How To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon


How to run a sub 4 hour marathon is about persistent and well-planned training. The sub 4 hour marathon blueprint is a simple guide to help you break the 4 hour barrier. Read the information below for further details.

Review the below information for more details.

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How To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon

How to run a sub 4 hour marathon can be answered easily. Train at or below 9:09 per mile pace and often. The easy part is writing that. The tough part is actually doing the training to make it a reality. The good news is you now have a plan to make it happen.

The sub 4 hour marathon blueprint was built to help 5 hour marathoners get to 3:59:59. There is a lot of training and specific training that needs to be done to make this a reality. My goal in creating the blueprint was to outline some of my mistakes in the past to help you bypass them.

I now have a personal best of 2:19:35 for the marathon distance. So, I sort of know what I am talking about when it comes to running this distance fast. That being said, there are specific training methods one must follow to break the 4 hour marathon barrier.

Race Pace Training

The name of the game when it comes to running a sub 4 hour marathon is sustaining pace. It is a long race so proper planning is critical. The trick is teaching the body to burn fat as your race fuel and conserve carbohydrates for the latter durations of the race.

This is why so many well-meaning, focused athletes fail to sustain the pace for the entire distance. They are not training at or below 4 hour marathon pace long enough.

Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to running well at the marathon distance. What percentage of your weekly mileage are you spending at or below 9:09 mile pace?

Are you able to run for long periods of time at 5:41 per kilometer pace or faster?

Furthermore, the goal is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The sub 4 hour marathon requires you to maintain optimal performance for over 3 hours. This means you have to place a higher focus on hydration, rest and training at specific running paces.

Common Mistakes Made Training For A Sub 4 Hour Marathon

  1. Not running long enough
  2. Not running long enough at fast enough speeds
  3. Too many slow miles
  4. Insufficient training at speeds that far exceed 4 hour marathon pace
  5. Poor hydration habits
  6. Lack of proper recovery
  7. Running too fast on days you should be jogging

These are just a few of the many mistakes runners make.

My goal is to change that with the 4 hour marathon blueprint. Also, make sure to visit the RunDreamAchieve Academy. I am currently working on a new course called 4 Hour Marathon Mastery. This course will be far more extensive than this e-book. That being said, the 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint is a great guide filled with essential training tips to help you leverage your fitness.

Leverage is simply doing more with less.

So, the 4 hour marathon barrier will be crushed only when you have followed a well-planned training schedule. The good news is the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint concludes with a 12 week training program built specifically for runners seeking to run 3:59:59.

The 4 Hour Marathon Mastery course will include videos I’ve created regarding my best tips to help you run this time. In addition, it will also conclude with a step-by-step 16 week sub 4 hour marathon training schedule. These are both great options. The latter will be a greater investment at $147 but you will also be able to use the “Sub4Marathon30” promo code and save 20 percent off the launch price.

Quality vs Quantity

The biggest misconception in the marathoning community is higher mileage guarantees faster marathon times. This is not true. I got my mileage up to 142 miles a week training for past marathons.

I ran my PR of 2:19:35 off of 85 to 90 miles per week.

It is not about how many or kilometers per week you are running. What counts is what percentage of your weekly mileage are you running at or below 4 hour marathon pace.

Quality is what matters. It took me years to catch on. Higher mileage is not the answer. That being said, the good news is I learned what does work and that is what we will be covering in this e-book. In addition, you’ll also learn the exact steps that I took to go from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 in the marathon.

Support System

Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. I’ll be creating new videos each week to help you leverage your marathon training and look forward to getting to know you.

Finally, how to run a sub 4 hour marathon is going to come down to you planning your work and working your plan. The best marathoners use leverage to run faster at this distance. They are not interested in working smarter as much as they are working smarter.

Scroll up and grab your copy of the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Blueprint. Make sure to check back regularly to the RunDreamAchieve Academy as new courses are added.




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