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Are you seeking run coaching? If so, welcome to I am glad you have made it here. I’ve been working with athletes for the past 30 years. In addition, have been coached by 2 of the world’s top distance running coaches. RunDreamAchieve run coaching is built around the mindset of using leverage. The hardest working athletes are not always the ones getting the results. The athletes training the smartest often times are. I have run 2:19:35 for the marathon and am a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP). My reasoning behind writing that is not to impress yo but to impress upon you that I have some expertise you may need.

My goal here at rundreamachieve is always to assist runners get to the next level. No, it isn’t easy on the athlete. I, as as a running consultant can create the plans but it is the athlete that has to put in the heavy work. That being said, I have lived the life of an athlete my entire life. So, I understand what it takes and how to get the most out of your training. I created RunDreamAchieve run coaching services here to help athletes exceed their expectations. What I see many runners doing is running too many of their miles or kilometers too slow. Remember, to race fast you have to train much faster than the paces you are aiming to hold in your race.

How Much Does a Running Coach Cost?

Running coaching cost can vary depending on the level of coach you are working with. Our running coaching services start at $27 USD per month and go to $149 USD per month. Again, it just depends on what level of coaching you are seeking. Consultants often times charge based on their level of expertise and background. Of course, my objective here at rundreamachieve is not to break anyones’ bank account. That being said, I do believe that you get what you pay for. I worked with Lisa Rainsberger for 2 years while I was with the Army World Class Athlete Program. Lisa charged $500 USD per month. Of course, Lisa is the 1985 Boston Marathon champion and I was fortunate to have worked with her.

RunDreamAchieve run coaching is charged by the month. So, athletes can work directly with me month to month and can cancel their subscription at anytime. In addition, I have also created running courses and training plans here at as well. There are many athletes who want to work on an ongoing basis with an elite level running coach. Also, there are others who just want to grab a training a plan, follow it and go for a personal best. So, hiring a coach is dependent on the needs of each individual.

What Do Running Coaches Do?

Running coaches work on analyzing what training workouts need to be created for each individual athlete. In addition, we work to guide, mentor and hold athletes accountable as well. Our jobs are to motivate as well. Of course, the majority of athletes who hire me as their running consultant are already motivated individuals. That being said, they seek me out because they respect my background. In addition, they know I understand where they are coming from as well. I have been creating free content for over 2 years at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. Also, have been sharing tips here at RunDreamAchieve since 2011. So, building that relationship first is vital for me being a run coaching expert.

run coaching

Running coaches work to help athletes correct flaws in their training. For example, a major issue I see many runners make is second guessing themselves when results don’t as quickly as they would like. I work to look at what training the athlete has done in the past. In addition, find out if it is a leak in their training that needs corrected. For example, the percentage of their weekly volume training faster than race pace is far too low. So, the athlete is not able to sustain race pace in their races much for that very reason. The goal then is to get the athlete’s lactate tolerance improved so that they get better results in the future

Ultra Running Coach Tips

Are you seeking a coach that has also run ultramarathons? If so, I’ve been there as well. I do hold a personal best time of 3:02:05 for 50 kilometers. I ran that time while preparing for the 2011 Monumental Indianapolis marathon where I finished 5th overall. I do also work with ultramarathoners who specialize in races that go beyond the marathon. In addition, I have also created 16 week 50k ultramarathon plans that are available here at as well. Racing over the 31 mile distance takes an enormous amount of time and energy. So, using RunDreamAchieve run coaching can help set you up for success. Below are some of the perks and benefits of working with us on a monthly basis…

  • Unlimited chat with your coach on the inside of our private running community
  • Ability to get your personal and specific running questions answered
  • Monthly video calls to cover training issues, races, mindset or whatever is on your mind
  • Customized training plans based on your age, background and goals
  • Additional insight on topics ranging from the half marathon, injuries, marathon, mindset, track and field, elite running and much more
  • Pay month to month and cancel at anytime

Is an Online Personal Trainer Worth It?

You are welcome to visit the RunDreamAchieve private community page and see what our community is saying. There are many people who would much prefer to work with an online personal trainer versus in-person. Of course, it does depend on the athlete, what they are seeking and their goals. That being said, there are some athletes who are not in the local area of the running coach. So, choose to work online with the coach and vice versa. Online running coaching works for many runners. In addition, it helps them to be able to login to our video calls and easily be able to talk with one another.

