Sub 19 5K Training Plan


The sub 19 5K training plan was created by 2.19 marathoner and founder of, Nate Pennington. If you are serious about running 18.59 or faster for the 5K race distance this is a must investment.

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Original price was: $79.97.Current price is: $69.97.

Are you seeking a sub 19 5K training plan specifically built to help you get under the 19 minute 5K barrier? If so, you have come to the right website. This plan was built by 14.18 5K specialist and 2.19 marathon specialist Nathan Pennington. Nate has been competing in middle-to-long distance running events for the past 28 years. In addition, you can find out more about the creator of this course by visiting our about page.

So, this 19 minute 5K training schedule has a low mileage week of 29 miles and caps out at 63 miles for the highest week. The reason this program is priced as it is experience and value. Furthermore, this is not a cookie-cutter sub 19 5K training plan that can be found online. Nate’s expertise and experience comes from being trained by 3 of the world’s top coaches. These three coaches are Dr. Joe Vigil, Jack Hazen and Lisa Rainsberger.

How Are The Weeks Organized In This Sub 19 5K Training Plan?

Each week has specific track and/or road workouts that are focused on running below 6.06 per mile pace. So, the goal with this training program is to get the athlete to sustain 6.06 per mile or faster for the 5000m race distance. The workouts are focused on training at, near or far below 6.06 mile pace.

Below is an example of what your sub 19 minute 5K training plan will look like.

sub 19 5k training schedule

The common mistake many athletes make is not training adequately at the paces they are seeking to race at. Nate was able to lower his bests from 55.30 to 50.54 for 10-miles, 17.06 to 15.19 for 5K (college), 1.10.29 to 1.07.06 for the half-marathon and 2.43.36 to 2.19.35 for the marathon. How? The same strategies you will be following in this sub 19 5k training plan are what he followed.

What Happens After I Pay?

Once payment is processed you will receive a downloadable PDF which shows your week-to-week training plan to get under the sub 19 minute 5K barrier. Each week scrolls to the next. The plan is extremely easy to follow and there is no guessing of what needs to be done each week.

So, if you are ready to run 18.59 or faster for the 5K race distance this is the sub 19 5K training schedule you want to invest your money in. Make sure to visit RunDreamAchieve University for all your 5K to marathon training needs.

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