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Loving and Laughing was founded by my wife, Laura. She is an amazing cook, mathematician and the smartest individual I've ever encountered with her knowledge of nutrition, wellness and health. Laura provides world-class, healthy recipes that are perfect for runners and health conscious professionals. Her delicious recipes are must-have's for anyone seeking healthy food choices.

Laura, a certified laughter yoga leader, helps people around the world heal through the use of laughter therapy. In addition, she creates truly unique DIY products and crafts.

She is an accomplished endurance athlete holding a personal best time of 3:23:11 run at the 2008 Boston Marathon and has won races over the 50-mile distance. Lastly, Laura brings over 3 decades of nutrition, health and wellness expertise to her clients. I credit her for helping me to stay healthy through so many years of punishing my own body in training. So, check out Loving and Laughing today. She also has some great Merch!

REI Sports

REI Sports

My all-time favorite running and outdoor gear is REI Sports. I have regularly used their cold-weather gear during winter training and they have so many options for both runners and non-runners alike. 

I personally and regular use REP products and highly recommend them to visitors of Check out REI sport clothing for your training needs today.

RunDreamAchieve Shop

running calendar

The RunDreamAchieve Shop houses our training plans and e-books. If you are serious about running faster I highly recommend our running plans that I built specifically to help runners of all capabilities run faster and more effectively.

The workouts I built into these plans are the exact same training methods that helped me drop my half-marathon from 1:10:31 to 1:07:06 and marathon time from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level athlete RunDreamAchieve Training Plans will give you the best return on investment on your time, $ and training. Backed by my 30-day money back guarantee

RunDreamAchieve Academy

rundreamachieve academyThe RunDreamAchieve Academy is a resource for runners seeking self-development in the 5K to marathon distance.

The academy focuses on helping beginner to advanced-level athletes run faster from 5K to the marathon distance. Also, available running courses for athletes focused on the half-marathon to marathon distances.

Are you seeking an online running coach? We have you covered. Check out our monthly, private membership community today.

Visit The RunDreamAchieve University now.

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