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Running sweatshirts make an excellent addition to any workout wardrobe, providing comfort while acting as an effective layer to control body temperature and manage sweat production.

Select sweatshirts made of performance fabric like polyester, merino wool or nylon for optimal moisture wicking, quick drying times and to avoid chafing. These materials will keep you cool and comfortable!

1. They’re Comfortable

Although wearing cotton sweatshirts might seem comfortable for running, their moisture-wicking properties could actually impede your workout and leave you drenched when running. Running hoodies made from moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you cool and dry as you workout.

Other than absorbing and wicking away moisture, some hoodies feature built-in cooling technologies to further keep you at an ideal temperature while you exercise. This may involve coating the inside fabric with silver, which reflects sunlight back onto you while running and helps reduce body heat build-up during run sessions.

Hoodies that feature special technology to vaporize sweat from your skin is another way they can help keep you cooler while running, known as evaporative cooling, to help keep you feeling cool and dry during exercise. Most running hoodies will offer this feature, so it is wise to search out one with this feature when shopping for new apparel.

Traditional hoodies may be great for lounging around at home, but when heading outside for your workout it is essential that you wear clothing designed specifically for running or working out. Hoodies that are specifically made for running include features like zippered pockets to secure belongings while running.

Adidas offers this comfortable hoodie made of recycled materials as an option for your workout, complete with features that make it suitable for runners – like full front zipper and reflective stripes for increased visibility during runs as well as breathable mesh back for improved airflow during running.

2. They’re Versatile

Active sweatshirts can be the perfect accompaniment for both daily tasks and longer walks in the park, whether it’s running errands or simply enjoying some peaceful time on your own. With multiple styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one suitable for any activity – and there are even options with hoods designed specifically for running.

Be sure to choose a sweatshirt made of lightweight, breathable fabric when choosing one for running. A thick fleece may add weight, restrict movement while running and make workouts harder than necessary. Instead, look for brands like Vuori Outdoor Voices or Alo that specialize in creating sweatshirts designed specifically to move with you as you run.

Your choice of fabric depends heavily on both location and climate when running outdoors. Polyester or nylon fabrics may be best suited to cold climate running conditions; some companies even provide natural fiber options like merino wool for runners who prefer natural materials with natural regulating and wicking properties.

Flexible Materials

If you plan on running in variable conditions, look for a sweatshirt with flexible materials and features such as flatlock seams. These seams are stitched together with heat-applied tape that offers low profile stitching to reduce bulk while helping prevent chafing while on the move.

Sweatshirts often include thumbholes to provide greater hand coverage and warmth without needing gloves. You may also find one with an inner liner designed to wick away moisture quickly while protecting against sun rays.

Some active sweatshirts feature UPF ratings to provide protection from UVA and UVB rays from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays – something which should be a top priority for anyone who enjoys spending time outside with an extra level of sun protection while wearing their favorite sweatshirt or hoodie on runs or walks.

3. They’re Stylish

Running sweatshirts can be stylish. Some designs resemble classic t-shirts while others sport sportier aesthetics; there are even running hoodies available with back vents and perforated fabric to improve airflow – perfect for either gym runs or longer runs in the park! When it comes time for workout time or leisurely runs in nature, running sweatshirts make running more comfortable (and you look good while doing so!). So whether running to class or on long distance runs around town, don your sweatshirt confidently while looking good doing it!

Most of the sweatshirts on this list are composed of synthetic fibers, but there are a few natural materials as well. Merino wool used in a running sweatshirt helps keep you warm while simultaneously wicking away moisture away from your body as you workout. Plus, its soft feel stands up well over repeated wears without getting worn down or stinky!

These running sweatshirts offer great value because of their variety in terms of colors and styles – you’re sure to find something that reflects your own personal aesthetic! Furthermore, many are expertly printed onto ethically sourced and sweatshop-free apparel; plus most are cut athletically for greater coverage in sleeves and chest area if necessary. And finally if sizing is an issue go up two sizes as these athletic cuts are designed specifically for runners!

Many runners prefer running in long sleeved running sweatshirts because they provide greater warmth retention while keeping out cold air. Brooks offers this design from lightweight yet wind-resistant material ideal for cold-weather running, featuring a full front zipper for easy on/off when warming up or cooling down, a high neckline to keep the neck warm, and waist drawstring to help seal in heat retention.

4. They’re Functional

Functionality is equally as essential when it comes to running sweatshirts: the shirt must wick moisture away from your skin while providing enough breathability to stay cool during physical exertion.

Synthetic fabrics designed to quickly wick away sweat are ideal, such as polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. You may want to opt for mixes incorporating spandex or elastane for additional stretchiness and mobility; some synthetic fibers even boast anti-odor properties! You may also find natural materials with sweat-wicking capabilities; however these tend to be less durable and often more expensive; wool offers year-round temperature regulation with breathability, odor control capabilities, sweat wicking properties as well as being flexible and stretchy than its counterparts.

Closing Thoughts

Your ideal running sweatshirt should fit close to the body without clinging when you sweat, which is why many are designed with an athletic cut for this purpose. Some even feature thumbholes to accommodate glove use while keeping sleeves in place; other styles offer built-in moisture wicking inner liners which help keep you warm and dry during workouts.

Some sweatshirts can provide additional wind and rain resistance during inclement weather workouts, helping you power through even when conditions get difficult. Other features to look out for are back vents with perforated fabric to promote airflow, hidden pockets for phones or keys, high collars to keep out cold air, as well as built-in headphone cord loops allowing you to listen to music as you exercise. You may even find running hoodies that come equipped with headphone cord loops so you can listen to tunes while exercising!

Running sweatshirts provide additional sun protection. A light-colored shirt will reflect away sunrays and keep skin temperatures down while UPF 50+ sun protection provides 50% or more sun blockage; adding a hat and sunglasses will provide even further sun defense.

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