Running 5 Minute Mile Tips to Run 4:59

There are many people around the world seeking running 5 minute mile tips. So, figured I would touch on this topic to help assist you if your goal is to run 4:59 or faster over the mile distance. I started running the mile as a freshman in high school. The first time I ran it I ran 5:30 lowering the time to 5:09 by the end of my freshman. 3 years later as a senior I ran 4:25. Of course, this was for 1600m which high schoolers here in the united States of America. My personal best over the full-mile (1609m) is now 4:22.10.

A common mistake most athletes make is not training adequately at, near and far below sub 5 minute mile pace. Furthermore, they can race for most of the race at this pace but struggle in the latter stages of the event. So, training at, near and far below 5 min mile pace is critical for success. The key is to teach the body to efficiently clear lactic acid more effectively. Of course, this is not an easy task as only training at highly anaerobic efforts can produce this effect. Yes, running slow and easy is still important to build endurance. That being said, you need strength and stamina to hold sub 5 minute mile pace effectively.

Is Running a Mile in 5 Minutes Fast?

Yes. There is nothing easy about running 4:59 or faster for the mile. The current world record for the mile is 3:43.13 set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco. The vast majority of runners around the world all desire to run faster. The mile is a key element in their success. The reason being is the faster you can run over the shorter distances the stronger you will be over the long distances. So, running 5 minute mile pace takes patience, focus and motivation. Yes, you do have to have some form of physiological capability to hold sub-75 second per lap pace. I created the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader course to help athletes such as yourself to do exactly that.

I fully understand the complexity of running 5 minute mile pace over 4 consecutive laps. Again, the key is sustaining pace more efficiently than your competition. The pace is going to hurt regardless how fit you are because the race is such a highly anaerobic race. Our goal here is to improve your lactate tolerance. So, if you are running too many miles or kilometers too slow you will never break the 5 minute mile barrier. A sub 5 min requires your ability to withstand lactic acid in a more efficient way compared to your competition. Yes, you still need to run fast to compete fast. That being said, you also need to recover. So, easy and slow running is still critical for success.

How to Run a 5 Minute Mile on a Treadmill

I would rate running a 5 minute mile on a treadmill as more difficult than outside. Of course, you would need to place the incline to 1% to equal running outdoors. You have no wind resistance on a treadmill. In addition, the temperatures are much more beneficial running indoors versus outdoors. So, running 5 minute mile pace on a treadmill will require immense focus on the part of the athlete. Again, it comes down to the athlete’s ability to manage ever increasing amounts of lactic acid build up. You cannot run economically by just running slow miles or kilometers for the majority of your training build up.

You should be conducting 1, Vo2 max workout per week. Vo2max is your maximum oxygen uptake. It is training at speed that are so aggressive you simply cannot clear the lactic acid faster than it is building up. Remember, the key to breaking 5 minutes for the mile is doing training at various intensities. In addition, the longer you spend training at your anaerobic threshold or tempo pace, the better. The reason is you build that strength and stamina that you will need come race day. How you taper for your race is also key. I teach you how to do it correctly in the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader Course.

How to Run 1 Mile in 5 Minutes

Non-stop, consistent action is how you do it. Remember, it isn’t about the volume of the training you are doing but the quality. The mile is not the marathon. So, you have much less time to make a mistake in this race. You cannot go out in 65 seconds the first lap of a mile aiming to break 5 minutes. You have to be smarter about your pace and attack when your competition is at its weakest. The third lap of the race is where you want to make the big moves and especially 600 meters out from the finish line. The reason being is the third lap of the mile is where most runners get the weakest. So, you don’t wait until 400 meters to go to make a move. You want to attack when your competitors are waiting until the last lap to try to make a move.

The goal to running 5 minute mile pace is training at paces that are closer to 4:20 to 4:30 mile pace. One, you are running much faster than you expect to hold for a full-mile. Secondly, you will get sub 5 minute mile pace to feel easier and less aggressive. Yes, it will hurt no matter how fit you get. That being said, if you train and taper properly you are going to run well below 5 minutes for the mile. You also need to make sure you are paying attention to your nutrition as well. The best middle to long distance runners are always focusing on all the areas of the success puzzle, not just a few.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this brief overview what it takes in running 5 minute mile pace has been helpful. Do you want to take your training and racing to the next level? If so, I highly suggest checking out the Sub 5 Minute Mile Leader Course by clicking the link below. There has never been a better time than now to start training like the professional that you are. I know this course will help distance yourself from others athletes who are merely interested in becoming a sub 5 minute miler. I’ll see you on the inside.

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