8 Week Marathon Training Schedule Intermediate

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The 8 week marathon training schedule intermediate plan for advanced marathoners is a great option to get better results. Read the description below for further information and details.


This 8 week marathon training schedule intermediate program is perfect for the advanced marathoner. This plan provides 2 months of solid training with day by day training advice. Seeking to get a new PR in the new year? This is 8 week marathon training program will help make that goal a reality. Easily downloadable and instantly available upon purchase.

marathon training 8 weeks

This training plan was built for the marathoner looking for a solid 2 months of training. Furthermore, the name of the game when it comes to marathon success is putting in the necessary work. You cannot run slow every day and expect to drop significant time off of your marathon time. I built a course called the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro. You can find it in the RunDreamAchieve academy here on the site.

Additionally, if you are focused on taking your marathoning to the sub-3 hour marathon level I strongly encourage you to check that out. That being said, our intermediate 8 week marathon training schedule is perfect for any marathoner. It is the right amount of time to get a solid base of training and speed sessions in.

What Makes RunDreamAchieve Training Plans A Great Fit?

Easy to follow training tips throughout the week

Built-in scrolling effect for easy viewing

30-day money back guarantee (remember, no plan works unless you do)

Week to week viewing to keep motivation levels high

Motivational guidance

Lastly, as a 2:19 marathoner I've trained several times over the years in 2 month training blocks.

Every runner is different. Some prefer to train for 4 weeks while others focus long-term and prefer 16 week training plans.

Our 8 week marathon training plans take the guess work out of your weekly training routine. They provide easy to follow, simple strategies to help you get a return on your investment. The biggest misconception we as marathoners make is that we have to do high mileage to get better results. This isn't true. I got my mileage up to as high as 142 miles a week training for past marathons. It left me fatigued and stale.

In addition to that, it wasn't until I started working with a Boston Marathon champion did I start training properly. One, mileage is not the answer. Are you training properly for the marathon distance?

What Makes This 8 Week Marathon Training Schedule Intermediate Product Any Different?

The difference is leverage. I ran my marathon PR (2:19:35) off of 85 to 95 miles per week. In addition to that, a larger percentage of my weekly mileage was spent running at speeds that far exceeded goal marathon race pace. This is the key tactic built into this intermediate 8 week marathon training plan.

Furthermore, the workouts you will be doing are the same I used to lower my marathon from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. It is about consistent well-planned training. The best marathoners use leverage to get better results. They get better results by working smarter, not harder.

Do you notice that you are sipping or drinking during the race? If you are not taking in sufficient fluids and calories during the race this could be the very reason you are not dropping significant time off your marathon.

So, how fast are you conducting your long run? Is your long run is spent running at, or within 20 seconds of your goal marathon race pace? Have you tried varying the paces of your long run?

Have you tried dropping a hard mile every 4 miles during a 20 mile long run in the past? I'm talking about a mile run around 95% of your maximum effort. You want to see significant improvements in your marathon time? I have just shared a few clues.

Support System

Lastly, there are many resources here to help you maximize your marathon goals. If you want to bypass an 8 week marathon training plan and sign up for the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course do so. This course is for advanced-level marathoners seeking to run 2:59:59 or faster for the distance.

RunDreamAchieve Academy, a new resource here, will house many more courses for beginner to elite-level athletes seeking elite fitness. Be sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel where I'll be making new videos each week to help you run faster at the marathon distance.

Scroll up and purchase your 8 week marathon training schedule intermediate program now. I look forward to hearing from you and about your new personal best.



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