Sub 2.30 Half Marathon Training Plan


The RunDreamAchieve sub 2.30 half marathon training plan was built to help you become a 2.29.59 half-marathoner. Read the details below to learn more information about this program.


Our sub 2.30 half marathon training plan was handcrafted by 2.19 marathon specialist and 1.07.06 half-marathon, Nate Pennington. Our aim with this 2:30 half marathon training program is to help guide the athlete on maintaining 11.26 per mile pace more efficiently. The main reason many athletes miss the sub 2 hour 30 minute half marathon barrier is insufficient time spent running below their goal pace.

This sub 2 hour 30 minute half marathon training program has been handcrafted to get you results. The workouts are focused on training at, near and far below 11.26 mile pace. The only way to make goal race pace to feel easier and more in control is spending more time practicing faster than that pace. That being said, there has to be a focus on easier, recovery runs so that your body responds to the hard training you are doing. Remember, all of the benefits of your hard work come within the rest. The key strategy is teaching the athlete to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in their body. This is why athletes that are running faster than you and I make it look so easy. The workout sessions you will be following will teach you to do exactly that. Thus, better results by working smarter.

The Focus of Our Sub 2 Hour 30 Minute Half Marathon Training Plan

So, we focus on training at speeds between 9 to 11 minute mile pace. The faster we train the easier 2.30 half marathon pace will feel. Why? The athlete is improving their lactate tolerance which helps the body to run more efficiently at higher speeds and efforts. This is the main reason top runners in your local make it look so easy. They have trained at speeds that are much faster than 11.26 mile or 7.06 per kilometer pace and often. Our goal is to help you get better results by utilizing leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less.

sub 2.30 half marathon training plan

Are Sub 2.30 Half Marathoners More Talented Than I?

No, not necessarily but what they are doing is training in a specific way to get a specific result. Higher mileage and running a large percentage of your weekly volume too slow will not help you get what you want. Talent athletes that don't work can often times get beaten by the athlete with drive and heart the size of Texas. You cannot rely on talent alone. If you lack talent then you will have to rely on your work ethic. There is interest and there is commitment. Which one are you?

Smarter Training Yields Better Results

The athlete has to work smart and your investment is your path to taking the guesswork out of the equation. A 2.29.59 half marathoner has simply trained at paces that far exceed 11.26 mile pace. Furthermore, they have trained adequately below 9 mile pace and often. So, the training principles you’ll be following in this training program will make sub 2 hour 30 minute half marathon pace feel easy. That being said, it is going to take patience and persistence on your part. You are going after a time many runners around the world desire to run. Furthermore, the half marathon is an aerobic event that requires proper planning to get right.

What makes this program so different? Well, the same workouts you’ll be following helped me lower my marathon PR from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35. In addition, I was able to improve my half marathon personal best from 1.10.29 to 1.07.06. So, this plan caps out with a high week of 55 miles and a low week of 35 miles. I am fine with you adding or taking away from the mileage as you see fit. That being said, the specific road and track workouts should be followed as they are written. Remember, there is a plan for every workout that you do. Lastly, these are proven strategies to get you under the sub-2.29.59 half marathon barrier and they work. I know from experience.

Sub 2.30 Half Marathon Training Plan Facts

  • Plans are easy to download and come in powerpoint PDF format
  • Available to download instantly after payment
  • Designed by a 1.07.06 half-marathon and 2.19.35 marathon specialist
  • Easy, week-to-week scrolling training plan for easy viewing
  • PayPal verified
  • Comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee
  • 16-week training plan with a 10-day taper to yield you the highest return on your investment

Are you ready to become a 2.29.59 half marathoner? Invest in your sub 2.30 half marathon training plan today. Make sure to visit RunDreamAchieve University for more resources.

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