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No matter your experience level or ability level, running in Boston always brings something new and rewarding. And local stores provide all of the gear you need to chase down that next personal best time (PR).

adidas innovated the Boston series with version 10, adding Lightstrike Pro and glass-infused Energy Rods for greater propulsion that works for more runners.

1. Comfort

Are You Running Your First Marathon, or Looking to BQ in Years Past? Finding the Right Gear

As part of your running attire, invest in high quality running tights and a lightweight sweat-wicking shirt – it will keep your skin dry and cool during a race; Nike Vapormax Air shoes will help ensure maximum comfort through hotter parts of the race – typically around mile 20!

When running in windy conditions, it’s essential to wear protective gear such as the Adidas Windstopper jacket which will keep you protected and warm even during a downpour.

A quality pair of sunglasses will save energy by protecting you from straining to squint in the sun, as well as from headlamps and car lights on the road.

To keep your hands warm in cold weather, wear gloves or mittens that have an easy fit. Your extremities are among the first to suffer blood loss; therefore, having protection can be essential.

Smartwatches provide runners with an effortless way to track training, pacing, and racing data on the go. A wrist tracker can help improve form, monitor performance and set personal records (PRs). Lightweight water-resistant watches offer numerous options tailored specifically for runners’ needs – consider Garmin watches with their extensive features and wide array of compatibility with running apparel!

2. Style

Running is about personal achievement and your clothes should reflect that. That’s why we love Boston-based brand Ordinary Athlete; their designs encourage runners to find joy in everyday activities and celebrate every accomplishment regardless of distance run.

“Why not be extraordinary every day?” This boutique line’s approach is straightforward: light tech layers that blur the line between function and fashion are key for everyday success. Women will especially appreciate its lightweight Sphere half-zip for cold weather runs: moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry while its zip-up neck keeps your head warm when the wind picks up; its men’s counterpart features similar style with sleeves that can be pulled over your hands as mittens for added warmth when necessary.

Layering up when temperatures drop is key, but make sure your outfit won’t chafe or shift too much while running. Nike leggings feature soft stretchy material for an ideal feel when moving, plus their Dri-Fit construction helps you keep cool even in hot conditions.

New Balance offers two products designed specifically for cold-weather running: Radiant Heat vest and jacket. Both feature puffer construction with thermal technology insulation for optimal warmth in different colors and designs to meet any taste or preference.

For successful Boston winter running, however, you need the appropriate gear–and extra shoes. New Balance’s 890v6 Boston is an excellent example; featuring a bootie-like construction to encase and cushion your feet during running sessions while its blown rubber outsole and Fresh Foam midsole provide energy return that facilitate quick times on the track.

The shoe features the words “Run Boston” on its laces to mark it as a pair designed specifically to tackle city streets or marathon races.

3. Functionality

As elite runners at the 122nd Boston Marathon proved in challenging conditions, having the right gear can make or break a race. Luckily, there are numerous running stores stocked with quality brands and professional advice available in your city.

While professional trainers and compression gear might seem out of reach, there are affordable alternatives that will help you shave minutes off your next race. Finding functional gear that fits well and makes you feel good is key; then all that remains is to focus on mile splits and edge out Alphaflys! To help get you started we’ve gathered up some items used by Desi Linden and Yuki Kawauchi during their Boston victories this year as examples of gear you might find helpful.

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