Is Hiring a Running Coach Worth It?

Yes, as working with a professional level running coach can help you to use leverage. Again, it not about the volume of mileage you are doing. What does count is the volume of work you are putting in training at or far below your goal race pace. Remember, our goal is to get you to sustain race pace longer than your competition. So, RunDreamAchieve run coaching helps athletes to outwit their competition. We work on areas of preparation that we know the competition is not paying much attention to.

Hiring a running coach can help you make significant results in your training. It also takes the guesswork out of wondering what you need to be doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. So, hiring a run coaching professional can help ensure that you do the correct workouts based on your time goals. In addition, it can also help a great deal to have someone to answer your questions as they come up.

Personal Running Coach

A personal running coach can help to keep you accountable. In addition, discuss with you the training you are doing each week. My goal when I talk with athletes within the RunDreamAchieve, private community is to monitor how the training is going. I create custom built training plans built around the strengths of each particular athlete that I work with. We all come from different backgrounds and have our own running related goals. I coach athletes who are seeking to qualify for the Boston Marathon and others who are training to earn an Olympic Trials qualifying time. I have just as much respect for beginners as I do for elite level runners.

Furthermore, I understand their concerns as well as I, too, have had to start at the bottom and work my way up. So, run coaching is vital for any athlete seeking to take their training and racing to the next level. A running coach can often times see things that you are doing that can help speed up your improvement. For example, you may be running your easy days too fast. Also, running too slow during your harder workouts. So, hiring a run coach can help you correct these flaws in your training and start achieving some massive personal bests.

How Do I Find a Personal Running Coach?

The great news it that you found me and I do hope that we can start to work together here. I have worked with athletes from around the world. In addition, helped them to achieve significant results in their training and racing. It is a huge motivator to me when someone responds saying they followed my advice and dropped 30 minutes off their marathon time. Also, just hearing back from runners saying they are making significant improvements in training. The athletes who find running coaches are those that are seeking excellence. They already know they have the capability to run but want to learn to run fast over their chosen distance.

Of course, you can find running coaches online or offline. There are many running stores out there that also have coaches you can work with. My aim is to be the best online running coach. I know many runners would prefer a virtual personal trainer. There are many of my clients who are in other countries. So, we meet online via our monthly video coaching calls within the RunDreamAchieve private running community.

How Much Does Online Personal Training Cost?

Our monthly run coaching costs $27 per month. Of course, the other two levels are $97 and $147 USD per month, respectfully. Again, it just depends on the needs of the athlete. I have just over 30 years of expertise in middle to long distance running. You are also more than welcome to visit the about page if you would like to know more about my background if you wish. I think a monthly subscription is best when seeking out a personal running coach. The reason being is sometimes athletes just want to work month to month. There other athletes I work with who seek out the $147 per month option because they want far more interaction with me. In addition, are seeking to become the very best athlete they can possibly be.

Athletes come from all different backgrounds. I have helped average runners become great and great runners to become even better. My expertise stems from over 30 years of middle to long distance racing. In addition, having worked with some of the world’s top distance running coaches and athletes. So, what I share stems from what some of the very best in middle to long distance running shared with me. The expertise I was taught helped me lower my marathon best from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. In addition, my half marathon best from 1:10:31 to 1:07:06.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on run coaching has been helpful to you. Remember, I have built resources here at that go beyond the monthly coaching options discussed above. Perhaps you would prefer a running course first before moving on to monthly coaching? Are you an athlete that is seeking a running training plan instead? We have that option here as well available to you. Again, my main goal is simply to help athletes to get the very best out of themselves. Yes, it takes time, patience and determination on both our parts. We all have 3 choices in this life and that is to be average, good or great.

Greatness asks much more out of us than we usually realize is required. A personal running coach can help guide and mentor you. I, too, was mentored by some world-class fitness experts which helped me in qualifying for two Armed Forces world cross-country teams. In addition, to achieve a 2007 USA Track and Field Olympic Trials “A” standard time in the marathon. I didn’t run a 2:19:35 by myself. It was seeking out running coaches that knew more than I did at that time in my running career. I am certain I would not have achieved these had I not had access to a running consultant. Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Click on any of the green buttons here on this post to learn more.

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