Running a 5 Minute Mile Like a Boss

Are you seeking the right strategy in running a 5 minute mile more effectively? If so, welcome to I am certain you will be able to eventually run 4:59 or faster for the distance. No, it will not be easy but it isn’t impossible. I have run 4:22.10 for the mile and 2:19 for the marathon and understand what it takes to run fast. No, I didn’t have a lot of talent. What I did have was an enormous amount of work ethic. So, I relied on what I had much more of. It complimented the small amount of physical capability that I did have. My goal with this post is to provide a brief overview of the Sub 5 Minute Leader Course you may want to check out.

Also, to provide some hints of the types of workouts you need to be thinking about. What I see in most athletes is they are not lacking motivation. There are many runners who want to break the 5 minute mile barrier. That being said, far fewer have the commitment and belief in delayed gratification to make it a reality. There is nothing easy about running at sub 5 minute mile pace. The only way to achieve this is to train at, near and far below sub 5 min mile pace.

So, running a 5 minute mile comes down to improving your lactate tolerance. Also, focusing on quality versus quantity. Remember, this is a highly anaerobic event. So, higher mileage isn’t always the answer. Smarter training is.

What Pace is a 5 Minute Mile?

Running a 5 minute mile means you need to run at 12 miles per hour. The athlete needs to sustain between 74 to 75 seconds per lap for 4 consecutive laps around the track. The trick is slowing down less than your competition. Your competition will always wait until the last lap to try to make a move on you. My recommendation is to attack 600 meters out from the finish line. Also, watch your pacing. Do not go out in 68 seconds the first lap unless you are prepared to handle it. Remember, the goal is to negative split. So, start off conservative and attack at the right time in the race. You also want to ensure you are focusing on your nutrition. A lot of athletes don’t ingest enough protein. It is vital to ensure your muscles are recovered from the hard, anaerobic training that you are doing.

running a 5 minute mile
founder of the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course being tested at the USA Olympic Training Center

The third lap is where most athletes get the weakest. You want to be stronger during that lap and be able to pick up the pace when your competition will be just trying to maintain theirs. It is absolutely essential to not try to win the race in the first lap. This mistake costs many runners their sub 5 minute mile goal. The reason being is they went far too anaerobic too soon. The goal of the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course is to help prevent you from doing this. In addition, to know the correct workouts to do and the reasons behind those workouts. So, it is vital to train smarter rather than harder when it comes to breaking 5 minutes.

How Do I Train to Run a 5 Minute Mile?

How often do you visualize yourself running across the finish line with a 4 in front of the clock? The majority of athletes neglect mental training. We all focus so much of our efforts on physical training that we forget this. The best middle to long distance runners I have trained and lived with took this seriously. So should you. Remember, you are aiming for excellence, not average results. So, you need to start correcting the leaks in your training from the past. If you haven’t broken the 5 minute mile barrier yet it simply means you need to make a few changes.

Are you lacking in talent? Do not be discouraged. What you lack in talent can be made up for with work ethic. Sure, it may take longer for you to break the barrier. That being said, the goal here is to achieve the goal itself no matter how long it takes. My goal with this course is to speed up the process. It is much easier to follow a sub 5 minute mile training plan when you know what workouts to do. In addition, to know the purpose of the workouts and the correct paces you need to hit them in.

How to Run a 5 Minute Mile on a Treadmill

I would recommend placing the treadmill on a 1 percent incline. The reason for this is you want to mimic the equivalent of running outdoors. There is no wind resistance on a treadmill. In addition, conditions are much better indoors on a treadmill versus outdoors. That being said, it seems to be more difficult running on a treadmill for many athletes. Again, you are on a set pace at 12MPH on a treadmill. So, you want to ensure that you have a legitimate treadmill to handle this type of pace.

The key to sustaining sub 5 minute mile pace is training at paces that far exceed this. I always trained closer to 4 minute mile pace to finally break the 5 minute barrier. Below is my progression for the 1600 meters as a high school athlete for your review…

  • Freshman year (5:30 lowering it to 5:09 by the end of my freshman year)
  • Sophomore year – 4:38
  • Junior year – 4:32
  • Senior year – 4:25
  • Freshman year in college – 4:22.10 for the full-mile (1609 meters)

Closing Thoughts

So, I hope that this post on what it takes to running a 5 minute mile has bee helpful. Of course, this is a just an overview. My best recommendation if you truly want to break the 5 minute barrier? Invest in your personal development and check out the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course. You can click the button below to learn more about the course. It concludes with a 16-week sub 5 minute mile training plan.

The course concludes with a complete overview of each of the 16 weeks. I discuss all of the workouts and the paces at which you need to be doing them at. It is probably the most in-depth course for athletes seeking to run a 4:59 or faster mile time on the internet. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and wish you the very best in breaking 5.

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