Run London Running Apparel Review

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Find your gear at these top running shops in London to make this run a success!

Asics’ Oxford Street flagship not only stocks all the latest trainers and kit, but hosts free weekly community runs as well as strength and yoga classes in its top-of-the-line studio.

Up & Running

Up & Running offers running shoes, apparel and accessories that help runners of all levels attain the runner’s high. From casual wear to technical equipment and accessories made right here in Europe.

London runners looking for running shoes will appreciate this popular chain’s convenient locations across London; their stores feature trainers to suit all types of runners with expert staff available to assist them in selecting their ideal pair. Plus, they stock compression clothing, hats and gloves as well as other training accessories to complete your training regimen!

Profeet was established in 2001 to help people perform at their highest level – regardless of sport. They assess your foot shape, movement patterns, stance and gait to create custom insoles tailored specifically to your shoes for optimum performance and comfort – they can be found at 867-869 Fulham Road near Parsons Green station.

Ellis Brigham

Ellis Brigham is one of the UK’s premier retailers for ski, mountaineering and hiking equipment. To celebrate their 80th anniversary this short film provides an overview of its history as an industry leader as well as family tradition that has led them there.

Ellis Reynolds Shipp was born in Utah as the fifth of six children. Her father passed away before she reached 10th birthday, leaving no inheritance or means to support herself financially. At 17 she left home to pursue higher education at University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia; upon completion she moved back home and taught school there until moving back to Salt Lake City after graduation and beginning teaching full time.

While working as a teacher, she met and married Milford Shipp, a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serving in Fillmore, Utah. Later transferred to San Francisco’s Mission San Fernando where he became involved in polygamy activities.

Ellis worked tirelessly and earned money sewing garments and guarding cadavers at a hall of cadavers to cover her education and living expenses, raising six children, as well as serving as a nurse to community members recovering from accidents or injuries. Even during times of religious and social turmoil in the US, she persevered in her educational and professional endeavors.

The Running Works

The Running Works is a locally-owned and independently-operated running store offering shoes, clothing, accessories and group runs every Sunday morning. Top brands such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance are featured along with high-quality apparel by German company Willpower designed to combine functional features with aesthetic design to help athletes feel at ease when hitting the track.

Tracksmith, the popular boutique US brand, has now arrived in London with its flagship store offering an immersive experience including hidden gait analysis technology. Just take a few strides on the floor and you’ll receive shoe suggestions based on your gait and feet! Additionally, Tracksmith serves as a community space with panel discussions and workout classes being hosted there regularly.

The Running Works is an independent retailer located in London offering some of the top running shoes and clothing brands available today, along with accessories like GPS watches and hydration packs. Furthermore, this Marylebone store hosts free weekly community and training runs as well. Their staff of experienced runners understand all the latest innovations in running gear; their goal is to find products suitable for runners of any level of experience.

Run and Become

Run and Become is one of the largest running stores around, providing everything from shoes and gear to accessories. Their helpful staff will assess your gait before suggesting the ideal shoes for you. In addition, Run and Become hosts weekly community and training runs that provide an opportunity to meet fellow runners in the area.

Ashmei of London stands for sustainable performance – both for athletes* and the environment. Their eco-friendly products use merino wool in order to reduce waste while supporting athletes during strenuous workouts. With performance, social responsibility and durability all in mind, these high-performance pieces have proven immensely popular with trail and ultra runners and can be found at Run and Become, Territory Run Co. among other locations.


Tracksmith is a running specialist. Offering footwear and apparel from all the big players as well as lesser known brands, their friendly staff – many of whom themselves run – are on hand to assist in selecting products tailored specifically to each runner’s needs. Tracksmith also regularly hosts running events as well as having its own coffee shop.

Boston-based brand Runner’s High has earned a strong reputation for producing technically advanced running apparel with stylish aesthetics. Their products aim to promote “more thoughtful and sustainable forms of performance”, and all production occurs within Europe. These pieces aim to tap into runners high: that state associated with long distance running which encourages meditation and creativity.

Bart Kozak, running coach and author, articulated an ethos which informs its brand: running is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle.” This sentiment can be found reflected in its apparel; this label boasts strong popularity among runners including New York Times journalist Joe Wicks who favors its products and even won an ISPO Brandnew award for sustainability!

The Eliot Runner from this label is known for being stylish yet premium running apparel, and doesn’t come cheap either – retailing at $200 it may not be as pricey as some premium running shoes but is nonetheless one of few with identical size fitting for both men and women.

Scott Taylor, its founder and Puma category marketing manager for many years prior to establishing Run for Fun, is a longtime running advocate and former Puma category marketing manager who was inspired to found Run For Fun out of a passion for running heritage preservation. His unorthodox decision not to fund professional athletes (instead funding aspirational amateurs) has created much debate, yet his goal of celebrating core runners remains true.

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