Running 2024 | New Year Goal Setting

Running 2022

Running 2022 goals should be challenging and even unreasonable.

That is all we have ever hear.

Be reasonable.

Play it safe.

Invest for the long-term.

Balance yourself.

Pace yourself.

The bottom line is we should be living life to the max and exploring all avenues of our capabilities.

I share business opportunities here because it is a known fact that most people are living paycheck to paycheck.

Running 2022 the way you want to prepare for it is going to make all the difference in the world.

How To Make Major Gains With Your Running In 2022

  1. Focus on race pace training.

I can assure you high anaerobic training will test your limits but the surest way to make significant gains with your running is their form of training.

Extending the amount of time you are holding a higher heart rate teaches the body to adapt to higher levels of lactic acid.

The faster you can clear it the better and this adaptation only occurs when running at higher intensities.

Don’t rush the process and don’t get overwhelmed or second guess yourself.

Remember, it takes a minimum of 21 days to adapt to any stress load.

The process of getting fitter is a process as we all know and patience is just about as big of a process.

2. Extend your long run

Running fast all the time isn’t the only tactic to use in 2022.

You will absolutely demolish your previous personal bests in the new year simply by extending your long run distances.

Extending your long run not only teaches the body to burn fat more efficiently but also test you mentally.

If the farthest you have gone is 3 miles work toward 5, then to 7 and gradually increase.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be fast but I would recommend every other weekend spending part of the run at a higher heart rate.

I always did my long runs at 160 beats per minute.

As you get fitter you will find that that is a very demanding pace.

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It was for me anyway.

At my fittest, I would do 18-22 mile long runs anywhere from 5:35-5:50 pace at 160 beats per minute which was around 85-88% effort for me.

My best marathon is 2:19:35 or 5:19 per mile and prior to running that PR my best was 2:40:02/

The way I dropped that much time?

Longer, harder long runs.

The are, by far, the hardest workout I do.

Harder then tempo runs, track workouts and hills.

3. Do not neglect speed workouts

Some runners do better just focusing on harder long runs and mileage and don’t even do much speed.

Others use a combination of them all.

Every runner is different but can assure you focusing on speed, even in short bursts will make your 2022 racing season a success.

If you are a beginner start off just doing a few moderately hard strides of about 50 to 100 meters during or after your easy runs.

Gradually move toward longer reps.

A favorite of mine is getting on the track, doing 12 laps of sprinting the straight aways, jog the corners.

Don’t time the sprints. No pressure.

Just get out there and get the effort in.

Don’t be in a rush.

This is one of the biggest mistakes runners make.

They want results immediately.

Wish it worked that way but is not the case.

If you are just getting into your running routine try doing 1 lap of sprinting the straight away, walk the corners.

Do that for 2 weeks, then move to 2 laps.

You always want to be thinking long-term and challenging yourself.

4. Start A Business

Probably not what you thought of as a way to run faster in 2022.

What do I mean?

Well, having an additional residual income stream coming in on top of your paycheck can cut down not only expenses but worry and concern over it.

Less stress = better running.

Better sleep

Confidence in knowing you have income coming in whether you work or you do not work.

The multi-level marketing industry is an annual $187 billion dollar business.

I’ve been involved with Herbalife for just over 5 years as a nutritional product distributor and wearing/sharing the helo device for nearly a year.

Your running 2022 goals will be even more sweet when you have one major hurdle that a lot of people deal with off your back, debt.

There are countless amounts of people out there working long hours only to give a large portion of their paycheck to banks that do not loan one red cent to people.

I have a brother and sister in law that are dealing with a bank that is threatening them with foreclosure.

The bottom line is if you can leverage your time in 2022 better your running performances will improve as well.

A lot of people have a lot of money but many don’t have the time to enjoy it.

Others have no money and still very little time to focus on their health.

Unlimited amounts of money, limited time.

Once major way to leverage it is to start your own home based business.

You can still work a job you love (or hate) to pay the bills and working your side hustle on the side while you train.

6. Focus on long intervals

It all depends on the runner you are but regardless if a newbie or experienced veteran long, hard intervals will recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers.

The fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment the better.

This will improve your body’s oxygen transport capacity thus making you a more efficient athlete.

The best runners make it look easy only because they have spent a great deal of time sharpening the ax.

My best mile time as a high school freshman was 5:09.

I never envisioned being a marathoner and most certainly not holding 5:19 pace for 26.2 miles.

That being said, it didn’t happen overnight.

Nothing worthwhile does but that also doesn’t mean it isn’t impossible to get quick results.

How are you setting up your training is crucial.

7. Think long-term

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my career and saw far too many athletes making is getting too bent out of shape over a poor performance.

Ok to feel bad but it shouldn’t be more than a few hours.

The biggest way to make a significant impact on your goals in 2022 is to write them down and expect for them to be accomplished in the long term.

You’ll still get some goals achieved in the short term but the tough ones might take a year, 5, 10.

It took me 18 years to finally break the 2:20:00 marathon barrier.

That might not be your goal but if you can keep the training aspect of it fun, stay focused and make some long-term goals it will keep you in the game longer.

You have to find ways to spice things up with your training.

It can be dull sometimes getting out on the road and track every day and you will have some days where you are going to feel like shit.

Keep reminding yourself of what you want.

Lose weight?

Run a faster 5K or marathon?

Drop an hour off your marathon time?

Run a sub 2:30 marathon?

Hopefully these running 2022 tactics will help you in the new year.

Figured I’d start helping athletes the best I could as we near 2022.

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