Sub 9:30 2 Mile Training Plan


Searching for a sub 9:30 2 mile training plan that will finally assist you in getting under 9 minutes and 30 seconds for the 2 mile distance? Read below for more information on RunDreamAchieve 2 mile run training plans.

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The 2 mile race demands the athlete is in high anaerobic shape to handle large amounts of lactic acid build up. It asks that the athlete is in superior shape and has trained properly to run a time as competitive as this. So, the focus of RunDreamAchieve 2 mile training schedules are to train specifically for the race time chosen. We have time goals for various levels of athletes including the athlete seeking to break the prestigious sub 9:30 2-mile barrier. The 2 mile running plan focus on 4 specific areas of concentration

  • Aerobic Phase
  • Anaerobic Phase
  • Speed Specific Phase
  • Taper Phase

2 Mile Training Programs

Any legitimate 2 mile training plan needs to have a long-term focus. Our 2 mile run training program is 16 weeks in length. Thus, allowing sufficient time for the athlete to adequately adapt to the specific stress loads being placed on their body. The biggest mistake most runners make is rushing their fitness and expecting quick results. Our training schedules are built by a 9:27 2-miler and 2:19 marathoner. All workouts are the exact same workouts followed by the founder of RunDreamAchieve while he was competing.

Workouts are gradually introduced but not until each training phase has been mastered first. A 4-month block of training for someone trying to run fast over the 2-mile distance will increase the athletes chances of success. The key is adaptation and focus is on progression. The highest week of this 2-mile run training schedule is 43 miles. We focus on a 10-day taper rather than dropping volume and intensity 3 weeks out to ensure the athlete goes into their main 2-mile event energized, confident and rested.

2 Mile Run Training Plan Mindset

Running under 9 minutes and 30 seconds for the 2 mile is an extremely competitive time. So, the focus with RunDreamAchieve 2 mile training schedules is progression. We first introduce easy, relaxed and very light workouts in the aerobic phase. Furthermore, we then move into focusing on moderately hard track and road sessions at close to but not at race pace. The end result is improve lactate threshold capability and being able to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in the blood stream.

9:30 2 mile run training plan

The last two phases of RunDreamAchieve¬†2 mile run training plans is speed specific and taper phases. We prepare the athlete at paces that are far greater than race pace. Obviously, the athlete can only spend between a few seconds to a few minutes at these types of intensities. Again, the focus is to get race pace to feel less demanding on the body. So, this training plan for 2 mile run success is demanding but focuses on the long-term goal, pace sustainment and achievement of the athlete breaking the sub 9:30 2 mile barrier. The current world record for the 2-mile stands at 7:58.61 set on 19 July 1997 in Hecktel, Belgium by Kenya’s Daniel Komen. A stunningly fast time and the only man in history to hold two sub 4 minute miles in a row. The world record for females stands at 8:58.58 by Ethiopia’s Meseret Defar set in Brussels, Belgium on 14 September 2007.

Sub 9:30 2 Mile Run Training Program Specifics

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    • created by a 9:27 2-mile, 14:18 5K, 24:32 5-mile, 50:54 10-mile, 1.07 half marathon and 2.19 marathoner specialist
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    • 16-week training plan with a 10-day taper to yield you the highest return on your investment
    • 2 mile run training plan caps out at 53 miles
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