at different paces always helps.

Train at or below your goal race pace – the only way to make race pace feel easier is to train at faster efforts. This takes patience and persistence.

Check out this extensive post on tempo runs if you want more specific information regarding this. There are a lot of different areas you can focus on to be a better athlete.

If you are asking yourself is there a running trail near me there are resources available to you. Definitely check out your local parks and recreation website and/or Google Maps.

Other Helpful Resources To Add to Your Tool Kit

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