Running On A Treadmill: How To Overcome The Boredom

running on a treadmillRunning on a treadmill can be boring but is worth it.

I have trained on treadmills for years and have never looked at training on one as being less of a workout as running outside.

You hear common terminologies all the time about how you should run at a 1% incline to mimic running outside.

This is true. You obviously have to change the incline slightly as you have 0 wind resistance as compared to running outside.

Truth is, at least for me, running on a treadmill has always felt harder then running outside.

I have had situations due to my job that have forced me to train on treadmills so I can write quite a bit on the subject.I have tried the 1% incline idea but most of the time just run on a 0% incline.

If I am aiming for a 10 mile run at 5.30 pace, I’ll run it at 5.2o pace at a 0% incline.The most important thing you have to remember is training effect.

Time on your feet and training at intensities that are going to bring about a physiological change is the name of the game.

If your trying to hit 6.15 pace for your 5K, then you have to mimic that pace. A treadmill is a great way to practice that exact pace.

If you don’t want to run at a 1% incline to equal running outside and want to run with no incline then target a 6.04-08 per mile pace.

The pace may be faster but this will equal out running with no incline. You can try either method but ensure it is what feels the best for you.

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Set on One Pace

If, for example, 6.15 per mile pace is what you are looking to hit for a 5K race. It is very easy to set that pace on a treadmill and practice running at your goal pace.

Zero Wind

Obviously, this is a great fact about running indoors. We all like races that land on calm days.

The opposite is what we try to avoid but unfortunately, I am sure, we all have experienced what it feels like trying to hit goal pace while running into a head wind, not fun.

No Traffic

If your like me, dodging cars and exhaust fumes is just not cool. My idea of a great run is taking my happy self out in the woods on a dirt trail and away from everything. Treadmill running, in a sense, does this.

The Best Runners in The World Train on Them

I have never had a problem training on treadmills.

I always felt that if the best runners in the world consider them a training tool then so will I

 It is boring

that being said, depending on how motivated you are to attain your goal. You will deal with this in a positive light. Yes, running in one sport staring at the wall or a mirror can be boring but envisioning yourself nailing that finish line under your goal time makes a boring experience quite interesting.

I have countless runs on treadmills where I was bored out of my mind but you have to accept that, change your mindset and know that your hard work, boredom of endless miles, and running on the treadmill is going to pay dividends.

The Bottom Line

Motivated athletes deal with being uncomfortable knowing that the pleasure of achieving their goal outweighs the pain of the work needed to bring it to fruition.

I have used treadmill running for the past seven years. Never feel like you’re doing less by jumping on one. Think about, if the best runners on the planet can accept it as a training tool. Why not you?

Runners don’t usually like training on treadmills due to boredom or feel as though they are doing less by training on one. Galen Rupp, American record holder for the 10,000m run (26.49) trains extensively on the X80 Underwater Treadmill.

Check this video out.

I only wish I was able to be bored training in a pool running on one of these!

For a cool, $3,241.87, you can get the Swimex SPT Underwater Treadmill.

Well you may be like me, an athlete with a love-hate relationship with treadmill training, but if you are completely against treadmill running, I encourage you to give it a shot.

Training on one doesn’t mean you’re doing less and many times, especially in inclement weather, running on a treadmill is the smarter choice. A great product that breaks up the monotony of running on a treadmill is outside interactive.

Remember your goals

Think about your goals, envision yourself crossing the finish line of your race with a far faster time than expected.

If your stuck staring at a wall for 45 minutes to 2 hours wear an iPod  Music is a great alternative to getting through running in one location for long periods of time.

If Mebratom Kheflezghi, 2004 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist, listens to music on runs, running with an iPod should be a consideration to overcome the treadmill hate and add some love at the same time.

My rationale behind training on treadmills has been that if it is a training tool the best runners in the world use, then I am going to implement it into my own training. I have for the past seven years.

I started adding in interval workouts and even long runs (have went as far as 22 miles) on treadmills.

Weather permittingafter running a marathon

That being said, I would much rather train on the roads if weather permits but if it is -10 degrees outside with 2 feet of snow on the ground, deciding to run on the treadmill doesn’t make you less of a runner.

Remember that. It is common sense to consider it, so never think you’re doing less if you decide to train on one.

I am assuming that the vast majority visiting rundreamachieve have, in fact, trained extensively on treadmills.

What are your experiences? Have you felt as though you got more out of running on a treadmill than you have training outside or vice versa?

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