Sub 25 5K Training Plan | 16 Weeks


This sub 25 5K training plan is specifically built for athletes seeking to break the 25 minute 5K barrier. Read the information listed below for further details.

Review the below information for more details.

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This sub 25 5K training plan was specifically hand crafted to get the athlete to 24.59 or faster. Are you close to breaking the sub 25 minute 5K barrier? Have you been able to sustain the pace for 2 miles but looking for more strength in that last mile? If so, this plan will help you do it.

How? Nate is a 2.19 marathoner that trains athletes with race pace training tactics. These methodologies were taught to him by 3 of the world’s top distance running coaches. The trick is not more mileage but a higher focus on quality volume mixed with recovery efforts. The overall goal is to get 8.02 per mile pace to feel more efficient and relaxed. So, this takes a new strategy that often times athletes miss in their preparation.

Sub 25 minute 5K training plan

How Will This Sub 25 Minute 5K Training Plan Help Me?

This sub 25 5K training program is centered on getting the athlete to 24.59 or faster. It caps out at 63 miles a week with a low week of 29 miles. The focus of the training is set up to make 8.02 mile pace to feel easier. So, it is a mixture of shorter, anaerobic efforts on the track and roads. In addition, there is varied-pace focus on long runs. You will be following the same strategies and workouts Nate used to break the 2.20.00 marathon barrier

Nate, although, a 2.19 marathoner, also ran a 5K PR of 15.19 in college and 14.18 professionally on the roads and knows the 5K distance as well. This sub 25 5K training schedule comes in downloadable powerpoint PDF format upon purchase. Each week is carefully designed to help you adapt to the training you are being placed under.

The emphasis is not on high mileage but on quality, fast workouts mixed with recovery runs. Remember, the benefits of your hard work come within the rest. The art of tapering is also emphasized. The athlete will receive a 10-day taper leading into their sub-25 minute 5K attempt. The workouts you will be following helped Nate to run PR’s of 50.54 for 10-miles, 1.07.06 for the half-marathon and 2.19.35 for the marathon distance.

Once you break the 25 minute barrier you will know you can go even faster. How to run a faster 5K comes down to proper planning and a positive mindset. This sub 25 5K training plan will help you use leverage. Get better results working smarter rather than harder.  Make sure to check out our runner courses as well for all your training and racing needs.

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